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The Montreal auto show is not typically a show worth covering. Personally, having been born and raised in Montreal, I would visit the show every year as a child to see three-year-old concept cars making their rounds of the b-circuit car shows and the odd Lamborghini or Ferrari from one of the local dealerships. Otherwise it was pretty much a chance for the big car dealers to get thousands of prospective customers under one roof. But the 2007 Montreal Auto Show had a bit more to offer.

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As the first Canadian auto show of the new year, Montreal hosted the Canadian debuts of a number of cars that have already debuted in the US at the Detroit show a couple weeks ago or at other events late in 2006. Some of the more exciting highlights included the Canadian premiers of the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Bentley Azure cabrio, Audi TT, MINI Cooper, BMW 3-Series Cabriolet, and Lotus Exige S. But for anyone outside Canada these unveilings would be of little interest.

What would be of interest to any car nut (that's you, reading this piece) were a few new cars making their worldwide debuts at the otherwise all but inconsequential local auto show. The newly-revised T-Rex, a locally-made, wicked-fast trike/track-car (depending on where you live), took the stage alongside the best offerings from Lotus. Local supercar venture HHT Locus Technologies was scheduled to unveil their three-seater, eight-liter carbon-fiber Plethore exotic. And Corvette tuner extraordinaire Callaway held their world debut of the production version of their latest offering, the Callaway C16. We also had the chance to talk to Reeves Callaway about his new car and about future plans for the company. Stay tuned as Autoblog brings you details on each of these high-octane developments from the 2007 Salon International de l'Auto de Montréal.

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      Chevy HHR and Maserati Quattroporte.
      • 8 Years Ago
      When you see the commercial on TV the VW logo keeps on appearing .. I wonder if it's a coincidence or clever marketing!
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      Both the green and silver ones are Volvo S60s. They seem to love it
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      I have the same problem with the philly car show that you have in montreal. One year they had the 3 year old show car up on a turn table and right next to it was the production version. It is a shame that they cannot seem to figure out in the philly area that there are alot of people who might be interested in what is new and coming soon, as opposed to what is already here and has been covered in great detail by multiple outlets ie web sites and print media.
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      what cars are featured in the image above:


      My guesses green Volvo, Ferrari 599 and I cant identify the other 2
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      Is AB coming to Toronto too? Might as well cover Canada's biggest show. http://www.autoshow.ca/

      Some of the vehicles making their exclusive Canadian debut:
      Volkswagen Tiguan
      BMW Hydrogen 7
      Ford SynUS Concept
      2008 Dodge Avenger
      2008 Dodge Sebring Convertible
      2008 Dodge Challenger Concept
      Acura Advanced Sedan Concept
      Ford Super Chief Concept
      Lexus LF-C
      Toyota MTRC
      2007 Toyota Sienna Rampvan
      Toyota Sienna Lift-Up Seat Van
      2008 Cadillac CTS
      2008 Chevrolet Malibu
      2008 Chevrolet Equinox Sport
      2007 GMC Sierra Denali
      2008 Porsche Cayenne
      Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano