• Feb 28th 2007 at 12:30PM
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We have only one source for trusted insights into the MINI brand, and that's Motoringfile. The chaps who cover the diminutive brand are reporting that MINI's newly acquired John Cooper Works tuning shop will produce two high-performance JCW vehicles based on the new R56 MINI. The website surmises that at next week's Geneva Motor Show, MINI will introduce the first vehicle, what is unofficially being referred to as the "Stage One Kit". Output is expected to be around 190 and 200bhp thanks to a freer flowing intake and exhaust combined with revised ECU tuning. It's a nice bump over the MINI Cooper S that offers buyers 175 hp from its turbocharged 1.6L four-banger, but still leaves us wanting for more. Supposedly that's where the JCW "Stage Two Kit" comes in, though no information is yet available on what will be the ultimate factory-tuned MINI.
[Source: Motoring File]

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      Smart@ss, I mentioned RWD as I've become accustomed to the feel. FWIW, you can also get the 3 with BMW's insanely awful AWD xDrive system.

      The Mini Cooper S - especially with JCW - and the 335i aren't that far apart in cost. An ED 335i would run me 38k (my 06 was 36k via ED). Hard for me to put together a Mini Cooper S JCW with leather, sport package and xenons for under 30k.

      The R56's torque steer was more prevalent than any other FWD car we've been testing for my fiancee. The A3 had a touch but due to the Mini's superior power to weight ratio, I imagine the torque steer was more evident.

      It's not a bad car. I was just struck by the torque steer - and that the manual tranny felt as crappy as my BMW's manual. No shock there, though.
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      i want to be the next jcw super star how would i go about doing that?
      • 8 Years Ago
      RWD means rear wheel drive, not red
      • 8 Years Ago
      Torque steer must be insane on the R56 JCW. I drove an 07 R56 cooper s this past weekend and at WOT the car's torque steer is obscene. Yuck.

      I was quite happy to hop back into my RWD 3 series.
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      Lets go 4 a ride, me in my R56 and you in your "overpriced wanta be like everybody else" and see what happens. You couldn't keep up with my $23,000 race car if I gave u a head start.