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Nothing dings like a one-star crash test performance from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. While the 2007 Buick LaCrosse did receive five stars for protecting the driver and passenger in a frontal crash, three stars for protecting rear passengers in a side-impact crash and four stars for resisting roll overs, it's the one-star rating it received for failing to protect the driver and front-seat passenger in side impacts that stands out. General Motors has already tweaked the door trim of the LaCrosse in an effort to improve the car's performance in this particular crash test, but the NHTSA has yet to retest this 2007.5 LaCrosse that has been in production since last month.

[Source: Automotive News]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow! GM really let out a stinky one with the LaTosse. An unsafe, ugly, cheaply made piece of garbage is one of Lutz's first babies! Imagine my surprise that his underwhelming effort is also unsafe at almost any speed.

      Fire Lutz. Wonder how many people have been killed by his arrogance and incompetence.
      • 8 Years Ago
      There is one thing here that no one mentioned, including GM. It is VERY VERY expensive to change the interior tooling of a car. GM just blew a wadfull in having to redo the side panels. Of course, they aren't going to disclose this. But it's a huge mistake that cost them dearly. This entire story does not surprise me at all. How quickly do we all forget GM having to facelift the Aztek in just two model years. Some things never change.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "There's something wrong with this picture. This is a car that received a 3-star ranking withOUT side impact airbags in 2005."

      They could use the CR excuse that they outsourced the testing.
      • 8 Years Ago
      beyond precision? i think not,and they this thing is better than a lexus
      • 8 Years Ago
      gm needs to ditch lousy sedans like la cross; even my friend's grandma who had only driven cadillacs for 30 years is much happier with her bmw 530i & thinks that la cross is ugly.

      it would be even better if they ditch the buick brand all together.

      the interesting part is that gm is learning quickly; it would be nice if gm makes nice sporty sedans to compete with other car makers as this should bring even fierce competition for better cars. few good examples are solstice/sky, c6 covette, & coming cts & g8

      btw, those japan lovers, many japanese sedans also having major problems with rear impact crashes; even minor players like hyundai gets better rear impact crash test results.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I agree with Dreggors, here. Something smells fishy. It's basically the same car as a lot of other vehicles that performed well. I'll wait to pass judgement just yet.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I think americans are so stupid. I am a buick man all day long I have purchased 4 buicks in my 29 years and all of them still run. they are comfortable. they are cheap to opperate. I get about 29miles to the gallon in my 91 park and 92 centry and i know because I drive them back and forth to school. people never talk about all the dayum recalls the toyota and hona have. those cars are cheap as hell when it comes to quality and you dont get near the features for the same money. my dayum lights have been coming on and going off by themselves since 1986 lol! americans dont know how good we have had it. we are so excited about the dayum japs that we are putting our ownselves out of buisness. I swear as much as I cant stand members of my own family at times I would never sell them out to an outsider because at the end of the day no one will hook you up like they will. america we deseve what we get gm has been giving us cars that are simple as hell to work on and cheap to fix when they break down and cheap to buy brand new and fully dayum loaded I am ashamed to think what we are doing to ourselves. and the said thing is the dayum japs and china are buying the hell out of our cars. we will never know how good we have had it until its gone gm ford and chrysler donate billions of dollars to the arts they send millions of folks in this country to college and have given a many of poor black and whites the ability to raise their families in dignity and we talk about toyota and honda. hell no I will have none of it I want a buick and as long as they make them I will buy them I want a real car not some jap toy Im a buick man and always will be
      • 8 Years Ago
      as well join this Lutz is a Putz debate.

      #1 This guys solution to EVERY problem is build a sports car, build a sports car.

      #2 In last weeks AutomotiveNews, this fool was the only one claiming that smog from cars has ZERO negative effect for people and environment.

      He went on and on about how earth is going thru a natural warming period, I personally did not know that when one builds cars he also learns how Earths warming and cooling cycles work. But then again Rick Wagoner also knows a lot about that. He probably learned it in Harvard, and it is really a shame that he did not learn anything about cars in Harvard. He also did not learn the meaning of words like REBADGING and QUALITY and INTERIOR.

      But back to Bob for a second, all this fool wants to do is to build sports cars. Example we have Solstice/Sky and Camaro...........great cars. But people are not asking question, what would have happened to the money that he used for sports cars? Well for one money that went into minivans were diverted, money that went into the hybrid system were diverted, money that went into family sedans were diverted to build sports cars. People have to ask what did Bob Lutz build, but they also have to ask what he didn't build. Yeah Sports cars are cool, but will this Camaro be as hot as it is right now when the new Mustang will come out? Or the new Charger, or new EVO Mitsubishi or any other sports car out there.

      See folks many Detroit groupies say ohhh that New car by GM looks great, OK, but compared to what? People say Aura is a great car...OK it is. but compared to what? Is it better than New Camry? Will it or any other GM product be able to compete with NEW ACCORD that comes out in few months? Or will this Aura be better than All New Toyota Corolla that comes out this spring?????????????????????
      • 8 Years Ago
      There's something wrong with this picture. This is a car that received a 3-star ranking withOUT side impact airbags in 2005.

      Here are links to the NHTSA tests with videos...
      2005 - http://www.safercar.gov/NCAP/Cars/3053.html
      2007 - http://www.safercar.gov/NCAP/Cars/3937.html

      I think something simply isn't right here on the testing side of it, especially since two platform mates of the LaCrosse received scores consistant with the 2005 non-side airbag test (Grand Prix/No SAB/3 Stars) and with comperable 2007 model vehicles with side curtain airbags (Impala/SAB/5 Stars).

      I'm also glad to see that no one has (yet?) jumped on the "OMG?!WTF?!" bandwagon yet.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hey rrrrr,
      just shut up already. You are an ignorant degenerate with nothing to say and nobody cares anyway.

      What a friggin tool.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I have to say that something doesn't quite add up here. Did they change the interior that much? Or was the test botched? The numbers on the frontal test (Head Injury Criterion, Chest Deceleration (g's) and Femur Load l/r1 (lbs)) are almost identical, but the figures on the side impact are quite different.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Is it possible that the car that received a 3 star rating without sidebags had different inside door trim than the one WITH sidebags?

      Since Buick is "tweaking" the door trims, it stands to reason that since the LaCrosse's platform mates are different looking outside...then the door trims are somewhat different, at least enough to possibly give them different/higher test scores.
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