• Feb 12th 2007 at 3:56PM
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The South has risen again, and unfortunately for our beloved team from Top Gear, it has focused its ire on Jeremy Clarkson, Jay Mays and Richard Hammond. In the latest episode of Top Gear (torrent here), the team arrives in Florida for a road trip that will see them travel from Miami to New Orleans. The catch? Each are given $1,000 to buy a whip that will carry them to their destination. Whips in hand, the trio decide to spice up the trip by spray painting inflammatory statements on the sheetmetal. Statements like "I'm bi", "NASCAR Sucks" and "Hillary for President" are worn like badges of pride, until a stop for gas in a self-described "hick town" turns ugly. Words were said, rocks were thrown, and somebody's "boys" were called in. The Top Gear crew fleed for its life, though not after the quickest jump in history gets Mays Caddy turned over, and the chase ensued on the highways of the rural South. The boys wise up and decide to pull over and scrub off the incendiary taunts with some towels and Coke. Their troubles don't end there, as the offended Southies call upon their god to rain down a torrent of H20 on the caravan of Brits. Clarkson, Mays and Hammond eventually escape the U.S. with hides in tact, but we can all thank those country bumpkins for ensuring Top Gear will never again set foot on U.S. soil. Check out the clip in full after the jump for proof.

Thanks for the tip, Eliot!

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      How dare some Brits come over hear and behave arrogantly -- haughtily even! Snobbish, crude, liberals! Let's all don T-Shirts with Mickey Mouse giving the rest of the world the finger and stone some foreigners -- you know, so we can prove that all those stereotypes about arrogant, violent Americans just aren't true!

      And yes, let's DO all defend a bunch of rock-weilding knuckle-dragging chimps in the back of a pickup truck for taking umbrage that a few Brits defamed their beloved "motorsport" and publically represented homosexuality on the side of their cars. A worthwhile cause if ever I saw one! Lord, I've met beflowered debutants with thicker skin.

      Clarkson was right, some Americans have apparently taken to breeding with vegtables. Hell, we even elected one President.
      Matt Thornton
      • 2 Years Ago
      Ha! This just proves how retarded some Americans are down South. They believe that God exists and that Homosexuality is an abomination. NO NO NO! There is no proof that any Religion is factual and it's the F**KING 21st Century, a day and age when being openly gay is a fact of life. I'm glad Top Gear went down there and stuck it to those Redneck Hillbilly retards.
      far jr
      • 8 Years Ago
      Any American who would attack another person because they have written inflamatory slogans on thier car are simple morons...

      That said, try attending a gay pride parade and shouting something regarding Christian views of thier lifestyle choices...

      maybe drive through LA imploring non-legal residents to return to thier home country immediately.

      There are a whole host of words, slogans, and ideas that are best kept to ones self. I'm sure that one could find ways to draw the "worst" out of any part of this country or virtually any other...simply with poor and unecessary word choices.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Waiting for the flood of comments about the South and/or red states...

      Of course, writing similar items on a car and driving into the blue state paradises of Detroit, SE DC, East LA, or Camden NJ would result in nothing more than a chipper debate among old Ivy League pals...

      If an American group went to the UK and did that it would be called an international incident done with the sole motivation of making the XXXs look bad. They come here and do that, and our own self hatred (among the elites) kicks in and a general blush that such a thing can happen takes over.

      Paris burned for less last year, so at least the French can't laugh...
        • 4 Years Ago
        Actually, we'd just ignore you. Or laugh. It's a power that comes with being a muture country and society. America is just a lost little child.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wouldn't anti-counter-culture slogans just be culture slogans? Anyway, they do that here all the time. There are still 'tards driving around in the 415 with W stickers on their beemers. Boy am I a clumsy parker when I'm backing into a space behind them.
      • 8 Years Ago
      They should've flown the great ol Rebel Flag and they would have gotten along just fine...:D
      • 8 Years Ago
      A complete hoax I can assure you. But if the people of the South see this and they ever bring their ignorant asses back, God help them. That program just lost all credibility, when you start setting up stunts to belittle others you deserve to have your bottom placed on your back......I live in the South and am ome of the biggest LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in the nation and this just didn't happen. What a joke, anyone that believes this is either very niave, or has never been South.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Yeah, I love that when republicans need a well engineered, well built car they have to buy one imported from a socialist country.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Exactly what was the point of these guys doing this? It makes me want to go over to England and drive around in a car that has "Soccer is not the real football!" written all over it.

      After seeing how quick they ran, these guys almost looked like they were from France. If you're going to try to pick a fight, shouldn't you be ready (and willing) to fight back.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Or maybe the whole thing was staged...
      • 8 Years Ago
      104. I used to hope we'd get Top Gear in Canada as I've seen a bunch of funny clips. Now I'm glad we don't.

      What a disappointment! Half of that was just creative editing.

      Summary: find some people who dislike X and like Y. Knowing that paint the absolutely most confrontational stuff imaginable on your cars and then parade it around! You know, like going to a soccer game and parading around insulting fans of the home team to see if you can get dirty looks, verbal insults, stoned, or murdered like the cop in italy at the soccer riot a couple weeks ago.

      chapter 1: (5:55-4:37=1:18) drive around to see reation.
      Write *anything* on your car, drive around long enough filming reactions and eventually you can get something like what they edited. Now write 'Nascar Sucks' *and* 'Hillary for President' on the same car to piss people off and see if anybody flips you the bird or honks. Then pretent to be very scared while spooky music plays and we narate a big stereo type setting.

      Chapter 2: (4:37-3:55=0:43) setup the gas station
      Show you don't know Gasoline from Diesel

      Chapter 3: (3:55-3:30=25) Find the biggest hick possible
      The woman who is obviously tired of stereotypes and Borrat imitators asks what are they trying to do pulling into her (admittedly!) hick town with that painted on your car.
      respond: Condisendly respond 'we've decorated our cars in a distinctive manor.'
      She'll read your cars bewildered how rude you are to come into her town to insult her.
      Edit what happens so you can harass her a bit off camera, probably tell her its your right to say whatever you want and you won't leave her property to force her to 'get the boys'

      Chapter 4 (3:30-1:44=1:46): OMG run for it
      Fake a break down so you can act like you really do want to leave, you're not just staying here to piss her off and wait then for her friends or customers to come to her aid of making you leave. Act like a jack ass until one of them resorts to violence to make you leave and then make it look like it was an emergency that there was a linch mob after you and you all had to run for your lives. Even though it was just one guy who is never shown.

      Chapter 5 (1:46-1:03=0:43): the escape
      pull over and use a crappy camera while washing the insults off your car to make it feel more urgent and then make insulting comments and talk about how you could've been killed from pissing people off so much.

      Chapter 6 (1:03-0=1:03): it rains
      Set a good example by being totally unprepared with lousy wipers and a burnt out headlight. Doesn't the UK get rain?

      What a bunch of rude disrespectful waste of TV. I totally feel sorry for the French having to have had the English as neighbours for all these years.

      Chapter 5 - It's called a phone camera.
      Chapter 6 - Cheap cars would not necessarily have good wipers, or reliable parts.

      Then again you are from Canada. We'll leave the jokes there.
      • 8 Years Ago
      wow, it's really like being in another country.
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