• Feb 26th 2007 at 6:56AM
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The Car Connection spoke to GM vice chairman Bob Lutz at the Chicago Auto Show who told them a bigger, badder Cadillac built on the new Camaro chassis could be in the works. Lutz said the reason Camaro's expected on-sale date was delayed was so that the platform could be better integrated with future products.

While Lutz never utters the name "Sixteen" in the conversation, we just have to wonder if the ultra luxury Caddy is what GM has in mind. We reported back in December that GM had absolutely no plans for the Cadillacs of Cadillacs, but maybe, just maybe, Lutz has changed the beancounters' minds and the company will, after all, make real the Sixteen concept.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Biased because I sell Cadillacs, my opinion is that the STS and SRX are both selling pretty well. It has proved much easier to improve the product faster than you can improve the perception. Of my friends that drive competitive imports whenever they ride in my car they are extremely impressed. I believe that the Cadillac line up matches up to it's competition in every respect. Strongest statement for Cadillac quality I know is my neighbor's 03 CTS. 88 thousand miles, never a problem, if you didn't look at the odometer you would think it was brand new. No squeeks, no rattles, still a most enjoyable drive. Most products first find there way to the trendsetters and then eventually are accepted by the following masses.Cadillac will be just fine!
      • 8 Years Ago
      I forgot to mention, if Cadillac were to do this and be successful, Lincoln could make the gorgeous Mark X concept as a competitor.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It would be extremely foolish for Caddy to base a big luxury car on a Chevy platform.
      The Sigma platform is fine.
      A replcement for DTS AT THE SAME PRICE RANGE is the only fit for ZETA.
      BOB LUTZ, don't play yourself!
      • 8 Years Ago
      The ideas you posted are very rational. So many automobles are designed and manufactured for only a very few who are able to purchase them.
      If GM/Cadillac wants to make more dollars then build the "16" but build it for the "masses" that can and will pay 50-60K for such an automobile.
      There are now and there will be more retirees with nothing better to do with their $$ than have a last fling with a potential gorgeous automobile.
      This could be a money maker for GM/Cadillac but it must be quality engineered,designed and built.
      Its beauty cannot just be skin deep but a through and through, end to end, top to bottom, start to stop, car that is highly responsive and fun to drive.

      Chevrolet may say , then buy a Corvette.
      • 8 Years Ago
      What class would this car be in and what would it compete against?
      • 8 Years Ago
      All this talk of big Caddy coupes, and not a mention of XLR ? I haven't checked lately, but I believe it is/was priced north of $60K (please don't flame to bad if I'm off the mark!) Although they are not to common on the roads around Chicago, it seems this has paved the way for a big luxo coupe. The sort of vehicle the 16 represents is a "Halo" vehicle - it isn't supposed to bankroll a multi billion dollar company, like GM. It establishes credibility, and it is a aspirational purchase. The folks who buy Maybachs and Bentleys, can add a $200K Caddy 16 on a whim! the accountants might not approve, but I say bring it on Caddy!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Cadillac needs to earn strong, consistent demand for its products at the $50,000 level before going higher. The current STS and SRX have not been strong sellers.
      • 8 Years Ago
      OK GUYS--
      I have been critical of the Camaro delays, but the value of making the US version of the Aussie platform more versatile is obvious.

      --The guy who sells Cads and thinks the models are fine must be located where the SRX, CRX, and STS actually sell -- they are rare in SoCal, where 1976 Sevilles were once "The Car to Have".

      -- The Cadillac name was not destroyed totally, but it was mostly destroyed among the type of people who buy this class of car. Escalade customers,etc, keep them going, but the baby boomers mostly are gone forever. Cad has to look to the next generation, while keeping the remaining older loyalists.

      --Obviously, if the STS platform were cost-effective for broader use, we would already see a Buick and an Impala based on it.

      --It is fantasy to talk about the Sixteen when Cad has no good competitor to the Lexus LS, let alone the S-class or 7 series, or the upcoming next Jag XJ.

      --Now that GM has improved some Cads with awful flaws, like the CTX (crap interior, vulgar styling), and the DTS (still a dull Buick, but a nice one), it has to go past its recent idiot mistakes, such as making the STS smaller (too small inside) to match European cars.

      They seem to be on the right path, but let's see the cars!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      #14 Most tycoons don't drive (or are driven in) Maybachs or Rolls. The people with real money don't go for big glitz. The owner of IKEA (2nd richest in world) drives an old Volvo, Warren Buffet drives a Cadillac DTS. The people who buy the mega-buck bling-mobiles are mostly limited to the entertainment industry.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Umm...how does a midsize, RWD platform translate into a huge RWD car? It makes far more sense to say that Caddy will use the Camaro platform for a 6-series competitor. The size is about right without having to stretch the platform or do any monumental re-engineering, and it could be done without having to build a completely new motor (the 16).

      A large Caddy coupe would fill a niche where there's already a market, and would be a logical addition to the family. The domestics don't really have a large touring coupe now that the Lincoln Mark-whatever is gone and the Eldorado used to be a very important part of the Cadillac family.

      So while it would be fun for automotive journalists if the Sixteen were to be built (since only them and the 200 or so people who would buy one could drive it), it would be much better for GM and the general Cadillac target market to build a $50-60k coupe that might actually sell well and make monsy for the brand.

      A Buick Riviera would be another good choice for the platform too, as long as I'm making the wishlist. A more modern take on the old boat tail would look sharp.
      • 8 Years Ago
      clanker, don't know what part of chi-town you live but down near new lenox we see several. check website for "cadillac lasalle club" or www.westofthelakeclc.com. there's also a cadillac allante/xlr club in deerfield.
      • 8 Years Ago
      There are probably plenty of tycoons in the US who would be willing to buy a $200k Caddy.

      People who own companies that live on the "buy american" sales pitch would not want to be seen in a Rolls or a Maybach.
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