• Feb 17th 2007 at 11:51AM
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At the very least we're about one year away from seeing the production version of the Dodge Challenger, probably longer for the Chevy Camaro. We can't wait that long, and we're guessing neither can you. Hot Wheels has come to the rescue with two pairs of limited edition miniature motors.

Beginning Tuesday morning at 9 AM PST, Hot Wheel Collector's Club members (membership is free) can buy the Real Riders Chevy Camaro and the Real Riders Dodge Challenger sets. The Camaro set has the iconic 1967 and 2006 concept versions of Chevy's pony car, and for the MOPAR fans, the Challenger set comes with a 1970 and 2006 concept versions. All four cars are much more detailed than any Hot Wheel car you'll find in stores, and feature rubber tires on special chrome wheels and a metal base. Each pack is limited to only 12,000 copies and at $9.99 each, are likely to sell out very quickly.

Check the jump for photos of the Challenger cars then go to the HWC website for even more photos of both.

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      Interesting: I much prefer the old Camero to the new, bloated, one. (praetorian's general theory of car design: fire all your designers, go back to your 1960 model and start over.)

      But looking at the two challengers, I actually prefer the newer one. I think it comes down to proportion, but I'll need to do some measurements to be sure.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow, the old versions of both cars look downright goofy
      • 8 Years Ago
      praetorian, before you submit your resume for ultimate design consultant to detroit, learn how to spell camaro.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Great. So if I buy them and keep them for 100 years, my descendants can sell them on galactic-bay for $15.

      Anything that is marketed as a collectible is unlikely to BE a collectible. That's why the first group of Hot Wheels cars are valuable - they were new, low volume, and no one knew if the line would survive.

      I'm done buying dust collectors anyway - simplify, man.