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It looks like the pickup truck wars are on, and one automaker from Japan is not declaring "Mission Accomplished". Within the span of a couple months, the new "game-changing" Tundra was launched, Toyota then placed cash on the hood of the new truck, the guys and girls over at Nissan canceled their HD version of the Titan, and now more cash is needed to move Tundras.

The newest incentive calls for an additional $1,000 towards the trade-in of a regular or extended cab Tundra. The Crew Max still has zero incentives on it, but the base Tundra now carries up to $3,000 in cash on the hood, depending on the model and what region in which it's purchased, which is very close to the $3,500 in incentives that you can get with a four year-old F-150. Special financing is also available on the Tundra for customers with Tier 1 or Tier 2 credit ratings.

Earlier this decade, Toyota did a terrific job of holding steady on incentives while the domestics went wild with 0% financing and $6,000 cash back offers. Now that it's trying to tussle with the Detroit Three in the pickup truck segment, tried and true Toyota discipline is out the window. This isn't a brand-new trend, either. Last year at this time, the previous generation Tundra had $4,500 on the hood, but we thought that trend would be coming to an end with the introduction of the new model. Guess not.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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      Why is supporting Ford or GM considered to be xenophobia? That's the most ignorant conclusion I've read so far. Ford, GM and Dodge trucks are far superior than anything that Nissan/Renault or Toyota can produce at the moment. The Big 3 have put all of their R&D money into truck development, and it shows. Anyway, most people who drive those inferior Toyota trucks tend to carry assault rifles and train in the deserts of Afghanistan and Pakistan...
      • 7 Years Ago
      I love the use of Mission Accomplished. It underscores the difference between Toyota who is able to look at the long term and Bush who claimed Mission Accomplished when his approval ratings were sky-high to boost his short term fortunes without regard to longer term ramifications of his illegal war.

      Mike, I think you need to get a clue.
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      Among some recent findings ... Among Level Field's findings:
      * Domestic automakers' combined spending of $171 billion supported approximately 480,000 U.S. parts jobs in 2005, compared with foreign automaker spending of $50 billion, which supported approximately 140,000 jobs.

      * Had domestic automakers reduced their domestic content average from 76 percent to the foreign automaker average of 40 percent, U.S. parts suppliers would have sold approximately $83 billion fewer parts, which could have led to layoffs for as many as 232,000 workers (nearly two of every five workers employed by parts suppliers nationwide).

      * GM's parts purchases were approximately 1.5 times what its market share would suggest, while Toyota's parts purchases were lower by approximately one third.

      * Ford, GM and Chrysler used 93 percent more domestic parts on average than their foreign competitors. The report shows the significant domestic content differences on a brand-by-brand basis:

      Domestic Content by Brand (2005 -- sales weighted)

      BMW 10%
      Chrysler (domestic brands) 78%
      Ford (domestic brands) 78%
      GM (domesticbrands) 74%Honda/Acura 59%
      Hyundai/Kia 3%Isuzu 17%Mitsubishi 36%Nissan/Infiniti 46%Subaru 26%Toyota/Lexus 47%Volkswagen/Audi 4%

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      Why buy a Japanese truck when you can support your country and Buy American?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Why buy Japanese when you can buy American?
      • 7 Years Ago
      A launch equal to the Aztek. But rest assured.....All is well in the land of shiny, happy people.
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      Its ugly and overpriced. And Ford and GM do have good products in this market segment.
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      "...and Mike; let's get the politics from the car stuff."

      I direct you back to the opening sentence of the article. I was merely expressing my discontent with the uninformed and appalling use of a democrat talking point regarding an ongoing war in correlation to a toyota pickup.

      RLFontano: Toyota brought us the T-100 and failed. Toyota brought us the Tundra, and mostly failed... well, they succeeded slightly more than Nissan with the titan. Now they put a lot of effort into the new one, and it is marginally at the middle of the pack. See my first post in this thread for more detail.
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      "one automaker from Japan is not declaring "Mission Accomplished".

      Don't you think it is a little crass to compare an automotive market segment to life and death situations? Americans are dying to keep attacks of american soil and to give another country the opportunity the defend itself and its freedoms the way we defend ours.

      Besides, that speech had more purposes than what the press and leftists in general remember. The USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) had just completed an extended deployment of nearly ten months, the longest in over 30 years for an aircraft carrier. They had been turned back toward the Gulf partway through what was supposed to have been the first leg of their homeward journey.

      The Mission Accomplished banner was NOT about the IRAQ war. Understand that it was bare days before that day in May 2003 that we gained full control of the war theater. The banner represents a hearty well-done to the crew of the Lincoln Battle Group and Carrier Air Wing Fourteen (Fortuna Favet Fortibus!).
      • 7 Years Ago
      And I always thought the Apple and/or Linux fanboys in the tech world were funny... you crazy American auto industry fanboys are the best.
      • 7 Years Ago

      wow, certainly a lot of "facts" there.

      just a few problems.

      first, the much-vaulted J. D. Power (in bed with Toyota since 1980) only has numbers for February. how do you think March will look? as I mentioned in a previous post, Tundra sales were brisk at first; these were to the "gotta have the first one" folks. after those were sold, sales came to a grinding halt.

      second, if you want death for a new model, have the sales slanted toward folks trading in another Toyota. they are stealing sales from themselves; no growth will occur from a static market.

      and last but not least, "stable fuel prices". don't know where you live, but here in Arizona, fuel prices have gone up close to 80 cents per gallon in the past month. in California, it's over $3 per gallon.

      I'm sure there are many sleepless nights over in Japan. the powers that be at Toyota were very nervous about doing the larger Tundra in the first place, as this (North America) is the only place in the world that they are sold. with the Japanese domestic market totally flat, Toyota's only growth is in overseas markets. if this thing flops (and Toyota's expectations for it are MUCH larger than they are letting on), there will be some heads rolling for sure.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Silly Toyota, we told you your truck would fail. I love how the importgirls laugh when Ford, GM, or Dodge put cash on the hood to move trucks. However, when it comes to Toyota it is a marketing move. My ass, this thing is an ugly POS with half ass frame and half ass crash ratings. The Tundra is for Toyota queens.

      Rob...your facts do not really say much good for Toyota. It is a brand new model, and only selling on average $900 higher than a FOUR YEAR OLD F150! The Tundra is a brand new model, and of course it is going to sell well..to Toyota lovers. Toyota has tried 2 times previously to make a real truck, and failed. This launch is going worse than the last generation, and look how miserably the last one sold. They might as well give in, and focus on making cars that are not so hideous. I know that for at least 3-4 months after the 04 F150 came out, there were no incentives at all here. I know, because I bought one! Regular cab, XLT (a bitch to find) no incentvies. This thing only has one year to try to make a mark, and so far, not going so well. Because my friend, the 09 F150 will be out, and then they will be in serious, serious, trouble.
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