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What with the pulling of the Snickers Superbowl spot and now this uproar, it's getting to the point where you can't say anything. Seriously, do these people look for ways to be offended? The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has called for General Motors to pull the spot where a depressed, laid-off robot ultimately jumps off a bridge. The group also wants the spot scrubbed from the GM website and restrictions on video sharing sites like YouTube from posting the ad. Finally, the AFSP has requested an apology from GM and would like the automaker make efforts to inform the public about mental illness and suicide (translation: they want a donation from GM). WHAT!? Newsflash: General Motors is in the car business. It seems to us that the AFSP is the proper body to be working toward informing and educating the public about their cause.
This is like watching relatives come out of the woodwork when someone wins the lottery. We sincerely hope that GM's got the intestinal fortitude to stand firm against this type of brazen, outstretched-hand whining. Attempting to go digging into the pocket of General Motors does little to help further the cause of the suicide-prevention group. In fact, looking for money makes the group appear less credible. We'd rather see some robots jumping to their end than any actual humans laid off by the automakers. Of course, suicide is not funny, but there is a certain amount of dark humor that infuses the American Psyche, and the commercial's presentation was done in the most tongue-in-cheek manner. How can you take anything narrated by Don LaFontaine's "theater trailer voice" and with "all by myself" as a soundtrack seriously? We understand where the group is coming from, but it's totally out of line to be asking GM for some kind of underwriting because of a humorous tv ad. We haven't heard the AFSP making any noise about the rampant portryal of hara-kiri and other violence on other shows (heck, there was a bloody suicide on ER just last week!). Nor have we heard an uproar over other commercials aired during the Super Bowl that contained suicide themes. Both Washington Mutual and Career Builder aired such spots. In the end, it's a robot! We weren't aware that Antropomorphs are people, too.

[Source: AdAge]

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      "59. How could that guy ,Howard K. Stern have stood by and watched while that woman and her son became drug addicted zombies?"

      -Must be natures way of weeding out the weak, sorry bad joke.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Seriously, do these people look for ways to be offended? "

      Better believe they do!
      FIRST, they don't make any money if they don't sue people for a spoken word.
      SECOND, they have to feed their spiteful, anger filled lives.
      THIRD, they hate good people; therefore they need to support this new religion called "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" (and yes, it's the religion of the governing body). The underlying principles of PC are to celebrate the most wrong and weak in any way that they can. PC will drag the people who practice it (and those whom they destroy... which brings to mind another religion that gets converts through threats of death) into a pit of debauchery.

      PC and salesmanship & marketing (the religion of big business) will be the death of any culture (and the demise of any nation that does nothing about it).

      Right now in the USA culture is dieing. Big business and the government are fighting to replace the people’s culture. Something needs to replace it just maintain civility and order. If the people won’t maintain their culture then someone or something must compensate for the lack of morals and principles.

      [/steps off soapbox] :D
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      My first thought after seeing the ad was the robot represented union labor, and I'm no fan of unions.

      I think the ad should be axed.
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      "29. ryan; Are you reaching a snapping point?

      Personally I think suicide can perform a valuable service and eveyone should try it. ryan, why don't you lead us off?

      Posted at 3:42PM on Feb 8th 2007 by X"

      -No, but I'd be here for ya dude if you were. NOT a laughing matter
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why not just replace teh jumping scene with something like OMG the cars love me! And they're all back to give me hugs or something equally mushy.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "32. Suicide is nature's way of culling out the weak. "
      -I highly doubt that.
      • 8 Years Ago
      the commerical was clever. and as usual the PC types cast GM as the bad guy. their is no pleasing some people
      • 8 Years Ago
      I thought that it was one of the best commercials of the Superbowl, and made the point that GM was dedicated to quality while being an amusing commercial. Kinda reminded me of the movie Short Circuit...

      This group is looking for a handout, nothing more.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "So if someone says that homosexuality is blah blah blah bad and they aren't making fun of you or any person directly then you are OK with that and you feel it won't steer anyone's prejudice who hears such gibberish? Even if it is stated over and over again? That is why we as a society try to steer people away from the bashing/belittling right? To stop it from being passed down becoming worse and worse?"

      Well Lithous,

      What can I say? That makes sense, guess I don't have much of a leg to stand on, eh? I'll try harder to be more "better". But damnit if somethings crap I stil want to say so :-) and that includes Asian cars.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "I guess if you work at a domestic car company and you lose your job because it isn't "cool" to buy American cars anymore because ryan (and others) convinced everyone that was so then that is OK *as long as* those families aren't so out of sorts from the job loss that someone commits suicide?"


      I don't make fun of the workers of GM/Ford, never have. And I have also vowed to purchase American as my next car, directly on this web site. Yes, I purchased a Mazda, but please believe me I honestly thought I was 100% helping Ford due to Ford putting Mazda in their ads, so honest mistake.

      My partner has a Mitsubishi Outlander and he NEVER drove Asian cars until he met me. At the time he had a 1997 Cavalier, and a 1998 Jeep GC, and then a Dodge Intrepid 1999. Then he met me and we traded in the Jeep for an Eclipse, then an Outlander.

      BUT, he really likes the Saturn Outlook, so I have been researching it and seems fine.

      Overall I don't care for the domestics, but would not be totally against having them. As a matter of fact this little saturn outlook thing might just soon be a part of lives, then all three kids can be in that far 3rd row!

      Just think about it he would have the Outlook and I would have the Mazdaspeed6, that would look cute in the driveway dont you think?
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      When I saw this commercial, my first thought was "if you can't do your job PERFECTLY, you need to get a new job". The robot in the commercial AFTER BEING "FIRED" went on to try other jobs, but wasn't able to quite get his act together. The other jobs were somewhat humorous. UNFORTUNATELY, they went too far by suggesting that suicide MIGHT be the only answer. If GM/ the ad agency had shown the robot being stuck in some demeaning job (flipping 'burgers? ala K-FED) before suggesting suicide, perhaps they wouldn't be in this situation.

      Why did they have to make a joke out of self-death, even if "IT WAS ONLY A MACHINE"?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Not that it's entirely relevant but I didn't like the commerical anyway. One of the biggest slams against GM is that they're laying off workers and destroying lives in the process. To then decide to advertise your company with a robot that loses its job and kills itself seems kind of ill-conceived to me. If some other company that wasn't going through the troubles GM is wanted to do the same commerical that's one thing, I just think it shows terribly poor judgement to be done by GM.
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