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Flicker user and Autoblog reader Marnie (a.k.a. *Your Pal Marnie on Flickr) acquired the "97 Legacy 2.5 GT pictured above because she needed something with AWD to act as a winter car. As any of you who live in areas where the white stuff falls during the cold months, this is entirely understandable, and the Subaru is a capable machine for such a task. Marnie notes that the Legacy was way too nice to be called a "beater," but she soon discovered that it could be a fun car to beat on in a good way.

The black Subaru is now driven in RallyCross and TSD events, and when the weather's right, it's used for ice racing. It was lightly-modded when first acquired and it's seen some additional changes over the last few months. We love that the car's so versatile -- in addition to weekend racer, it's Marnie's daily driver -- and happily name it today's Reader Ride of the Day. Thanks, Marnie!

Follow the jump for a few more pics, the car's mod list, and instructions on how to submit your own vehicle to become our Reader Ride of the Day. And next week, our themed RR of the Day will be back and we're looking for beaters. If you've got a decrepit ride that still manages to get your from point A to point B, we want to see it. Rusted, busted or smoking, submit it by following the directions after the jump.

Modifications include:
  • Short ram intake
  • Catless headers
  • Kartboy short shifter and bushings
  • KYB AGX struts with stock springs
  • Outback rear sway bar with Kartboy solid endlinks
  • Brembo rotors, Hawk HPS pads, Legacy Turbo rear calipers
  • Nokian Hakkapeliitta 2 tires
  • WRX heated seats
  • Hella 500 driving lights
How to submit to RR of the Day:
Create a
Flickr account if you don't already have one. Search for and join the group called 'Autoblog RR of the Day'. Upload up to three photos of your ride to your own account at a size no larger than 450 pixels wide if possible and include as much information about it and yourself as possible. Even if your ride is sweet, it will not be chosen if there's not a lot of info accompanying it. Click on each photo and just above the picture it will say "Send to group". Click that and select the Autoblog group. You're done, that's it!

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Cool ride ! I should submit my 93 Legacy for a beater ride.... Boxer motors and Subaru engineering make Toyota look PALE in comparison. Long live the boxer.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I had that model - it was a GT Limited.

      I put four snows on it in the winter and did my daily commute around Boston for 4 years. Put over 100k on it. Had two problems out of warranty (alternator and fuel injection distributor, both of which my dealer took care of for me at no cost. Other than that it was a beautiful ROCK F*&#)^G SOLID car that was a blast to drive!

      She is a VERY lucky lady indeed!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Fantastic older Legacy. Looks great from one of the ultimate technical AWD sleepers. Most people dismiss them as innocuous little sedans or wagons, when they are very capable AWD machines.

      Props to this owner from a recent Subie convert, with a 2005 Legacy GT turbo 5-speed with a stage 2 tune.

      Fans of Legacys can check out www.legacygt.com, a great web community for Legacy owners or enthusiasts, and although more focused on the current Legacy, there are several members with and discussions of older Legacys as well.
      • 8 Years Ago
      best legacy bodystyle
      • 8 Years Ago
      Nice! A 2007 Legacy GT is the ONLY car I have owned that I can easily say I miss. One of my favorite things about that car is it's ultra-low almost sports car like seating position; a feature(?) I'm sure is often overlooked or not even recognized.

      You're a lucky lady!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hang on to that car as long as you can! They are incredibly hard to find in good shape (at least in my area of the country).

      Long live AWD SUBIE!

      ~Proud WRX owner
      • 8 Years Ago
      >Also, what's up with the head gasket failure issue? Was there ever a class action suit? Anybody participate? Has anyone ever sued and won on a design defect that you are aware of for the Phase Is?

      I'd like to know too. I just replaced leaking fuel rails (starting dripping onto the engine when the temp got to 5 degrees) and the left side head gasket, valve cover gaskets, etc. AT 57,222 on our 2001 Legacy. Subaru agreed to pay for parts (approx. $500, but no labor since) Note: still below the 60k mi. warranty, but 6 mo. past our 5 year date. Head gasket was leaking oil not coolant so they said it wasn't part of the safety recall. Labor cost $1500+. Anyone else with similar experience?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying this car! Just to clarify, I haven't gone ice racing yet, but the lakes should be frozen very soon. Also, the "ultra-low almost sports car like seating position" went away with the WRX seats, which sit a little higher than stock.
      Here's a better daytime shot of the car: http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=371397201&size=m
      • 8 Years Ago
      Can anyone explain what the difference between the Phase I and Phase II 2.5L Subaru engines. One is dual cam and second is single cam. Does anyone have pictures of both you could send? Also, what's up with the head gasket failure issue? Was there ever a class action suit? Anybody participate? Has anyone ever sued and won on a design defect that you are aware of for the Phase Is?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Yes, cool cars indeed.
      I have a 95 Legacy Sedan (wish it was a GT, but there isnt all that much diff).
      Its been one hell of a workhorse and I love it.
      Very nice example of one that hasnt been driven a million miles.
      Im on my second Legacy, and Ill buy another in a heatbeat.
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