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Swade over at Trollhattansaab.net, the mecca of Saab sites on the web, has again come through with a tantalizing shot of the 2008 Saab 9-3. Shown winter testing someplace where it's really cold and snowy, this 9-3 SportCombi test mule is sporting a new grille design that evokes the longish snout of the Aero X that was so well received at last year's Geneva Motor Show. Swade notes the new nose isn't a total transfer of the Aero X's look, probably because this refreshening will be a transition face for the 9-3 that bridges the current model and an all-new model that's still a few years out. Nevertheless, this grille is much taller than the current model's, and therefore the smallish intakes anchored to the headlights stretch farther down towards the center now to meet the main grille. Also noted is black tape at the top of each headlamp that could be covering a strip of LED daytime running lights.
[Source: Trollhattan.net]

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      If they'd just fix the atrocious interior quality problems, lack of functional bluetooth, GM parts bin cheapness and go back to using leather that doesn't feel like plastic they might have a decent car on their hands. A new face doesn't fix what's under the covers, and my 2004 Aero has been a significant disappointment on many fronts, and has spent way too much time at the dealer for a car with 35K miles on it. I hope SAAB can recover from the General's ineptitude and overzealous beancounters.
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      I hope they actually build a Kappa based Aero X, I think Saab could do some great things with it, like some turbo V6s and and awd drive the snow belt