• Mar 5th 2007 at 9:02AM
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You just don't meet many girls named Mercedes these days. The German handle has undoubtedly dwindled in popularity as the car brand became a household name, but that apparently hasn't fazed Dumitru Caldara. The Romanian man, evidently an enthusiast of Teutonic automobiles, took it a step further: he didn't name his newborn daughter Mercedes, he named her SLK. Seriously.

Had the baby been a boy, he reportedly would have been named BMW. You know, 'cause SLK would be a tad effeminate for a boy and he might have gotten teased in the schoolyard. There are so many jokes to make, we don't even know where to start, but we're sure our commenters will be glad to pick up the slack (and tell us about their cousins named Mercedes).

[Source: Daily Record]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Well, Caldara is a Gypsy name, and Romanian-born Gypsies very often name their children with strange names, like Stralucirea (Brightness), Razbunator (Avenger), Indonezia, Billclinton (written exactly like that), Bus (pronounced Bush :P), Loventa, Pochemon (yep, not Pokemon), and so on.

      Names like Mercedesa (a feminine variation of Mercedes, perceived by Gypsies as a masculine noun, the car, not as a feminine name), Elvis, Medallion, Vitrina are a sad reality in Gypsy communities, replacing such original names like Zarada (the Wonderful one, feminine), Roua (Morning dew), Cireasa (Cherry) and so on...

      So, naming his daughter SLK is in complete accord with the current fashion, you know :) :) :)
      He must have been carefully avoiding naming his daughter Mercedesa, like many other Gypsies do. :P
      • 8 Years Ago
      SLK can be spelled out as.. Eselkay.

      And Im sure Id prefer Eselkay over.. Taurus or is it 500??
      • 8 Years Ago
      My Uncle Keith is an avid car lover. And to declare his love to the world for all cars German, he named his Youngest daughter, Porsche Williams and Mercedes Williams. I thought it was a joke but he really loves German cars!
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