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The 49th running of the Daytona 500 has just finished and the 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup season is underway. For those who have TiVo'd the Great American Race and don't know who won yet, we've put the results after the jump.

UPDATE 1: Pics of the finish and this year's winner added after the jump!

This year's Daytona 500 proved my theory that the last ten minutes of a NASCAR race is better than the hours that precede it. After a four-car crash with less than ten laps to go, the field started up after caution with just three laps to race. The top five cars in order were Mark Martin, Kyle Busch, Greg Biffle, David Gilliland and Elliott Sadler. Mark Martin did a great job sticking to the bottom yellow line and holding off the field for about a lap and a half, but got loose enough at the end for a charging Kevin Harvick to make a move. It was a photo finish at the end, with Kevin Harvick edging out Mark Martin by a nose to become the winner of this year's Daytona 500.

We won't recap the highs and lows of the entire race here, but rather send you over to the NASCAR Channel at the AOL Sports Blog, which we just discovered has been live-blogging the race in real time. It's extremely interesting to read an entire race, but it looks like the AOL Sports Blog people found a way to do it.

Click on any pic below to view it in high-resolution. (all pics by Getty Images)

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      It's true. The accident was behind Mark and Kevin but ahead of a lot of cars. What about the ones bouncing off of Clint Boyer as he was skidding along on his top and on fire. Come on NASCAR. Give me a break. Be consistent. I have seen a yellow flag fly when someone acted as though they were going to spin out. I speak from experience being a race car driver for 21 years. NASCAR Late Model Sportsman Division.
      • 8 Years Ago
      • 8 Years Ago

      #3 post says it all.

      Total Sham, what a pathetic ending, and Darrel Waltrip at the end making excuses for the Corporate Whores who now run Nascar.

      I am glad I only watched the last 30 laps.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Mark was robbed! In all other laps the caution was thrown as soon as the accident occured, but on the last lap... we change the rules. Now maybe we need to fire back at NASCAR for CHEATING.
      • 8 Years Ago
      So Montoya is a drug dealer because he is from Colombia?

      Skipping the obvious anti-anything-that-isn't-American racism, I think that Montoya has proven that he is a better driver than any Nascar driver will ever be. What's the first thing that Nascar teams do when they go to a street course like Sears Point? Bring in other drivers (Boris Said comes to mind) that race in Grand Touring and American LeMans series.

      Figures that Nascar fans can be so dense.
      far jr
      • 8 Years Ago
      "it's nothing new to have foreign sponsors, money is money and teams aren't going to turn it down...foreign manufacturers are something totally different."
      Posted at 10:40PM on Feb 18th 2007 by will

      Will... I disagree. Toyota is in NASCAR for the same reason as Budweiser and Shell... to get thier name seen and accepted among the huge throng of racefans that watch the races so they will buy thier product.

      NASCAR is too much marketing machine and cares so much about equalizing these cars that little or nothing is left of a Chevy,Ford or Toyota except the stickers that say so. May as well put all the drivers in identical cars with identical chassis and identical powerplants to compete with only color and number to separate them (like IROC). Oh never mind, I think NASCAR is already there. By the way what about Dodge... you know... the German company.

      I brought up the Shell topic to incite folks. I doubt most NASCAR fans are even aware that shell is ideed a foreign company. They gripe about foreign companies like Toyota in NASCAR but then go support Shell at the pumps to help out "old Harvick's" team. Many Americans claim they don't want to buy from foreign companies but are too lazy to educate themselves on the facts.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Toyota produces many cars/trucks in the US. I'll bet they produce more cars here than Ford does. Thats pretty American to me.

      Lets see, most GM vehicles come from Canada/Mexico...Toyota cars come from America. Ever see where the Ford Mustang's transmission comes from (the GT, the only mustang that matters besides the cobra/shelby/whatever)? France. Yeah. Great.

      Also, just because you won in Nascar in a pseudo-Chevy doesn't make your chevy cool. Most chevys suck. Nascar has nothing to do with the cars you buy - take off the names 'Chevy' and 'Toyota' and it would be just the same - mild steel tubing, V8, RWD, some fakey-bodywork.

      Why get your panties in a knot if it has nothing to do with any brand, except the brands of the advertisers? Lets face it: NASCAR SUCKS. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. No technological advancement, no trickle-down coolness or technology, no relation to the cars you buy. Although I don't know why I am saying this online - most rednecks who like Nascar can't use computers.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Bob Barsha's "southern accent" is dead funny. I bet it'll be gone by the Aussie Grand Prix.
      far jr
      • 8 Years Ago
      Nice to see all the NASCAR folks dislike of Toyota for being a foreign company while at the same time supporting drivers like Harvick driving a Chevy (in name only) with sponsorship by shell (who owns Pennzoil by the way). Shell is also known as Royal Dutch Petroleum. Based out of Holland if I'm correct.

      Does the Army actually get that much recruitment bang for my taxpayer buck to be supporting a Nextel Cup car? Do you know how much primary sponsors pay in NASCAR?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Am I the only person in America that was astonished by the Fox announcers shilling for Toyota’s participation in this race? Using the excuse that because Camarys are assembled in Kentucky and Fusions are assembled in Mexico, somehow justifies Toyota’s participation. I challenge anyone to show me one production component made in Kentucky used on any of the Toyota entries. I know full well that this equally applies to Ford, GM and Chrysler entries, so I do not understand the logical justification of US assembly. The announcers also conveniently omit that the carburetored pushrod V8 motor used in the Camary bears no resemblance to any production engine ever built by Toyota anywhere much less Kentucky.

      I admit that I’m not a big NASCAR fan. It probably goes back to the mid sixties when in an attempt to address Chrysler Hemi dominance, Ford designed and built the 427 SOHC engine that met the letter of the existing rules. Chrysler recognizing that their days were numbered whined to the NASCAR rule makers to have this engine banned before it ever turned a wheel in competition. This started NASCAR down the slippery slope to the bottom of the technological barrel. I’ve often wondered where the big 3 would be today if NASCAR would have promoted pushing the technological envelop instead of stifling it. It also bothers me that when I look at a NASCAR vehicle, unless I see a Ford football, a Chevy bowtie, or the Dodge cross grill, I cannot recognize what make the car is (and I’m an ex-Detroit engineer). Now given that everyone uses generic chassis, & engines, if I understand correctly NASCAR is now going to a generic body (“the car of tomorrow”) correct me if I’m wrong. NASCAR racing is all about personalities, decals and paint jobs, with no pretense to pushing the edge of automotive technology. When will its fans recognize that they are being hosed by Harvard Marketing MBA’s that most of them despise.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Ha ha Mattlach, I don't know whats funnier. You reading then posting on a subject you don't like or the fact that the link on your name takes me to sabbcentral.com/forums!!! "I can't believe anyone actually cares about that crap (as in Saab)." Ha ha, Saab! Now THATS funny!
      • 8 Years Ago
      hard to understand what far out jr is trying to start here, but then everytime he posts he writes as if he were on drugs. no one in nascar expected toyoda to even finish in the top 20 unless they did'nt get caught cheating. just like all those promises in f1. busted. as my ww2 vet dad used say, "always remember pearl harbor and what those cheatin slimeballs did".
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