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GM's assault on NYC's Jacob Javits Center continues apace. With HUMMER and Buick already well-represented, the luxury division, Cadillac, gets in on the action as well. The facelifted 2008 STS gets a most welcome makeover outside. The new corporate grille design featured on the '08 CTS finds its way onto the nose of the STS, and it looks great. Also making an appearance are the trendy side extractors also featured on the Escalade and CTS (and Hyundai Tiburon).

There's plenty more to discuss, however, so follow the jump for the rest of the story.

[Source: Cadillac]

Other new visual cues on the outside include chrome door handles, new rocker panels, a body-colored rear fascia, polished 3" exhaust tips, and a new 18" wheel style. Inside, the new STS modifies its tired-looking interior appointments and somewhat picks up the upscale look pioneered in the 2007 SRX and then carried forward in the 2008 CTS. Highlights are a revised center stack with aluminum and wood trim, as well as a new steering wheel. The net effect is a dressed-up cabin that's more in keeping with what luxury buyers expect, but it's not up to the high standard set by the Cut & Sew SRX interior and the world-class CTS appointments. What gives? We were expecting to see the vastly superior Chinese SLS interior, and are disappointed.

Lest you think the changes for '08 are just about appearances, the car gets a new base engine, as the 3.6L V6 is enhanced with direct injection and now pumps out 298 horsepower. It's connected to the Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed auto, and, as was the case before, AWD is optional. Yes, the Northstar's still available, but with the V6 now delivering nearly 300 horsepower, how many people will pony up for it?

Finally, a performance handling package (summer tires, four-pot Brembos, etc.) is offered for all V8 cars and the RWD V6 edition, and a lane-departure warning system also makes its first appearance. To be sure, Cadillac continues to elevate its game and offer a compelling reason to stay local when shopping for a luxury vehicle, but we can't for the life of us understand why the rich-looking, jaw-dropping SLS cabin wasn't incorporated as part of this facelift. Talk about lost opportunities. Still, we look forward to getting this into the Autoblog garage as soon as possible.

Full press release follows.


NEW YORK – The 2008 Cadillac STS, featuring refreshed signature styling inside and out; a new, standard 298-horsepower (222 kW) V-6 engine; and a host of new vehicle technologies, debuts at next week's New York Auto Show, April 6-15, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

"For the past two decades, the Cadillac STS has been a showcase of luxury, performance and technology," said Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manger. "The new 2008 STS extends that heritage with a bold new look, the debut of a new, high-tech standard engine and some of the industry's most advanced safety technology."

Refreshed design, inside and out
With overall dimensions slightly increased, the new STS conveys more of the design flair that has become a Cadillac signature. Up front, the dual-textured, multi-faceted grille first seen on the Sixteen concept and incorporated on both the Escalade and soon-to-be-launched 2008 CTS, has been adapted to the STS, giving the luxury performance sedan a more sophisticated appearance. Vertically stacked headlamps with large, dual 70mm projector lenses are encased in an aluminized, single-piece bezel. High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps are now available on V-6 models.

Also available on V-6 models for the first time are Intellibeam headlamps. The headlamps automatically switch gradually from high beam to low beam when vehicles approach or the vehicle is approaching taillamps. The lower front fascia is a new design, with a new intake and grille patterned after current Cadillac 'V' cues. New, narrower side marker lamps are added.

Similarly, side air extractors, again inspired by the Sixteen and Escalade, are now incorporated in the front fenders of the STS.

New styling touches also include chrome-plated door handles and new lower rocker moldings that blend into the lower line of the vehicle for more presence and refinement.

At the rear, the new fascia is now body-color, and is highlighted with the addition of polished, aluminum three-inch exhaust tips.

New, polished 18-inch by 8-inch aluminum 14-spoke wheels are available. For these available wheels, Michelin W-rated, 235/50R18 tires are used up front, and the rear wheels are fitted with 255/45R18 all-season radials.
Inside, STS's luxurious interior includes a new steering wheel with available genuine Sapele Pommele wood trim. Sapele is an exotic wood more commonly used in fine furniture and musical instruments. A heated steering wheel also is available. The center stack of the instrument panel is revised with the addition of wood trim that has new metallic surroundings.

New, available features for the STS include a head-up display on V-6 models. The head-up display projects key driving information (such as speedometer ratings) onto the windshield, enabling drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

STS adds direct-injection V-6
For 2008, STS will be the first GM vehicle equipped with a new 3.6-liter direct-injected V-6 engine. The new base powerplant, with 298 horsepower (222 kW), delivers 40 more horsepower; and torque is increased to 268 lb.-ft. (371 Nm) – up from 252 lb.-ft. (348 Nm) on the current base engine.

The new direct-injected 3.6L will be mated to the Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed automatic transmission, the first pairing of this transmission with a V-6 engine. Additionally, the STS V-6 will continue to be available with all-wheel drive (AWD) for 2008.

Advantages of the new direct-injected engine include a 25-percent reduction in cold-start hydrocarbon emissions. Additionally, despite the 15-percent increase in power, fuel economy is expected to increase slightly.
Lane departure technology debuts
Continuing Cadillac's commitment to using advanced safety features, the 2008 STS will offer new features including a new performance handling package; enhanced variable-effort steering with StabiliTrak on V-8 models; and new lane departure warning and blind side alerts.

The new performance handling package will be available for V-8-equipped rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive models and V-6-equipped rear-drive models. The package includes 18-inch by 8.5-inch aluminum alloy, chrome-plated wheels fitted with new P255/45R18 Michelin Pilot Sport summer-only tires.

Brembo brakes with four-piston calipers provide enhanced braking, with front rotors measuring 14-inch by 1.2-inch (355mm x 32mm) coupled with 14.4-inch by 1.1-inch (365mm x 28mm) rear rotors. All four rotors are vented.

In addition to controlling brakes and reducing engine power, the latest iteration of StabiliTrak combines active front steering to turn the front wheels into the skid when rear wheels lose traction. The system includes a new steering motor assembly combined with computer-driven electronic controls that measure wheel slippage at all four wheels independently during acceleration, braking and adverse road conditions.

To help alert drivers to maintain their position on the road, the STS will be available with a new lane departure system. Controlled by a camera located in the rearview mirror that reads the lines in the road, the system will alert drivers when they have strayed into another lane. Drivers will get both audible and visual alert cues.
Another new feature is an available blind spot alert system. The radar-based convenience feature will provide drivers with a visual alert that appears on the outside rearview mirror when vehicles appear in a specified side zone.

The 2008 STS is expected to be available in Cadillac dealerships by mid-summer. Introductory pricing will be announced at a later date.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      I know GM doesn't realize this, but sometimes a styling revise and a touch extra power isn't enough to stay competitive. The V-6 is now second only to the 306 hp Lexus GS350, but for 2008 it will also be behind the 300 hp twin-turbo BMW 535i. While the 3.6L is very smooth, those motors are just silken. There are still three glaring problems with this car. One: the competition from Deutschland has 350 to 382 ponies, and how long will it be before the Lexus GS430 becomes the GS460 with the new 380 horse V-8? The Northstar is compeitive now only with older A6 4.2 Quattros, 545is, (new) GS430s, and E500s. GM playing catch-up, how . . . normal. Two: The cabin is junk next to a gorgeous S-Type, GS, or E-Class. Hint: peek inside those cars, Cadillac. Three: The seats. The front ones have no side support, and the rear seat is tighter than it's over 196 inch length would suggest. GM isn't gonna sell the SLS here. Good job GM, sell your most luxurious Cadillac elsewhere but not in its home market. All but the Jaguar are still the better cars.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #20 Point came across perfectly. NO appologies needed. It's boring to see others being critiqued because of improper spelling or misuse of words.It's the content that matters and ranting and raving because one doesn't agree with the other is a waste. Just one "azz o" trying to impress the rest. Juvenile BS.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Dear GM -

      Which sounds better:
      A)New interior bits and pieces
      B)All-new handcrafted cut-and-sew mind-blowing masterpiece for 2008

      I'll give you a minute to think about it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This looks horrible... The current model looks much better....

      But as always the Cadillac interior looks great.
      • 8 Years Ago
      alright alright alright....enough is enough....every damn car coming out has the side vents....every one of em! enough of it! please someone have an original idea and leave em off....
      • 8 Years Ago
      I have owned a 2005 STS V8 (1SF trim + Tuscany leather) since December 2004. It has 41,000 miles on it and mechanically has been just fine. All of these comments about styling from a variety of people, and no one has said anything about the small trunk with the even narrower trunk opening, and a 17-gal. gas tank! None of that seems to be changing for 2008. Also, the rear leg room is really too short. The new V-6 sounds really nice; but why not pep up the V-8 as well to about 250HP!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Junky cheap looking bling.Eliminate Buick copy side crap.Eliminate air dam grill crap.Looks like a cow catcher on an old train steam engine.
      GM was heading in right direction...where the hell is this going?
      Yes GM, you know how to take a silk purse and turn into a pigs ear. Evolve and make it better. Not worse. Geezus don't retro to the 50s 60s chrome trash...it's not functional...let us spend our $$$ on better functional equipment...you regress.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Eggcrate grilles are from the 90's. The side vents are from yestercentury. Hey GM, if you want to lead the competition and sell cars, you have to go AHEAD, not BACKWARD! They still don't get it!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Aren't those the side vents off the outgoing MINI Cooper S?

      • 8 Years Ago
      So this is Cadillac's flagship with those ghetto rims and those tacky side grills. Cadillac is dying a slow painful death. And to think it once wanted to call itself "The standard of the world". It's now junk.
      • 8 Years Ago
      NO manual tranny, no buy
      • 8 Years Ago
      Please, let's not rag on Cadillac for the side vents. They're a nice styling enhancement, on CERTAIN cars. Cadillacs, Land Rovers, even Buicks, yes, they belong. Dodge Nitro, Ford FiveTaurus,(redesigned) Ford Focus? Not so much. Funny how "trendy" the auto design industry is...watch, Toyota will slap them on their shapeless blobs of cars before long.

      P.S. I'd take an '08 CTS over an STS any day. In fact, just had the transmission rebuilt on my current '99 POS in lieu of buying a new car just so I can wait for the new CTS. Without a doubt it will be my next car. The new CTS is going to SELL.
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