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Click on the image for a regrettably meager gallery of high-res images of these vehicles

Like the Teutuls but not into MOPAR or Chevy? Up for some fierce Fords? On a 2004 American Chopper episode, OCC built a bike for Unique Performance and Carroll Shelby that mimicked the styling of the "Eleanor" GT500E from "Gone in 60 Seconds." In return, the Teutuls were given two custom Mustangs.

Paul Sr. got this screamin' yellow 1967 GT500E Fastback with a 725hp Shelby 427. It's one of only 75 Super Snakes built and was only driven 19 miles. You should be ashamed, Mr. Teutul! It fetched $210,000.

Paul Jr.'s Unique Performance GT500E is even more special. It's got the same performance specs as his dad's, but it's the only Super Snake designed by Chip Foose, who gave the car a signature two-tone paint job, 19-inch Foose wheels and an adjustable rear suspension. Junior at least drove his 75 miles before auctioning it. Junior's much nicer looking car sold for $235,000.

And, if you wanted the bike that goes along with the cars, it was here too. The well-heeled bidder taking it home can brag about having the only Shelby Chopper in the world. His logos are all over the bike, including on the Shelby-inspired wheels and embroidered into the leather seat. With 131hp, it'll also keep up with either Jr. or Sr's cars.

[Source: Frank Filipponio via Barrett-Jackson]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      FWIW, anyone worth a s#!+ in the bike biz will also tell you that the Tuetel's bikes are glorified kit bikes. True builders, the Teutel's are not; TV stars, they are.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Think the prices are high? Take what classics were selling for in the late 70's and 80's compare to todays dollars. Right there--

      The simple fact is this market has always followed the money, it's about the car you wanted when you were young and can finally buy. Richt now the market is late 40's to early 60's that puts the cars right where they are.

      Thirty years ago the cars were the Auburn, Cords, Dusenberg, Lincoln zand others. That market cooled and adjusted, so will this.

      Many buyers are now "museum" buyers it's about making money, showing the cars.

      #2 It's easy, scroll down the page to the next story.

      #1 Checked the price of an antique "tube" TV as of late?

      I have a friend who basically makes his living (a very good one) selling old Star Wars and Transformers toys.

      There is something for everbody and if you want it, you'll pay for it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why not get a Ferrari 599 GTB for $250K?! I mean seriously. This is just stupid money. You know why? Because in 20 years when these guys go to sell them there will be no 50 year olds (meaning me by then!) that will shell out that kind of money.
      I don't even want to own a Ferrari (would rather have a 911 turbo and some cash for a nice SUV) but the 599 is gorgeous!
      Oh and these OC guys are whores. i hope the money they got for these freebies goes to charity.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I can't believe "old" people actually buy these POS's. archaic turds. What next, auctioning off a 1970's B&W tube TV for $30,000?

      I mean c'mon, the same technology is powering the runstang and tube TV.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Pleeeeease no more auction 'news'! The hype surrounding classic car auctions has reached saturation point. If someone wants to pay over 2 million bucks for a 1970s POS (that even the motoring press at the time said wasn't very good) then that is their problem. Foolish collectors and crazy investors jumping on the tail end of a hyped bubble market is not really that newsworthy and Barrett-Jackson does not need any more free advertising from Autoblog.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Unbelievable.... Which Super Snake fetched 5 mill?
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