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"Hell knows no wrath like a woman scorned" goes the old proverb. What about a woman with her car scratched up? This video is a surprisingly entertaining clip from the Fox sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle", where a simple tap of the door, fueled by downright bitchiness, devolves into a full on demolition derby between one woman in an old Tempo and another in a Mustang, all while stunned bystanders look on in amazement. The comically joyous Christmas music in the soundtrack is just the icing on the cake.

Disclaimer: No mothers were harmed during the filming of this segment. Just a couple old Fords. Awesome.

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      That Jane Kazmairek (Malcom's mom) is one hot MILF.....
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      Who cares Talis, it's Hollywood as you so "are fully aware". If you wish to nitpick more, compare the sounds to what the engines make, and the hollow sound of the doors hitting each other to the real world.
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      well you can throw that study of "women being safer drivers" right out the window...
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      3:45PM on Jan 23rd 2007 by Talis

      The answer is probably not. The airbags are set to only react at higher speeds (some have sensors positioned near the crumple zones). I also assume the older mustang only had front airbags (if at all - didnt they have beam axles and leaf springs or something similarly stone aged?). You wouldn't want to airbag going off at lower speeds. They hurt for one, and they are expensive to replace. All those scenes in the movies where the airbag goes off with small bumps - and stays inflated - are comically inaccurate. They only stay inflated for a fraction of a second.
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      #6 Here's the Fried Green Tomatos Autoblog entry :) http://www.autoblog.com/2006/11/21/towanda-two-women-fight-for-parking-space-with-cars/

      Top Notch AB!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Jay, Thank you for your insight... I understand that at parking lot speeds the air bag will not deploy. I am also very well aware of the Hollywood bag will say inflated tricks. What I was thinking was they are moving at far faster speeds than just 5 mph. Also the 'Stang was hit dead on its front clip where the air bag sensors are located on older models like the mid 90's one in this clip. the front mounting point is obviuos as it is for when you rear end someone.

      the side impacts I am not sure about, but the rear impacts and front impacts are a sure air bag should have deployed moment.

      Also something I think you may be overlooking, is that durring the mid 90's air bags only had one speed sensor and it was set kind of low. Later on, testing showed that was not such a good idea and the passanger side cut off key was introduced, to later be replaced with a weight sensor. Also the two speed (multispeed?) air bag was introduced as a result of airbag testing.

      I am sure the airbags should have gone off, but I would like to know for sure... if anyone has a simmiler year Mustang and has had simmiler impacts at what you would think is a simmiler speed please let me know!
      • 8 Years Ago
      I thought she had a Caravan in the show, now that would have been great to see wrecked.
      • 8 Years Ago
      That was a funny episode, I saw it a few years ago.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Don't ya just want to do that sometimes? Hilarious!