• Mar 24th 2007 at 9:53AM
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The purveyors of camo'd cars over at KGP were smart enough to bring along a video camera when they got word that the new Evolution X was undergoing testing at "The Fastest Road in the West." The Streets of Willow Springs has served as the testing grounds for dozens of shoot outs in our favorite mags, along with providing a suitable playground to shoot Best Motoring's American Touge series. So when Mitsubishi's engineers wanted to test some of the new EVO's complex systems, they decided that "The Streets" would serve the purpose beautifully.
Unfortunately, the video isn't the tire squealing hot lap session that you'd expect, but according to InsideLine and KGP, that was because the propeller heads were more interested in testing individual components rather than wringing out Mitsubishi's newest hotness. Regardless, it's still worth a few moments to check out the be-winged prototype making the rounds in its natural habitat.

[Source: InsideLine]

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      I'm just mad that it will have dual exhaust. I hate how Japanese automakes now think if something it supposed to be sporty they need to add more weight and an unneccessary muffler.

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      Just FYI -- Streets of Willow is not the fastest road in the west. That's willow springs international raceway, which is right next to it.
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      In 2003 I bought one of the first batch of Evo that came to the United States. I have to admit it was one of the few cars I owned that impressed me the most as far as performance, truly amazing how a bad driver could look so good. The only thing I hope they improve on this new version is the interior. On the Evo 8 the seats and steering wheel where great but everything else was very cheap.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Having owned a 89 911 and a 92 Audi, I spent more time in the shop with both cars than I care to remember. Both cars were plagued with electrical problems. The last year I owned the Audi I spent more money fixing it than I ended up selling it for. Since then I've owned a Honda and now an Acura RSX-S. Only time I'm ever in the shop is for an oil change and regular maintenance. Until I win the lottery I won't buy another German car. Best friend at work had an A4 and was never at work because he was at the dealer. Then he bought an EVO VIII. Handled like a slot car, and lo and behold he was at work again instead of the shop.

      The EVO X looks killer and should be very reliable. Can't wait to buy an MR with all the toys, I hope it will have a great sound and nav system. Definitely want to test drive the DSG car, but I do hope the MR has a 6 speed option, not a 5 speed. Does anyone know for sure?