• Feb 26th 2007 at 2:58PM
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Rumors of a high-po track version of the capable Pagani Zonda have materialized as true today in the form of official looking pics and info on the Swedish website Sportbilen.se. No translating utility we could find was able to decipher the site's cryptic native language, but we've picked out what we can and combined with knowledge from elsewhere on the net can tell you that the Zonda R will feature a 750bhp V12 engine likely sourced from Mercedes that also produces 523 ft-lbs. of twist. The current king of Pagani's stable is the Zonda F, which produces 594 hp in stock trim from a Mercedes 7.3L V12. From the pictures it is also clear that the Zonda R will be longer and lower than current models and be fitted with a number of aero enhancements to keep it sucked to the ground at high speeds. Chances are it will probably lighter, as well.

Clearly the Zonda R takes after such exclusive track cars as the Ferrari Enzo FXX and Maserati MC12. It will likely be produced in numbers even more limited than a standard Zonda and purchasing probably comes from invitation only. Street legal? Not likely.

[Source: Sportbilen.se]

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      The Swedish article just says that the new rendering is based on the information about the longer wheelbase and more over hang. Nothing else, just some independant artist renderings.
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      Maybe they're pissed the CCX is at the top of the top gear power board? ;)
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      VERY Rough translation, courtesy of SYSTRAN (http://www.systranbox.com/systran)

      We have come over renderingar on a Pagani Zonda with the addition term R for Racing. Here is Paganis equivalence to Ferrari FXX or Maserati MC12 - a car only for chute customs that turn itself to the very most kräsna and välbeställda the customers!

      Already for a week late tumbled the out concept drawings on a R-variant of Zondan. Those pictures we have got the hands on is however the more detailed truth. The car has with its longer front lip and rear venturitunnel got an extension from 4.385 mm to 4.774 mm. But also the wheel basis is extended with almost five centimetres to 2.782, 5 mm.

      So here, the first sketches saw out as tumbled outside the design office's walls.

      Our classified informants tell that the engine like earlier is the CLK GTR-besläktade AMG-tolvan, but with an upptrissad effect from the 594 in the basis version to the whole 750 hk in R-varianten. Late earlier exists also a F Clubsport with 685 hk, but this becomes therefore a still vansinnigare automotive than the. The engine is in this manners provided with torrsumpsmörjning, and is additional lowly placed for better feeling and control. 750 horses are matched of 710 Nm and learns to be enough to sweets and well when the car moreover been improved viktmässigt. The effect is up to and including higher than the second cousin MB CLK-GTR as shown off with 720 hk from same basis engine.

      As you see on the pictures went the to apply still more carbon fiber on Pagani Zonda. An engine hood with associated hardtop with luftscoop above the compartment shoots down still more air to the hot vinkeltolvan behind the spine. A high wing catches wind of speed and invites still more downforce to the batch wheels. The car has been seen over aerodynamiskt, and has many functional elements taken straightly of from Mercedes DTM-bilar.
      The car that with all security becomes both swine costly and difficult that few while on learns to become a concentration item pursues many. A meagre series will be built in order to hold exklusiviteten in tip. The as is the draws on a Pagani in Sweden can turn itself to von Braun in Skene or Arlandastad.
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      Well, if they don't make it street legal then this won't be anywhere on the Top Gear board.
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      Looks like a low-slung version of the Disneyland parking lot tram tractor......
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      Best supercar ever.
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      Wind tunnel time: 37000$ / hr
      Enough carbon fiber to make 5000 tennis rackets: 306000$
      Re-engineered front chassis to accommodate the elongated wheelbase: 3.66 million $
      Making a Pagani Zonda F that looks that bitchin': PRICELESS