• Jan 25th 2007 at 6:12AM
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Yesterday, AutoblogGreen started our in-depth interview with Michael Brylawski of the Rocky Mountain Institute, the organization behind the futuristic Hypercar concept. We gave some background info on the Hypercar a few weeks ago, and now we're going deep. Speaking of going deep, that's a football fan there on the right (for the Colts, in case you can't tell), and we managed to fit in posts about George Clooney and The Simpsons yesterday, too. Smell ya later.

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      Cato senior fellow Jerry Taylor comments on the President's proposed energy policies: "President Bush spent a lot of his State of the Union Address talking about ethanol. According to the president, ethanol is the magical elixir that will solve virtually every economic, environmental and foreign policy problem on the horizon. In reality, ethanol is enormously expensive and wasteful. If all the corn produced in America last year were dedicated to ethanol production (and only 14.3 percent of it was so dedicated), U.S. gasoline consumption would drop by only 12 percent. For corn ethanol to completely displace gasoline consumption in this country, we would need to appropriate all cropland in the United States, turn it completely over to corn-ethanol production, and then find 20 percent more land on top of that for cultivation. If ethanol has commercial merit, it will not need government subsidies. If it doesn't, no amount of subsidies will help."
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