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First off, we know for a fact that's a Corvette in those pictures allegedly taken by an EMO TRANS employee. That we know. But Josh Oliver at TheGMSource now says the anonymous employee might or might not have been fired from his EMO job. Maybe. And Oliver says it now looks like the alleged photographer most likely was not taken to jail for snapping those pictures. In all likelihood. Though if he did take those sensational photos that have us all excited with Blue Devil anticipation, then General Motors is most definitely not very happy with him. And we can more than likely assume GM and its myriad lawyers have already used up several ink cartridges printing lengthy legal documents with this guy's name on them. At least that's what we would do were we an international automaker with trade secrets to protect. We think.

You get the impression nobody is totally sure what's going on with this case? Then you're right. Probably. Hopefully as the day passes in scenic Romulus, Michigan on Friday, we can take a few allegedlys and a probably or two out of the story. Maybe. Either way, we're (allegedly) on the edges of our seats waiting for the next twist.

[Source: TheGMSource]

After speaking with a representative from General Motors personally, we can say unequivocally that the automaker claims not to have taken any action legal action against anyone in this matter. That's from the horse's mouth, people. Whether or not other companies, entities, or suppliers have done anything is not known, but GM appears to be staying out of it completely.

Turns out we didn't know for a fact that the man in the middle of all this is an employee of EMO Trans. The shipping company also contacted us to inform us that the man in question is not an employee of theirs and they do not know him. Furthermore, EMO Trans also claims he is an employee of a company called Central State, which is a handling agency for the German airline Lufthansa.

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      Righteous... (#5):
      You mean to say that Josh Oliver:

      1 built a new engine
      2 put it in a Z06
      3 modified the car's body and interior
      4 got manufacturer's plates and test car decals for it and another Corvette
      5 took both cars to an im/exporter's warehouse
      6 took pictures
      7 posted them on a forum where he had posed since September 15 of last year as a worker at a shipping company (posting pictures of cars from the same shipping company there the whole time)
      8 had himself banned and the thread deleted
      9 faked a police report
      10 and somehow managed to fool everyone from several other Internet news outlets (including Autoblog) who called GM and several shipping companies, as well as their own contacts.

      Pardon my skepticism, but I find that a wee bit unlikely.
      All Winding Road did was tape on some plastic and cardboard, which I suppose J.O. would've had to do as well, but which I found too trivial to include in the list.

      Think before posting wildly speculative flaming, please.
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      Taking those photographs probably was 'just' a breach of contract, is going to cost his boss loads of money and the guy his job. That aside, taking the pics in itself may not be illegal, however what he did to get them and/or what he can be seen doing in them may very well be.
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      I've been all over the Auto Blogosphere this morning on this story (as of this writing, Jalopnik still has the photo's available). If you have this guys name, you should be able to go to the Romulus PD and request a police report. I don't remember where I read it, but supposedly the 'jail' rumor refers to a civil complaint filed by GM with the Romulus PD. It's entirely possible, however, that the complaint filed may be for EMO TRANS itself and their non-disclosure breach of contract. I'd do it myself if it were a month from now (moving back to MI end of march).
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      viral marketing?
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      So he isn't an employee of Lufthansa? That's too bad - I love that airline and was about to respect them even more! :)
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      Sorry for the double post, I forgot to mention that Josh Oliver, while allegedly posing as chikara83 on Fast-Autos.net, would supposedly have:

      7b never mentioned his site (TheGMSource.com), which he promotes (politely, in his signature) on other forums
      7c not put a GM Source watermark on the photos, which is his practice

      ...in an attempt to get publicity.

      I just don't see it.
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      In all honesty to everyone involved, this whole "was/wasn't arrested" bit is a total non-story and the coverage its getting by some outlets (NOT AutoBlog, I mean, you guys are SUPPOSED to post everything) smacks of sensationalism for sensationalism's sake. Yes, this generates some interesting discussion into the legalities of intellectual protection and such, but it has nothing to do with the Super-Vette itself. More relevent in my mind is the fact that the pictures in question are still out there, just as Brandon mentioned.

      Just my take on what seems to be the automotive version of what happens to Anna Nicole Smith's body. Maybe whoever filed that report can cry on camera?
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      Since when is taking a photograph illegal? Seriously.

      Can someone cite a precedent where a photographer was jailed for taking a picture?
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      This from the same guy - Josh Oliver who state emphatically the Saturn Outlook was shelved a year ago on another chattroom he was moderating?? See below:


      Original story subsequently removed.
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      This is looking more and more like a publicity stunt.

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      YES!! You are so right my brother!! This is a publicity stunt of highest proportions!! Can you give me a Y-E-S!!!!! But not by GM, but GM Source.com and Josh Oliver (Who?!?!??!) as he continues inaccurate reporting for the sake of elevating his own status and the website as well. Praise to the auto in the highest!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Righteous Reverend Jimmy Flash - I fail to see in anyway how I said something that was false. I've continually dug up new information regarding this story to help set the record straight on exactly what has transpired and what is currently going down.
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