• Mar 8th 2007 at 7:58AM
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There's been some behind-the-scenes speculation as to whether or not these spy photos of a six-door Ford F-150 mule are the real thing showing a recent prototype or old shots of a truck that time forgot, but they've just been verified as the real deal, having been shot as recently as last Tuesday. The very long F-150 features two regular doors, two extended cab suicide doors, and two extra doors at the leading edge of the bed. These two extra doors appear to open up into a trunk of sorts that could pack away the groceries and toolboxes in a secure place, while also serving to possibly stiffen the structure that no doubt has been compromised by the extra inches.
Of course, we have no official word from Ford that this feature might be an option on the upcoming 2009 F-150, but bed doors are not a new idea. Some of you may remember the Chevy Cheyenne concept from the 2003 Detroit Auto Show that featured similar doors, though they obviously didn't end up on the 2007 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra. That decision may prove to be a significant oversight if the new F-150 shows up next year with an extra set of hinges.

[Source: Pickuptruck.com]

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      #8 - Lee Majors FTW!
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      Extra doors in the side of the bed. Thats awesome. Putting it in a smaller (190inch) pickup works for me.
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      I like the idea, more space to safe keep your stuff. I just think that the door handles on these extra doors should be oriented in the vertical position.
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      "but bed doors are not a new idea. Some of you may remember the Chevy Cheyenne concept from the 2003 Detroit Auto Show"

      Some even remember the 1967 Kaiser M715....
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      That's not a mule. Ford made a spec built truck for a large customer. I can't remember where I read it but it seems like it was for an order for like 25k trucks. Apparently it took Ford less than 1 year from start to finish to engineer the product.
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      I have a feeling that there were a lot of folks who couldn't reach over the bed. I have no idea why Ford had made the sides of the box so high (it looks like a brick), and this must be a way for those of us less than 6'7" can put stuff in the bed.

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      I'm going to go ahead and make the first Fall Guy comment.