• Jan 26th 2007 at 7:02PM
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After doubling production over 2005 totals, Spyker is reporting that it should show a profit for 2006. Although coming in just shy of its target of 100 vehicles, the 94 cars sold last year should be enough to get them in the black. The number of orders written has grown from 191 at the end of 2005 to 327 at the end of last year.

Spyker is also hoping that the high visibility of its Formula 1 entry will help attract even more new customers. The Dutch automaker sells several versions of its jewelry-like 2-seat sports car at prices starting around $325,000. With Audi engines putting out 400+ hp and very lightweight structures, the cars are incredibly quick. The cars are pretty striking in person. In fact, a Spyker was the vehicle of choice for Sharon Stone's character in Basic Instinct 2. Spyker also still intends to build a production version of its Super Sport Utility Vehicle, the SSUV, that debuted at last year's Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req]

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      I'm actually from dutch origin..so I should be all patriotic and say I love the Spyker. But truth be told, I don't. It's design is debatable (if you think the C8 is ugly, you should see it's prototype), but that's not where the problem is. The problem is :
      $325,000 for a souped up Audi in a different skin. 0-62 in 4.5 seconds is not exactly fast in supercar terms, and neither is a top speed of 187. The Spyker is really just a fancy toy that you would take for a ride down the boulevard. Sure, it sounds great (exaust tuning is a wonderful thing), and it's luxury and leather all over; but when you stop next to any other supercar at the stop light you are still just going to be the one that only "looks the part". People say that buying a Spyker makes a statement, and to me that statement is : "I have too much money, and no clue about supercars"; or the other variation which would be : "I have too much money, and own every other car in the world except this one so do me one in silver please.". There are so many great sports cars that you can get for a lot less than $325,000 that perform much better than the Spyker. Basically I see the Spyker as a Rolls in a Ferrari suit. It's meant to look like it will shred tires and burp up flames at every shift; but it's actual purpose is just to get you from A to B in style. I guess I just have a problem with spending $325,000 to just look the part instead of actually playing it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Maybe I'm missing something, but I just can't see it. The Spyker maybe well made,(????) but it's really UGLY......
      • 8 Years Ago
      Well: I saw Jeremy Clarson's impression on Top Gear, and he made it clear that it was a wonderfull product: quite fast (even if not as fast as an Enzo :p) but oriented for luxury, not racing.

      And I quite enjoy it's design: it's incredibly detailed (love the window openings). Beautifull.
      • 8 Years Ago
      You may think this Spyker as a new entry into the automotive lexicon of vehicles, but in 1907, there was a "race", if you could conceivably call it that, from Peking to Paris. 1907. No roads, just deserts, ravines, uncrossable rivers, quicksand the whole bit. No garages if you broke down. No place to fill 'er up along the way. Nothing. 1907. There were five entries, four cars and a trike contraption. The 4 cars were as follows.
      That famed Italian Car Itala, the one that Ferrari honoured by painting their cars red, and this car won the race. There were 2 French cars, both de Dion Bouton's, and a Dutch car, a Spyker, the Dutch Rolls Royce it was called. All this in 1907. That road trip would be horrendous in this day and age. Imagine it in 1907. Spyker, a 100 year old name in automotive history. The race was commemorated last year with the same 5 vehicles, and horrendous troubles were encountered. Imagine it in 1907.
      • 8 Years Ago
      If i were the PR people over at spyker i would not let anybody know that my product is involved in anyway with BS-2.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Haha...Spyker makes more than Ford..
      • 8 Years Ago
      I like the looks of this car. It's sharp and shows off a lot of cues to its aviation heritage. (Unlike Saab.) Sports Car International hit it right on the bat: for the price, it needs a better roof. The ragtop is the worst on the market. Even the '53 'Vettes had better tops.