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1923 Ford Munster Coach - #6778 Sold at $49,500

if you don't read through the catalog before arriving at one of these auctions, you can be in for some big surprises. After passing dozens of incredible muscle cars, an equal number of cool race cars, and several European sports cars, the sight of casket handles surrounding an engine lid can be a bit unnerving. Originally built for the Cars of the Stars museum in Buena Park, California, this particular shocker is 1 of 3 Munster Coaches ever built as the conveyance of choice for Herman and the gang. The car was built in the late 1960s on a hand-built frame. The body is made up of three separate Model T Fords. After sitting in storage for several years it was given a thorough makeover in early 2000. It was fitted with a new Chevy small block, new brakes and tires and repainted. It's a great car for a museum or car buff.

[Source: Russo and Steele]

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      CarTV & Fireball Tim went and interviewed Barris. Here is a video with lots of his cars - and they Crank Up the Munsters car!!! It's pretty cool!

      • 8 Years Ago
      One thing that has always annoyed me about Barris cars is how after the car is done with whatever show it was built for he always labels it or puts the name of the show on it. Take the 60's Batmobile for instance, the jet engine sticking out of the back is labeled "jet engine".He's done the same with several cars and it's the same with this one, its got "THE MUNSTERS" plastered all over it. Thats not a restoration of what it once was, there is no reason for it and it looks retarded IMHO. Just leave it stock so people can enjoy it for how it originally looked.