• Jan 21st 2007 at 8:24AM
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Honda's adding to the Super Bowl spot cacaphony this year, joining Toyota, GM, and Ford. Almost as important as the football, the commercials are often more entertaining than the game itself, and it's not unheard of for non-sports folks to actually tune in for the commercials. While there are often new and highly-amusing spots debuted during the big game, Honda's offerings have already aired. One of the spots depicts a CR-V dancing to a remix of Elvis's "Burnin' Love," while the other touts the company's fuel-efficiency by showing the Honda fleet slaloming around gas pumps. One cool thing about the Elvis spot is a shot of the nav screen, zoomed in on Graceland. Nice.The ads are scheduled to air during the fourth quarter of the game, we assume to cash in on the presumption that more viewers are watching the critical last minutes of the matchup. It's just too bad the ads aren't debuting during the Super Bowl - forget the game, our watercooler talk is going to be about the great new spots we saw, and since we've seen these already...

Follow the jump to get the jump on the spots

[Source: Honda]

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      i bet you haters are the same ones pining for the new chevy malibu! since you cant find anything else to hate on honda about, you go with "well..umm..they make boring cars! so take that!". how original.
      • 8 Years Ago
      man, I was craving a porsche cayman, but after being told the CR-V is the 'it' thing to crave, I now totally crave one! great commercial!

      ok, seriously, i get the demographic for the second commercial, but the CR-V commercial? wtf.

      I guess that VW’s much talked about campaigns have just drained the creativity pool or something. Maybe honda should snatch their advertising firm and give it another go.
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      I am from a small island in the Caribbean Barbados but,I have been a car watcher from the time I was small, love for the carvett sting-ray came in the early seventies when I watched the picture corvett summer,don't have my corvett yet but I will. Question how do the pro evaluating car come up with these evaluations in order to put a price tag on a particular vehicle? Why I am asking this is I have been watching Barett Jackson for the past few days and to me some cars that should bring certain prices are being auctioned for less than I thought. The corvett in the pic is a very beautiful car no question about that.
      Thanks for reading my mail
      car-crazy Tedray