• Mar 28th 2007 at 11:07AM
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Yesterday the website Inside Line reported that sources deep within General Motors revealed that the storied "Nomad" name would be revived for the upcoming Chevy version of the automaker's full-size Lambda-based CUV. According to their sources, the new ute will debut as a 2009 model to replace the abhorrent Chevy Uplander.

Not so, says Josh Oliver from The GM Source. His sources, also deep within General Motors, claim that reviving the "Nomad" name, which most recently was used on a Kappa-based concept in 2004 (shown above), has never even "appeared on the radar screen" during discussions of how to christen the new crossover. Oliver's sources also claim the CUV will appear in 2009 as a 2010 model.

Who to believe? We don't really care, because it's just a name. We're more concerned that GM's spreading the Lamda platform too thin across four brands. While the Buick Enclave manages to differentiate itself well from therest of the pack, the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia already appear too close for our comfort. Hopefully the Chevy version doesn't come off as an Acadia with a Malibu grille.

[Source: TheGMSource]

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      "Not so, says Josh Oliver from The GM Source. His sources, also deep within General Motors, claim that reviving the "Nomad" name...has never even "appeared on the radar screen" during discussions of how to christen the new crossover."

      Sounds like the Nomad has been shelved. ;)

      Agreed with Mr. Neff, though, at this point, the name doesn't matter; the vehicle does. Its too early to lock/not lock in a name anyway. Let's just hope its more than a light rebadge because the Lambda trio so far are are very handsomely differentiated.
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      Wonder if the front of this Chevy could be the next generation Corvette? Notice the similarities in the grill between this and a 1957 'Vette?
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      The concept shown is a good looking vehicle. Question if it would be functional and competitive in todays market just from the few image(s) that are avilable.
      #1 I too agree...too many same vehicles with different names...just variations of interiors etc.
      Like spoiled kids...everyone gets the same thing to manufacture just to satisfy a lot of egos? If he gets one then I want one too? Maybe it's not that simple.
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      Looks like the one GM did as a concept car in the 50's- and it was given the "NOMAD" nameplate
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      I agree, and with the consolidation of Buick GMC and Pontiac into one dealership, there is already a product overlap.

      One of the many Chevy dealers in my home town is located in a new(er) AutoMall, and there are now 5 GM brands under the same roof. Chevy Buick Pontiac GMC and Suzuki. Also there are only two owners (the Chevy dealer is independent from the rest).

      The point I am trying to make with this rant is although I think Chevy can use some pick-me-up in the 7-passenger CUV market, yet another rebadged Lambda may not fit the bill.

      In fact, Chevy should keep the Uplander, as totally killing off the minivan will destroy what little market share they have. Up date the platform to better compete with the likes of Honda, and Toyota, and then GM should come out with a "real" Nomad on the Zeta platform.

      Like this 1999 Concept:
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      I don't understand why they can't put a little more effort into this if they're going to insist on badge engineering. And with all the practice they've had over the years, they should know a few tricks they can use to pull it off nicely. Lazy bums.
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      "We don't really care, it's just a name."

      Sounds like Mr. Neff works for a car company marketing dept. While most of the customers for an Impala or Malibu don't seem to care what the name used to mean, GM should. If the name REALLY doesn't matter...why not revive the Vega name and use it instead of AVEO?

      The Nomads have all been very special cars...at least the concepts were. After 1957 Chevy used the Nomad name on it's top line Chevy 4 door wagons and then downgraded the name (as they always do) over time. In 1968 or '69, Chevy revived the Nomad badge for the BOTTOM line of Chevelle wagons and in the early '70s the Nomad name was used by Chevy TRUCKS...yes, TRUCKS as a model name for a factory customized "hippie van".

      If the name REALLY doesn't matter, why not pass the Uplander name over to this new CUV? Uplander sounds more like the name of a sports utility vehicle...than the name for a minivan.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This has been going on for years- Look at CHRYSLER in the late 50's---Plymouth/Dodge/Imperial/Desoto--Get My Drift??
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      Question: WHY is platform sharing such an evil thing? So they offer more flavors of the same product. Somebody who doesn't want to pay for the quiet leather cocooning of the Buick can get a basic people-hauler Chevy. Someone doesn't like the look of the Chevy (because styling actually matters) might like the Outlook.

      They sell more cars and capture more market share by having multiple brands. As long as each brand's vehicles stay true to the brand image, no harm done.

      Chevy shouldn't get a version of this? Madness! Chevy needs a three-row vehicle. People who believe in Chevy's "quality American basic transportation" message expect it. GM's not going to make a unique platform for Chevy -- that's just goofy. They already tried the SUV-esque minivan (Uplander) and failed; they already tried selling the CUV crowd "body-on-frame is better" (Trailblazer) and failed. Lambda is what they need, what they're going to get, what they're going to sell by the trainload, no matter what name they glue to the tailgate.

      Honestly, Suburban is the right heritage name, but alas it seems to be taken :) so they'll probably turn to the conjurers for some new protoword that makes mommies feel cool and safe, preferably with an X and two Z's in it...
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why in the name of gearheads everywhere doesn't Chevy just MAKE the '04 Nomad concept and have THEIR Kappa success?!? #3, the '99 concept as Zeta would be even cooler and may someday come as a crossover wagon or somesuch. Platform sharing badge engineering isn't necessarily bad kids IF it's done well & given brands are distinct. Nice to see some Nomad love on this thread; names DO matter.
      • 8 Years Ago
      6.0L ls2 ss nomad anyone?
      • 8 Years Ago
      I believe the Chevy HHR is Nomadish. GM should make a really high performance HHR and call it a Nomad or HHR Nomad.
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