• Jan 26th 2007 at 12:39PM
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If the U.S. is to reduce its gasoline consumption, the country will have to import ethanol. That according to Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman. He also said it's unlikely that the 51-cent-a-gallon subsidy to farmers will extend past 2010, nor did he feel the import tariff of 54 cents a gallon on ethanol should be renewed after 2008. Basically, ethanol will soon be a global commodity and countries that can grow the biomass, develop more efficient refining technology or become subsidized by their own government will profit. Pres. Bush's plan calls for a 20-percent reduction in gas consumption in 10 years by improving vehicle fuel economy and developing alternative fuels.

[Source: Adam Smallman / Dow Jones Newswires via Houston Chronicle]

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      Cellosic Ethanol from waste or switch grass makes more sense than corn, but Cellosic Butanol is even better! Ah, technical evolution….

      Here are 10 good reasons why Butanol is superior:

      1) Higher energy content than ethanol.
      2) Not as corrosive as ethanol.
      3) Uses an air/fuel ratio which is close to that of gasoline. Ethanol does not.
      4) Can be shipped through existing fuel pipelines where ethanol must be transported via rail, barge or truck.
      5) Can replace gasoline any percentage up to 100%. Ethanol can only be used up to 85%.
      6) Gives better mileage than ethanol
      7) Safer to handle than ethanol.
      8) Will also assist in the conversion of vegetable oils into biodiesel.
      9) Btu/Gal: 84,000-Ethanol, 105,000-Butanol, 114,000-Gasoline, 120,000-Biodiesel, 130,000-Petrodiesel.
      10) The frat boys won’t drink it.

      • 8 Months Ago
      "If the U.S. is to reduce its gasoline consumption, the country will have to import ethanol."

      Let's see if I can work through the cognitive dissonance here: ...Let's see, we want to achieve energy independence by... importing something else.

      Nope, the cognitive dissonance is still there. As O'Rourke would say, the important question is not what government bureaucrats do all day, but how can we get them to stop?
      • 8 Months Ago
      Further on butanol you don't have to have your vehicle "converted" to run on it like you do with ethanol (replacement of seals and other fuel system components ethanol will corrode). With ethanol the manufacturer has to change the fuel system ECU mapping so that it'll inject more ethanol to compensate for ethanol's lower energy content.

      With butanol you can start using it in any gasoline-powered car immediately without conversion (though slight tweaks help to optimize fuel use). If you dump a tankfull of E85 into a car not designed for it you're going to have problems.

      I agree, Tim. I wish the biobutanol lobby were as strong and well organized as the corn lobby.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Sugar based ethanol is very superior to corn, so the import tarrifs should be reduced. All barriers to clean energy should broken down to achieve maximum diversity and stability from market forces.
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