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In an article that sums up nicely the current situtation surrounding the potential sale of Chrysler, the Detroit Free Press reveals that two DaimlerChrysler shareholders have called for the company to change its name by dropping "Chrysler" if the Chrysler Group isn't sold by March 31st, 2008. Shareholders Ekkehard Wenger and Leonhard Knoll have crafted a name change proposal that would insert the potential name change into the company's articles of incorporation at its next annual meeting on April 4th. Wenger and Knoll didn't hold back any punches in the proposal when speaking about the Chrysler Group and the perceived failure of this merger of equals:
  • "Maintaining a corporate name that evokes associations with the failure of the business combination with Chrysler is detrimental to the image of the corporation and its products."
  • "This is all the more true as unflattering nicknames such as Doting Daimler, Daimler-Crisis or even Crime-ler have long been in circulation."
  • "The disadvantages this entails for shareholders, customers and employees can only be borne at most for a short transition period until there is a proper separation from Chrysler. If a proper separation cannot be effected within one year, this would only serve to underscore the need to remove this affliction on the image from the corporation's name."
What does it say about the state of solidarity within your company when you have one half being referred to as an "affliction"? Not much. And while we don't read business trade journals in German over breakfast, we've never heard DCX referred to as "Daimler-Crisis" or any of the other nicknames mentioned in the proposal. Of course, now that we have, we'll have to start using them.

The Freep article closes by noting that DCX supervisory and management boards are totally opposed to the namge change, so don't expect them to be ordering new business cards anytime soon.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      Daimler is the one that ruined chrysler in the first place, now they want to eliminate the name so they "don't have to associate themselves with failure!?" AHahaha.

      Idiots. Everyone knows Daimler is THE quality problem with Chrysler. The 4L60E transmission is twice as unreliabe in germany as it is in the US. This stuff is getting old. Quick, Daimler, just sell off chrysler at a loss, fund it's pension program for the potential buyer, and let us americans get back to making respectable cars instead of passe euro trash.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I'd take a BMW over anything that Mercedes pumps out. Mercedes is for 'Arabs and Asians' as the saying goes (they want the '$$$' recognition). BMW is for the enthusiast, the discerning buyer. Besides, Porsche himself was a Bohemian.
      BMW beats Mercedes at all the levels you want eliminated, fine. I'd still take a 7 series over an S.
      Look at the Compact and 100 series... heck, even the MINI-they all smoked Mercedes.
      Mercedes just can't compete. But, blame it on Chrysler.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Big business is a tricky game and things are not always as they appear. Daimler was most interested in Dodge and Jeep and took Chrysler as part of the package.I personally don't think last years production over runs were an accident. Daimler needed leverage with union and now it has some. Contrary to xenophobia the abounds in these parts things are actually going Ok on the Chrysler side. World engine deal with HyundaiKia and Mitsubishi was smart, foreign sales are increasing and Chery deal could be very lucrative. Shared platforms and now more workforce downsizing is also good business - but not so good for employees. Best way to cut off a hostile bid to dump Chrysler at the board level? Drive down the price so it isn't profitable to sell. Daimler needs the volume end of the business represented by Dodge and Jeep and it would be foolish to dump them before the profits roll in. I think management is playing to factions on the board by appearing to be open to the sale when in fact they are very committed to keeping their American partner.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I live in southern Europe. Mercedes makes everything from work-a-day vans, city commuters (A180) to semi-trucks. There's really no luster. Their 'luxury' cars are pretty much crap until you get into the s-series. Most people prefer a BMW over a Mercedes. Mercedes sedans/sports cars/SUVs are seen as over-priced. The Porsche Cayenne has taken off over here, and the X5 and X3 are huge while the B series is virtually ignored. They don't make quality built products. Haven't for some time.
      I think Chrysler was just beginning to get on a roll. They do need to stop pushing the pony cars and make some sportier economical (fuel) vehicles. Everytime I hear "HEMI" I shudder at sending more $$$ to that fat Exxon blob of a CEO. They bought the sterotype that all yanks want gas guzzling muscle cars.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Speaking as a Mercedes owner I think the company needs to be more concerned with it's product quality.
      • 7 Years Ago
      12. Yago Bal

      Poor Mercedes quality a myth you say? The take a look at the new Consumers Reports auto issue - not one (i.e. ZERO) Mercedes is recommended. This is worse even than Volkswagen. Before long, Chrysler may want to disassociate its name from Daimler given the latter's crap quality.
      • 7 Years Ago
      It's spelled MYTH not mith.

      I drive MB and will say that today's MBs are made out of Tupperware. Junk, crap, and um- garbage.
      Mine is over 21 years old, testament to the legendary quality of the old cars. New ones actually cost too little. If my 300D Turbodiesel were made today exactly the way it was made in 1985, it would cost 80 grand. Mercedes needs to take a lesson from Toyota on how to build well from a lower-cost prespective. Either that or get back to making the very best cars that no one can afford.

      Dunno though- 3-series seems to be just about the very best all-around car on the road today. C-Class cars just make me giggle. They look like little plastic toys. And those merged fried-egg headlights! Ugh! 3-series walks all over it, and you can actually work on an E46 yourself.
      It does seem like the Germans are more than a little cocky about their cars. If Detroit would allow quality to occur don't you think we'd see more of it?
      To quaintly believe that American companies don't have the talent or resources to do well is reaching a bit. It's all about will. Ain't no will in Detroit.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Lack of Mercedes quality a mith??
      I will give an example of quality problems at an entry level and flag ship level.
      1. Mercedes S-Class diesel engines 1991-1995.
      2. Any modern 190.
      There are just two examples.
      • 7 Years Ago
      DBC= daimler-benz-crap!!!!!!!!!!!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Well, it appears that the Chrysler group was purposely brought down by the DaimlerChrysler management in no more than two years. Before that, for a decade it was the only promising and delivering American company.

      Seems like there was a strategy meeting somewhere around 2005-2006 with the following discussion items:
      1. We are not famous for the quality, so no work is required on that end
      2. We are a leader, however, in car design. So scrap all those likable concepts like Commander and Compass and replace them with the ugliest things you can imagine. Also, people seem to like our Grand Cherokee, so make it hideous. Minivans? With GM and Ford leaving that segment, we shall not capture more customers, so design an abominable replacement to the existing model.
      3. Badge engineering is something people laugh at. So it should become part of our future models
      4. Jeep is a famous off-road brand. Make sure it’s not anymore. Underpowered front-wheel-drive is a good start
      5. Interior quality is something people trashed GM and Ford for. Why should we be spared? Save $1,000 on the interior materials for the interior to look very-very cheap, so that could offer $3,000 discount on our vehicles because no one would buy them
      6. Once the above items been implemented, all executives will receive additional bonuses and 20,000 workers will be fired. Furthermore, once the company is filed for bankruptcy, all executive will be eligible for additional bonuses from liquidation proceedings

      That is sad. A handful of executives ruined the only decent American car maker.
      • 7 Years Ago
      its ok cua, you can hate the hemi or dodge trucks all you want, and yet here i sit, comfortable in my HEMI Dodge Charger. because hey at the end of the day its MY choice where my money goes, whether its Exxon, BP, shell or whatever when it comes to gasoline. Not yours.

      Besides if we all only thought about MPG we'd all be driving little econoboxes with little to no style outside of functionality. But People will buy what they want to buy regardless of what you or I think about it.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Considering Mercedes quality reputation lately, would it matter that much to put the Benz name back on there?
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