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The DCX crew didn't anticipate the strong reception that the Jeep Unlimited would be granted when it was released earlier this year. The four-door Wrangler's popularity has put Chrysler in the enviable position of not being able to keep supply up to meet the demand, especially when said off-roader is equipped with the FreedomTop and MyGIG entertainment system.

According to a statement from the Product Communications rep, D.W. Bodene, "We're building new Wranglers as fast as we can, but it's a vehicle whose popularity exceeded our expectations." He goes on to point out that Wrangler sales were up in February by 63 percent and by 124 percent in January.

We're not quite sure what the rest of you are seeing on Jeep lots, but the few Wrangler Unlimiteds we've spied haven't been hanging around for long and the dealers are tacking on a markup accordingly.

[Source: Straightline]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Limited supply??? My local dealer has 3 of them. They've been there for at least 2-3 weeks.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Want it... Got IT! And loving every single inch of it. Would probably lick axles on that Jeep. I bought Rescue Green Rubicon, Something new, something crazy, durable, stylish, reliable, and all new.
      So to all person doing researches and talking crap, all I can say is "why don't you testdrive one of them at least before you say something... and keep surfing internet, while I have fun at Rubicon trail"

      Eat My Dirt in the meanwhile :O)

      Jim Gilliland
      • 8 Years Ago
      Tony said...

      2. I honestly dont know why people are buying this. The engine is very weak. The 3.8 came off the Dodge Caravan and is not suited to offroad use. The frame of the wrangler was never intended to carry so much weight or be so long. A better buy would be the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

      Check out my website for more info:


      Posted at 7:28PM on Mar 21st 2007 by Tony

      Maybe you don't understand the vehicle market as well as you think you do.

      Why would someone want a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

      1. Image...after all, a vehicle purchase can be nothing more than a vanity statement. A Jeep Wrangler has plenty of "image".

      2. It's a very good offroad vehicle, one of, if not the best in the world. The Unlimited has the best arrival/departure angles in this group H3, FJ and Xterra.

      3.The Unlimited has considerably more cargo space then the FJ, H3 or Xterra...30cubic feet more than the H3 and 20 more than the other 2.

      4. The Unlimited has the longest wheelbase of the other 3 competitors mentioned.

      5. The Unlimited, although having a longer wheelbase and more cargo space still manages to weigh less than any of the other 3 listed...it weighs over 600lbs less thean an H3, the heaviest.

      6. The Unlimited is the only one of these vehicles mentioned to have an excellent frontal crash rating for both front seat passenger/driver.

      7 The Unlimited is the only vehicle mentioned that can be a "convertible" as well as can not only be a convertible, but has a soft and hard top option.

      8. The Unlimited has the best "city" driving distance on a single tank of fuel.

      Tony, what facts do you have to substantiate your claim that the Unlimited..."frame of the wrangler was never intended to carry so much weight or be so long."...It's my understanding that the new Wrangler was "ground up" new and as such the frame was designed to be compatable and competent for said vehicle...show some facts otherwise or backtrack your statement.

      Now about the 3.8 V6. Yes, it's down on HP from the competition in said group but the torque is is still good. While more power would be nice, the 3.8 engine is a solid and tested and still capable of outperforming the H3 due to its' weight issues...although not the Xterra or FJ. I'd also like you to post some facts, rather than opinion, that the 3.8 is "not suited for offroad". Chrysler has always considered the 3.8 as member of their truck engine group...after all, it has served well in the minivans which weighsmore than the Wrangler.

      So Tony, what makes you say "I don't understand why people buy this vehicle"?

      Who has ever really understand why someone would buy a Jeep Wrangler...they do because they WANT one...and a few because they NEED one...

      and the Jeep Wrangler/Unlimited has a lot of WANT it factors the others don't.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I saw plenty of them on the lot,mostly rubicons,put a blue tech in them and they would start to dissapear a lot faster.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Sour Grapes, Chap
      • 8 Years Ago
      HUGE HUGE HUGE brick. Compare one of these to a WWII era Jeep and you'll wonder what they're doing with all the extra mass. Of course members of the WWII generation had a lot less mass themselves.

      I've always like the "idea" of Jeeps, but this thing is more like a trail-rated Winnebago. But, maybe that's what today's off-roader wants. Some of you will take this off road, right?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Ordered my 2dr Rubicon in Rescue green, 6sp, hardtop, power, tint, tow group and MyGig. Was in BG status for 6 weeks called Tuseday and moved up to BX. There has been a supply issue with the Mygig and only a few people have them with that option, around 200 or so.

      Those with unlimited hardtop orders are waiting the longest along with any 2dr or 4dr with Mygig. Some have been waiting 5 months!!

      • 8 Years Ago
      Flat out F U G L Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      I would have to say its a real surprise about the 3.8 liter, since people are falling all over this with gas mileage that isnt even as good as a Jeep Commander. Not too mention it is supposedly underpowered. I think the new Wrangler looks insanely good but I'd wait for a more appropriate engine.

      The FJ cruiser had potential in the early design stages but in execution is one of the most hideous things on the road today....thats just my opinion.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The four-door is hurrendous, but I've planned on buying a used 5-speed soft-top to drive in the winter and to take the top down in the summer. The wranglers off-road credentials are impeccable and its a blast to drive, if you use it for its purpose, which is not being a hgihway cruiser. But, besides the point, I'm not surprised by this, the wrangler as well as the jeep brand has always had a loyal following, otherwise this rather primitive design by todays standards would have been discontinued.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #19, i'm with you. i think jeep made a stupid decision by not bringing us the gladiator. pretty sure they'd sell lots and lots of them too.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "19. Fans: Don't kill the Cherokee, we want an affordable 4wd that can go off the highway, not the car like IFS liberty (or Toyota FJ).DCX: There is no market for that.(..later..) DCX: Wow, look at this surprise pent up demand for a vehicle like the Cherokee (but even better for off highway use!).
      related conversation: Fans: I want to buy the Gladiator. DCX: There is no market for that, what you really want is the compass or commander. In fact you want the command so much we can charge a mint for it.
      Fans: ??
      Posted at 12:03AM on Mar 22nd 2007 by titan"
      This posting is most confusing. For US the cherokee's last year was 2001. For Europe the Liberty is known as the cherokee. If anything jeep is bring back the cherokee with the patriot.
      As for DCX comment on no market for the gladiator. My opion is what a load of c#@*! They just didn't have a platform to share with it or they just didn't want to use the dakota platform or wrangler platform. Plus they couldn't use the VM 2.8L like the show truck. They didn't want to clean the motor up. Well what about just using the MB3.0L crd like the grand cherokee & commander. In my opion the dodge dakota is long over due for a diesel motor. Maybe by 2010 with cummins V-6. As for the reply of what you really want is a compass or commander. Nether one is a truck so what a stupid reply. Unless you buy a commander then cut up the back end to make it a spendy pickup.
      As for a rumor of reducing the number of platforms to save money (info from allpar.com), the next enlarged liberty (sharing with nitro) will replace the grand cherokee/commander platform.
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