• Mar 17th 2007 at 8:07AM
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There are certain iconic images that when seen by most people immediately bring to mind a certain place. The Eiffel Tower calls up Paris. A pyramid makes people think of Egypt. Seeing either Big Ben or a red double-decker bus almost invariably makes people think of London, England. The classic London bus is now moving into the new century with the entry into service of the first hybrid variant. The new bus is a series hybrid with a 1.9L diesel engine. The standard version of the bus uses a 7.0L engine. The diesel is used drive a generator to charge the 660V lithium ion battery pack which feeds a pair of 85kW electric motors. If you happen to be in London you can catch the first hybrid bus on Route 141.

[Source: Transport for London]

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      A 1.9l diesel engine? In North America, the Cummins ISB at around 6.0l is the engine of choice for most hybrid transit bus applications. Being able to propel a transit bus adequately in a diesel electric hybrid system with only a 1.9l engine would be a breakthrough indeed! That would be quite the feet for a single deck 40 foot bus, let alone a double decker. That means the hybrid system could be powered by a diesel enging about the size of something you'd find in a Corolla or Civic. Sounds too good to be true to me.
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