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My sister had a black 1988 Fiero that I was going to buy from her when I turned 16. Of course, she spun out on the freeway NASCAR-style only weeks before the transaction was to take place, and my little two-seater was gone forever. While I still want one that looks like this, I probably won't fit in one very well. However, thanks to a company in Arizona that modifies Fieros into just about anything a person could want, there's hope for me yet.

PISA (Phoenix International Sport Automobiles) has taken a run-of-the-mill Fiero and turned it into the buggy you see above. It's called the Jalapeño and it takes about 200 hours to complete. Mods include a lift kit, 12 inches taken off the front, many new body panels, and a Jeep-like grille on a somewhat forlorn-looking face. We don't know how well the Jalapeño fares off-road, but it certainly looks the part. Who would've thought you can get a Fiero with a commanding view of the road?

[PISA via Winding Road]

  • Image Credit: Photo: PISA
  • Image Credit: Photo: PISA
  • Image Credit: Photo: PISA

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