• Feb 10th 2007 at 8:07AM
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Honda is recalling 43,335 Civic hybrids for a possible voltage converter problem. The problem vehicles, which were manufactured between September 2005 and September 2006, could have engine failure if the voltage converter causes a short circuit. Owners of the recalled vehicles here in the United States, which consist of most of the volume, will be notified by mail. There have been no reported accidents as a result of this problem.

Honda also announced a Japan-market recall of 72,597 Elysion minivans due to defective sliding door locks.

[Source: Business Week]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      agree, i find hard to believe that there are so many blind japanese car manufacturers lovers especially for honda & toyotas

      this shows how shallow japanese car manufacturers "pursuit of perfection" engineering spirit has been. it seems like the quality of japanese cars are no longer better than other cars even comparing with not well received cars from hyundai

      • 8 Years Ago
      Do you people even go to the cars shows and sit in new cars? Hell Ford and GM have some of the best interiors in their upscale models, pull you head out of your ASS!!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Fords still suck. I owned one and had starter problems that were never truly fixed. I found the dealerships for servicing to be quite questionable.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "BUT,don't think for a moment that suddenly,American cars have the best reliability."

      LMAO. Sounds like you are afraid of something. We can't think for ourselves? No, you are right, god; we won't think such things. There is no "suddenly" (except suddenly the Japanese are starting to make as many cars as GM and even though they are nipping on the heals of GM in WORLD sales in the U.S. they, the highest Japanese sell, not all, are still about 1.5 million units behind. This is significant because our data for reliability that is always passed around America happens to only show that of the American market).

      "Your management sucks,"

      Of the American car companies or all American companies?

      "your designs look like clones of bricks on wheels"

      You really are afraid of the Asian companies possibly turning the trend in the opposite direction like Sony for instance has all kinds of problems lately.

      "your quality well, there has been some improvement but a very long ways to go before you can match the Japanese."

      Well, yes, all Japanese people are gods on earth and no way the Americans or anyone else could match or surpass them. [/sarcasm]

      "As for the Ford Escape Hybrid,It may well be reliable,but I find it hard to believe that it will remain so."

      Of course it won't. It is Aisin supplied, Toyota hybrid system. Of course it will fail eventually. If it doesn't on its own then Toyota will go to Aisin and tell them to sell the worse parts to Ford. Toyota does similar things by controlling who their supplier's dealings with other companies. Known fact.

      "Get it out of your heads that you build the best cars in the world,reality check ,YOU DON'T."

      OK Chairman Mao whatever you say.

      • 8 Years Ago
      What's going on with HYBRID's??

      I was just at the Toyo dealership yesterday, they had 28 Prius' ready to go. The guy offered me a Prius at 300 below invoice. I was tempted.

      I would rather buy the new 07 Atlima with a 3.5...tough choice.

      Exciting and fast or efficient and pokey.

      Gas guzzler or gas miser.

      • 8 Years Ago

      The Japanese seem to be slipping up in reliability as well. I guess soon the Domestics and Japanese will be on equal footing regarding relibility.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This just goes to show that Honda "only" recalling very few vehicles last year (other than the owners manual) has as much to do with the company's desire to perform a recall as it does having cars that need recalling. I'm sure GM could go a year and only do a few thousand too (just to look good) but it doesn't mean there aren't any vehicles to be recalled for that year (later). There is no wizardry here folks, no company is perfect even if they make a third (i.e. Honda) the number of the big guys and therefore in the same period of time only have to make 1/3 the vehicles (practically hand made - OK, a slight exaggeration). I.E. Honda could stop the assembly lines for problems 3 times more than the big players in a years period and not be out anything.

      With these possible engine failures for their hybrids built between 2005-2006 and the problems the 2002 Civic hybrid was (at least for my co-worker) I am starting to think that if GM gets their two mode system out in enough vehicles in the next couple of years then GM could be a force in the hybrid game. Though, they still have to compete with Chrysler (and the other hybrid co-developers but most BMW and Mercedes owners are going to go for those brands anyway) who will have the same technology because of joint development.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I think a lot of the backing and forthing about Japanese-make recalls vs US-make recalls is this: I don't notice it so much out of Honda, but Toyota has this arrogant, hands on hips attitude about just how wonderful they are and are so oh-so-very-perfect.

      It's a variation on a theme of "ve haf preesishun CHUR-man engineerung!" you get from Mercedes.

      So, to stick with German for a bit here, this arrogance is greeted by many with schadenfreude by those who either know better, or are just sick of hearing it.

      I wish Honda the best on resolving the problem. As far jr points out, these are complex vehicles.

      Maybe not so much complex. It is more the manufacturers feeling their way into unknown territory. The same happened when power accessories started coming in. Who on here, for instance, remembers hydraulic power windows? I believe my mother's Hudson had them. The convertible top was driven off the same pump. Our Hudson was not bad, but these hydraulic lines running all over the cars of the day soon developed leaks and other problems. So a shift was made to electric, for for tops, electro-hydraulic.

      We won't even get into the subject of radios with two and three-piece chassis, and speedometer-cable tuning.

      These things take time.
      • 8 Years Ago
      @darren monk

      "Hybrids still are at the early phase of developement and yes,they will have problems."

      my, my, if they will have problems, don't sell such half baked ass products to put the public in danger. whether they made an honest mistake or slipped it on purpose arrogantly, their ethics must be questioned.

      "BUT,don't think for a moment that suddenly,American cars have the best reliability."

      never claimed; one of the big three is german, btw

      "Your management sucks,your designs look like clones of bricks on wheels ,your quality well, there has been some improvement but a very long ways to go before you can match the Japanese."

      again, who would be "your management"? i think you are just pissed because your lovely honda & toyota are having quality problems.

      you must be in love with japanese culture as you are in the denial of truth. it is know that japanese do (or at least they did) the ritual of committing suicide & keep the pride instead of admitting the defeat. this is what exactly you are doing. i have been a fan of honda, but now days, honda & toyota's arrogance made me think again; watching you saying such rude & racial comments, i have to say that i won't be honda guy for while

      "As for the Ford Escape Hybrid,It may well be reliable,but I find it hard to believe that it will remain so."

      even if non-japanese cars are more reliable now, that's just fluke? what a biased opinion you have!

      "Get it out of your heads that you build the best cars in the world,reality check ,YOU DON'T."

      the reality is that the quality of japanese cars are slipping. i used to love honda because of its edgeness, but as honda became the mainstream, it lost the its edgeness; to me i don't feel that honda is any better than other car companies after seeing the slipping of quality & service.

      as it appears that you are mentally challenged, let me quote a famous saying for your enlightment "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."
      • 8 Years Ago
      btw, this problem of having voltage converter to be shorted is an embarrassing problem that should have been there at the first place.

      • 8 Years Ago
      ---3. Hybrids are complex new vehicles. I am guessing that several items will still be found requiring recalls in the Prius, Civic hybrid, and the upcoming GM dual mode.---

      Complex and new? Wasn't Honda the first to produce and sell a hybrid..years and years ago with the insight? Please quit making excuses for Honda. I find it halarious that Toyota (expecially) and Honda are having problems with their hybrids..when Ford has done a pretty good job of keeping the Escape hybrid reliable and pretty much recall free. And you say Ford sucks..at least their hybrids don't stall and catch on fire like the Prius!