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We're going to have to wait until pictures of the actual production XF drop, but in the meantime these renderings are likely not very shy of the mark. Motor Authority commisioned Schulte-Design to analyze the concept car, various spy shots of XF mules, and inside information from people familiar with the car, melding it all into a coherent stab at what we can expect on the street. The S-Type is so last millennium, so it will be nice to see its replacement wearing a modern design language.
That design language is pulled back a bit from the concept, but it still ends up looking great. If this is the new face of Jaguar, there's hope. Not that paying homage to 40 years ago is outright bad, but it's nice to see something new emerging. If the transition from concept to production is as gentle and dare we say refined as what we see in the renderings, we have a billet-sculpted, muscular Jag coming.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      No offense retsel, but i refuse to consider an S type a jaguar. In my honest opinion, jaguars are assembled in england, leaving out the s and x types. Jaguar is a very unique car in this day and age, but it is just like porsche, they refuse to change.

      The s and x type are so similar to the xj, its comical...The recepie works, but its a little stale already. Jaguar needs a new face, and i think the xf will revitalize the jaguar name.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I would like one in black with tinted windows and a supercharged sngine please
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'll admit, I am a bit troubled as to how Jaguar is suddenly looking to almost drastically change its long-established persona. That persona being, of course, that of high stature and elegant subtlety (as the current, and still awesome, XJ perfectly illustrates in my view). And so, upon first glancing the C-XF I was at least a little skeptical. The new grille is out of place, in my view, and it looks as if it does not belong (for it's too big and plain). Moreover, at first I thought "the overall car, in my view, is nothing special" (if not a bit too huge-looking in the pictures and the flat doors reminded me of the ordinary Lexus IS doors). But when I glanced upon that absolutely stunning side greenhouse (and how the roofline seductively merges to the boot), somehow the car's appearance instantly turned favorable in my eyes. And so, although I still think the car needs to be sculpted a bit more so it doesn't looks as fat as it does, nonetheless I would say that I think that Jaguar has a sort of a Savior in the making with this car.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Phil...sorry to burst your bubble but all Jags are built in England. But the X-Type is definitely not a Jag. It's a nice car but not a Jag.

      I like the current design theme but it is definitely time to change. And the C-XF looks amazing. Hopefully Jaguar doesnt butcher it.

      And I also hope Jag expands it's lineup. Get a proper RWD vehicle to replaced the X-Type. Bring out a smaller two door. No SUVs though....leave that to LR.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow. Beautiful Lexus. Lexus sure is coming out with some nice cars. Huh? It's a Jag?

      Maybe Ford is hoping to make a sale more appealing to Lexus when it unloads Jaguar. Don't even have to redesign the cars.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Jaguar obviously dabbled in more affordable models to help sales and its bottom line - but they have since then learned that they need to go back to their roots. This is what we see as a result, and I like what I see. Great lines. Great proportions and I can easily get used to that front intake opening.

      9.5 out of 10 visually.

      I bet they will sell great too at any price.
      • 8 Years Ago
      of all exotic brands jag has the most brands jaguar had the most unrealized potential... and that is not a good thing... it shows the years of mismanagement.
      Porsche to me is played out... all their cars look the some and their SUV is a reskin job" although its a good one"...

      Jag on the other hand... cam i full a spectrum of cars
      1. a small sports car like the boxter
      2. a real BMW 3series fighter (with all the variants)
      3. the CF
      4. a new XJ (the current has an excelent platform but the sheet metal and the interior is dated
      5. the XK (Perfect)
      6. A super sedan (based on a Long wheel base XJ but with unique sheet metal)
      7. A Fast crossover with the body shape of the mazda cx-7

      as a jag owner... i see the looks i get with my S-Type and people think that is priced out of their league... like the pretty girl guys are scared to talked to... Me i always dated out of my league... lol... Flame on....
      • 8 Years Ago
      Glad you like the car, but the moves Jag is making will ensure its survival in the world
      • 8 Years Ago
      they messed it up a bit, since the picture from teh rear (w/exception of tailights) looks like a Lexus GS.
      and i'm willing to bet that jaguar will not meet Lexus on quality and they will not meet BMW in performance.

      it'll be like what Audi is today, and Audi's sales in the US are very bad considering that the 3-series outsells the whole Audi US line up including SUV's

      • 8 Years Ago
      I agree with you number 9, the X-type would make a good Ford or Mercury model, but it is not a Jag and needs a rwd replacment, however my favorite Jag is the new XKR, and hope the rumors of the XKR-R with 500 hp are true, but I love what I have seen of the new XF and the next XJ, way to go Jag on that come back, keep it going and you will make Ford sorry they stagnated your products for so long
      • 8 Years Ago
      Carletti, what are you smoking? The new Jags are a crisp, 21st century design built to compete with newer BMWs and Mercedes, the older models can not compete with those cars with stagnanted design (Ford's fault though I love the Blue Oval) and not much difference in engines throughout models. If Jaguar does not evolve its image it will die as a brand and that would be sad for me cause I love the British comapny, and these new cars are well designed, made with lightweigh materials, the engines output will be different in the model ranges and there will finally be able to compete with the German luxury brands again.
      • 8 Years Ago
      ...I don't smoke. What I am merely getting at is that the C-XF is, currently, honestly not that big of a design statement given the price range that it is expected to belong to, in my personal judgment. In my estimation, this car is still a very grandiose vehicle and if Jaguar is aiming at the sporting crowd, then I should expect the car to look at least a bit more sculpted, and not overweight (and dull in some instances, like there was a lack of artistic thought---especially around the bland door area).

      The grille is a separate issue, I don't necessarily admire it nor do I think it an ugly mess. I am basically indifferent to it (so the grille is not a plus for the C-XF in my view). In addition, however, I also am not a big fan of the bulging hood either, as it reminds me of a cheaper Ford (no disrespect to Ford, however).

      The side greenhouse, obviously, is stunning and I think that this detail is something that clearly separates the C-XF design from that of the 5 Series and from that of the E Class. Gorgeous is that side greenhouse and I really cannot emphasize that enough (like the C-XF was meant to be a cheaper Rapide). In addition, I also love the wide, road-gripping, stance of this car and the big boot.

      But as I said before, I would say that this car will indeed resurrect the Jaguar name. In the recent past, my problem in deciding in favor of a 5 Series or an E Class over a Jaguar S-Type was A) the design language of the bulbous, almost 1996-1999 Taurus-like S-Type and B) the fading Jaguar name. But I am very sure of myself when I say that this car, not the new XK, will provide the difinitive spark for Jaguar's reemergence.
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