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OK, they kinda still do ignore the green-set. But, if you consider the SMART car green, or a diesel Sprinter van green... well then, they have you covered. See here and here for proof.

I'm not really convinced that the Brabus version of the SMART car is a good idea, I mean it defeats the intended purpose of the vehicle. There are better choices out there, in my opinion, than the SMART for a high-performance conversion. How about a MINI Cooper S for instance?

But, the Sprinter conversion, on the other hand, I think that may have a place in the market, if it indeed used as a commercial vehicle as they are intended. According to Autoblog, the top performing engine for the vehicle is the gasoline option giving the Sprinter 310 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. For us, though, the top performing engines are diesels, ranging from the PowerXtra D3 to the PowerXtra D6 for the 2.2 liter CDI engine. The maximum amount of torque is 354 lb-ft from that engine.

We have covered the Brabus SMART car before, so here is the link. The short version: 101 hp and 11 seconds or so for the 0-60 mph sprint. Here are additional cars that have been touched by the hands at Brabus.


[Source: Gizmag, Autoblog and Brabus]

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      I've always liked the diesel Sprinter, and believe it could make an ideal alternative for those who need more than a minivan can offer - and are willing to look at something besides an Econoline or Chevy van.

      If only DCX would market it this way. Yeah, they make passenger Sprinters - but they aren't serious about it. I have yet to see one in that configuration at a DCX dealer. And their pricing/options model means it makes no sense for families who don't fit into minivans. But it'd be hard to beat its mileage/passenger ratio with any other large vehicle.

      Now if Brabus could work on making a passenger Sprinter a more effective trailer towing vehicle, we'd have a winner.
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