• Mar 19th 2007 at 12:56PM
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Volkswagen appears to be developing a new 3L car for the European market. The 3L designation refers to the fuel consumption of 3L/100 km (78.4mpg) or less. Between 1999 and 2005 VW sold a version of the Lupo called the Lupo 3L which was had the fuel consumption rating and had a diesel engine, but cost €15,000 which is rather high for a minimalist small car. Because of the high price they only sold 30,000 units over that six year span.

The new 3L car which may share mechanicals with the Audi A1 is targeted at an €8,000 price point which should make it more palatable. If they can hit that target price, it could also be a formidable competitor to the new Smart ForTwo. The new car will probably be equipped with a two cylinder engine, although it's not clear if it will be gas or diesel.

[Source: AutoHaus via GermanCarBlog, thanks to Christian for the tip]

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      I drove 2 of those cars.. loved them! I reguarly drove 1 liter at 40 kilometers... wow! It performed really well to... Now, I can't by a new one.. :-((((
      • 8 Years Ago
      How can it share it's mechanicals with the A1?

      The A1 will probably have the same platform than the current Polo (and future Polo, new Fabia and new Ibiza), but with aluminium suspensions: that's the usual route for Audi.

      Another possibility is that it share it's undepinnings with the current Golf (it will be built in the same plant, in Bruxels): the future Golf will use that platform too.

      So, either way, both possibilities for the A1 are impossible for a €8,000 3L car: they are big and heavy, more expensive, and they could only suit a 3L car throught a major and sofisticated weight reduction operation.

      And that, again, is expensive: the Lupo is a great example of that, and it's platform was already lighter than the Polo's and Golf's platforms.

      So, if the price is right (€8,000) and if the car will really be a 3L car, the platform has to be a new one. Cheap, small -A segment (the Polo is in the B segment)- and light.

      The A1 will be small too, but in the premium B segment, to compete with the mini (€15,000) and stay below the A3 (C segment): it will be heavier and have powerfull engines... So, as I see it, the new platform couldn't suit the A1.
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      Interesting. I very much would like to see VW offer something like the Polo coupe here in the states! With fuel geting so expensive here they are missing market share from the Fit, Yaris, etc.
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