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As Porsche's type-997 911 range matures, the tuners who extend the cars' already formidable capabilities are staying one step ahead of the game. TechArt, known for its comprehensive revamps, is no exception. As we recently showed you, it's been hard at work on a follow-up to the rather awesome 996-based 2001 TechArt GTstreet.

Enter the 997-based GTstreet, one of TechArt's two Geneva debuts (more on the second one later). With a Carrera GT-topping 630 horses and an equally-amazing 600+ lb-ft of torque, the 0-60 claim of 3.2 seconds sounds quite reasonable, if not conservative. Like Porsche's factory supercar, its top end is well over 200 mph. In fact, TechArt claims the car's top speed is 214 mph with its power upgrades and new aero body kit. Official photographs have been posted to go along with the previous sketch we showed you, and we hope to have some live shots posted in a few hours as well. You can read the entire press release after the jump.

[Source: TechArt]

The Next Generation: TechArt GTstreet Based on Porsche 911 Turbo

With its 2001 TechArt GTstreet based on the Porsche 911 Turbo of the 996 model series, TechArt Automobildesign created one of the fastest and most powerful street-legal sports cars of its time. The next evolutionary stage of this fascinating concept celebrates its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2007: The new TechArt GTstreet, based on the 911 Turbo of the latest 997 series.

Like the predecessor the new GTstreet edition centers on a powerful engine: The 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat engine is modified by the TechArt engine specialists and now develops 630 hp / 463 kW at 6,800 rpm, up from standard 480 hp / 353 kW. Peak torque increases from 620 Nm to 820 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

The TechArt TA 097/T3 engine conversion comprises two special VTG turbochargers, a new air box with sport air filter, high-performance manifolds, intercoolers and a stainless-steel sport exhaust system with high-performance catalysts. The precise optimal interaction of all modifications is ensured by a newly programmed engine management system.

Power is transferred to all four wheels via a modified transmission with TechArt gear-throw shortening.

Thus equipped the TechArt GTstreet delivers performance that firmly places it among the world's fastest sports cars: 0 – 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, 200 km/h after just 10.9 seconds and a top speed of 345 km/h speak volumes.

The body kit for the TechArt GTstreet was created in the wind tunnel, and offers an optimal symbiosis of aerodynamic downforce, minimized drag and striking design.

The front fascia of the GTstreet with retractable carbon-fiber splitter produces downforce on the front axle and provides radiator, oil coolers and brakes with more cooling air, thanks to its large, striking air inlets. The auxiliary headlamp units with daytime running lights and fog lamps improve active safety. They also give the car even more passing clout.

The TechArt GTstreet fender flares on the front axle add 10 mm to the two-door's width and give it an even more dynamic appearance. But that's not all: The air outlets behind the front wheel houses optimize brake venting. The larger air ducts in the rear sidewalls provide engine and intercoolers with a larger supply of cooling air. For an optimal transition between front and rear fenders the TechArt designers have developed rocker panels that complement the new contours. TechArt mirror and headlamp moldings provide the finishing touches.

The TechArt roof spoiler extends the roofline and optimizes airflow to the adjustable rear airfoil of the GTstreet.

The TechArt GTstreet rear fascia with integrated carbon-fiber diffuser contributes to the strong downforce generated on the rear axle. It also provides the perfect backdrop for the quad exhaust of the TechArt high-performance exhaust system.

TechArt Automobildesign offers a number of versions of its popular Formula wheel in sizes 8.5Jx20 in front and 12Jx20 on the rear axle. GTstreet buyers can choose from several color combinations and between the one-piece Formula and the multi-piece Formula II designs. The Formula II wheel features an exchangeable wheel lip. For optimal tires TechArt chose ContiSportContact 3 high-performance tires in sizes 245/30 ZR 20 and 325/25 ZR 20.

The large 20-inch wheels also provide the necessary space for the especially powerful and durable TechArt high-performance brake system. It features six-piston aluminum fixed calipers and 390-millimeter discs on the front axle. The rear axle is fitted with 365-millimeter discs and four-piston fixed calipers.

The TechArt GTstreet comes with a TechArt VarioPlus coil-over suspension that is based on the electronically adjustable PASM damping system of the 911 Turbo. This chassis allows individual ride-height lowering by up to 25 millimeters and push-button selection of two different damper settings, "Normal" or "Sport." However, the dampers are not limited to these presets. Sporty driving automatically results in firmer damper settings in both modes, thus combining excellent ride comfort during normal driving with agile and responsive handling during fast cornering.

The cockpit of the TechArt GTstreet also differs distinctly from the stock 911 Turbo. Among the differences is an exclusive leather interior with color-contrasted stitching and sporty CarboBlack highlights. The coupe is further equipped with an ergonomically shaped TechArt sport steering wheel, aluminum foot pedals, foot rest and shifter, as well as with illuminated door sills sporting the TechArt logo. `

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      First of all.. its a P O R S C H E.
      Second of all, the design is the 997 variaton and that design.. has been around for about 6 months.. the 06 m.y.

      And unless your grandma is driving ANYTHING from the VW Group (Audi, Lambo, Porsche, Bugatti etc).. you dont know A DAMN thing about what your talking about.. But then again your gonna tell me that it looks like some Honda or Toyota.. or maybe a Monte Carlo.. from 20yrs ago.

      This 997 Turbo dervative looks nothing like anything on the street. With the fantastic engineering that Porsche is responsible for.. combined with the added on detail of TECHART... its a fantastic car.

      The basic design for 50yrs?? The tells me that you think that every car built in the past 30yrs looks alike.

      The car is more aerodynamic, and since the intro of the 911 design in '64 and evolved as an AIR COOLED REAR ENGINED CAR.. into a water cooled rear engined sports car.

      Its.. completely.. literally IMPOSSIBLE to call a 911 of any generation, cost and or design.. BORING.

      And an Audi RS4, 6 or 8.. doesnt have a leg to stand on Audi still has poor resale and they are DESPERATE to get a good repertoire
      • 8 Years Ago
      Porsche has always made great cars. I love what they've done with the 911 product line. What I'm really waiting for is development of their Cayman product, hopefully Turbo, GT2, and GT3 treatment for the Cayman.
      • 8 Years Ago
      What a monster. I hate the orange interior trim, but otherwise..... Wow, just wow.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Now this will kick a Corvette's ass just standing still.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Front and back styling doesn’t match. Get rid of the cruciform grill. It’s clunky. Dash is boring; console is nice. 6speed is nice. Overall it is nice.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Oh Boy, another Porsch........in the same 50 year old body that it's been in for the last half century! Boring!!!!!!! Has anyone seen the new Audi RS8???? Now that's a design I could fall in love with. The Porsch reminds me of my grand-mothers old car.
      • 8 Years Ago
      If I eva had the dough.. to pick one of these up.. Id happy enjoy the orange.

      As for what this could do against a Vette.. there aint NO DAMN COMPETITION. This car.. would wipe the Vette's ass. But then again... the level of perfection of this car.. is insane.-- Im sure the Vette would do the same... if it ever went to this level of perfection. Then again.. I dont know think Ligenfelter's or Callaway's Vette.. can take this car..

      The Orange is fantastic.. but just delete the nav system. Thats b.s..
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