• Feb 12th 2007 at 2:26PM
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Click on the photo for a gallery of high-res images of the Ron Fellows Edition Z06

During an interview with a group of bloggers including yours truly at the Detroit Auto Show, Bob Lutz answered my question about a Viper-Vette horsepower war in the affirmative. He said that GM and the U.S. market were both schizophrenic and that they would continue competing with Chrysler at the upper end of the performance spectrum. Last week during the Chicago Auto Show, General Motors confirmed that a 600-HP Corvette would be coming in the summer of 2009. General Motors hasn't mentioned pricing yet, as the car is still two years away, although insiders are guessing at $100,000 easy. Considering how long spy photos of the "Blue Devil" Vette have been floating around, the 2009 timing seems a little long, but maybe GM is planning this as a special end of run model before the C7 Corvette shows it's face.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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      Z06 is an insane vette. What GT-R is racing there? A 4 year old one?

      NUFF SAID!
      • 8 Years Ago
      People like Paul have most likely never even driven a Corvette and have no clue. In this part of the North East there are maney C5`s and C6`s running around with after market super cahargers and turbos. Ever heard of Gail Banks or Lingenfelter... and many others?? They have been building Aftermarket engines from Chevy stock blocks for maney years. Horse power in some of these monsters produce 500 hp to well over 850 hp and they stay together doing it! So much for your bucket of bolts theory! Get your facts straight before you open your mouth and make your self look like an uniformed jackass!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Maby by 2020 Gm will learn that OHC will kick the a** of a OHV motor,Tell me when a vett can get close to a ford GT?Rick
      • 8 Years Ago
      Corvette rules! When is the last time you saw any model be so prolific as to go on for 54 years! All that foreign crap is a flash in the pan! Buy American!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Even though Corvette isn't a Ford, it is one hell of a car and a worthy adversary for my GT-500 Shelby. For the price of either the GT-R or the Current Z-06, a Shelby can be outfitted with suspension mods and minor bolt-ons to put the car easily in the 750HP range that will spank either of the two cars in question! Shelby GT-500's are running consistantly in the 10 sec. 1/4 mile range with nothing more than drag radials, cold air induction kit, underdrive pulleys and a slight gear change! How much would you have to spend to get that GT-R to do that without running a bottle? Oh yeah, with a 30 second change from a handheld tuner, the Shelby has unlimited top end too. Governed the cars will do 155 in forth gear never getting to 5th or 6th! Ungoverned Ford refuses to come forward ans say what it will do but when you consider it's brother the Ford GT, I bet it will run circles around anything street legal from Japan. Besides, the 350Z and it's variants like the upcoming GT-R are nothing more than a girlie man's car for sure, and only has street credit with those who never really knew real horsepower to begin with! As far as the too fast and furious crowd, let's see you run those modified minute rice machines beyond the 1/4 mile. I would say 99.9% of the ones I have seen on the street are nothing more than rolling death traps. If I had to chose between the Vette and the Gt-R, that's a no brainer, give me the vette hands down!
      • 8 Years Ago
      I am a pretty big fan of the GT-R, but it sure as hell ain't no 'Vette. If you want to compare numbers, look at what the two cars have done on the 'Ring.


      Z06 - 7:42
      GT-R - 7:59

      'Nuff said.
      • 8 Years Ago
      So they pay Lutz HOW MUCH to keep going back to the well time and time again? How about new product besides the pathetic HHR and Cobalt? How about retiring?
      • 8 Years Ago
      The Corvette has a tremendous racing heritage. The GT-R is cool, but it's no Corvette.
      Anyone can flame all they want, but you can't refute cold, hard facts.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Seems like a long time away if they want it to compete with the updated Viper.
      • 8 Years Ago
      stop hating on the guy. i do agree though
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Why is it always about horsepower? What about handling, torque (which provides acceleration) and suspension? I would still get a GT-R over a corvette!"

      You've never driven a Corvette, have you?
      • 8 Years Ago
      What american cars start breaking down at 50k? I have a 99 Jeep Cherokee (i6 190HP 4.0 6Cyl) with 195K on it and i've had barely any problems and nothing major at all. I would take American torque over the high revving Jap cars anyday. I will agreee however that foreign cars seem to be tighter built but domestic brands have closed the gap big time over the recent decade to the point where the difference in build quality is minute.

      More credit needs to be given to American motors... i just think we need to get away from the bigger engines now.
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