All the major car manufacturers are currently placing their bets as to what powertrain technology they think will win out in the near-future. Where would you put your money?

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Which powertrain technology will your 2010 model year passenger vehicle run on?
Petrol engine - such as most passenger vehicles today
Clean diesel - such as the Audi A8 TDI
Compressed natural gas - such as the Volkswagen Touran EcoFuel
Hydrogen fuel-cell - such as the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell
Petrol/Hydrogen internal combustion engine - such as the BMW Hydrogen 7
Petrol-electric hybrid - such as the Toyota Camry Hybrid
Flex-fuel electric hybrid - such as the E85-capable Ford Escape Hybrid
Diesel-electric hybrid - such as the prototype Citroen C4
Plug-in electric with petrol range extending - such as the E-Flex Chevy Volt
Plug-in electric with fuel cells - such as the HySeries Drive Ford Edge
Petrol-diesel-fuel-cell-hydrogen-solar-hybrid - such as the Jetsons' flying saucer
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