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We reported early last year that the Buick LaCrosse would likely be getting a Super Sport or Sport model boasting a 300-horsepower V8. The program is still ongoing and we found this most recent spy shot published on the Detroit News Insider (our intel, however, reveals this shot was taken in November of 2006). As reported, the LaCrosse Sport will have a front end tweaked to recall the 2004 Velite Concept with a new grille shape and different headlights. Though not shown on this mule, there will also be side skirts and a deck lid spoiler.
The LaCrosse Super will basically be Buick's version of the Chevy Impala SS, and thus is a product that will likely cost the brand pennies on the dollar to develop. It will use the same 5.3-liter V8 producing three C-notes of horsey power, and will also wear 18-inch alloys. Our insider sources, however, don't believe the LaCrosse Sport will get Delphi's MagneRide suspension as the Detroit News reports. The system, that's also used on the Corvette, Cadillacs and Ferraris, would be a major expanse for a badge engineered product like this.

[Source: Detroit News]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      How in the world does a Buick Rendevous get better mileage than a CR-V?

      According to yahoo autos, the 2006 AWD Rendevous gets 18/23 and the other 2006-2007 trims get 19/26. Not horrendous numbers, but the 2006 CR-V trims, meanwhile get from 21/26 to 23/29.
      • 8 Years Ago
      They really ought to kill Buick, the engineering hours should have been spent on the interior of the aura, or for that matter the malibu or on any car/brand that anyone under the age of 70 would legitimatley consider...you know...paying money for.

      • 8 Years Ago
      FWD V8! THAT is a good idea.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Where is the 3.6 with the non POS intake manifold?
      Where is the 6t70 to go with it?
      Let the 3800 go.

      Will the old people balk at the required 'high test' for the 303hp?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Rastus is like Paul, a complete ass being PAID by Toyota to disrespect Detroit on blogs everywhere.

      That said, there is NO WAY GM SHOULD STILL BE MAKING THE 3800. It's 80's tech. Like this car's chassis. A new engine with some modern technology, even the 3.5 VVt makes more sense.
      But GM thinks that people don't notice for some strange reason. Stuffing some stupid V8 in there isn't going to light ANYBODY'S FIRE for Buick. An all-new
      LaCrosse on a widened, lengthened Epsilon is what will get the people going, because that's where this car should be.
      Lucerne can go to the big Zeta chassis we've seen so much of on this blog. Not 4 years from now, NOW!!
      Bob Lutz, do you wanna make money???
      • 8 Years Ago
      AZMike - saying that other people have blinders on seems just a little ironic doesn't it? 2 things: saying that all japanese cars are rusty little shitboxes (or however you so elegantly described it) is a naive and uneducated statement. also, claiming that a cr-v would simply fold up in an accident is another unqualified and ignorant statement.

      i couldn't possibly care less if you like buicks and want to defend them, but making stupid/ignorant/factually incorrect statements only serves to disqualify any relevant points you may make. You say you're 52, try acting like it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Does it really matter what it looks like?

      It will look like Impala with a different grill, much like Acadia/Outlook/Enclave thing
      • 8 Years Ago
      Buick lost me at Wildcat II:


      Note the date in the URL.

      (And you tell me what a WONDERFUL car the GN was...give me a freakin' break while I hurl chunks:


      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm sure they'll be venom galore spewed at this vehicle, but having driven the Grand Prix GXP, I can vouch for there being hope for this product. And that's coming from a GM/FWD/W-body skeptic.

      The GP GXP is a surprisingly good drive, with good, firm steering, pleasing grip, and a well-tied-down suspension. In normal-to-brisk driving, it's hard to tell which wheels are doing the driving. Only over 6 or 7/10ths does it start to unravel, and even then, there's a sort of twisted fun in pushing its inherently flawed chassis.

      Hopefully it'll feel more like that car, and less like the Impala SS, which is just too soft and floaty, besides having Teflon-quality lateral support in the seats. The LaCrosse would certainly have the nicest interior of the three.

      Of course, the bottom line is that--as with the GXP--while I could feasibly admire this car, I'd never shell out $35K for a wrong-wheel-drive Buick over a 325i Sport. Those few who do will likely be minimally informed of their alternatives at the price.
      • 8 Years Ago
      You know the ironic thing? Oldsmobile's slogan was "This isn't your father's Oldsmobile.".

      Oldsmobile is now dead. And as far as Buick goes, one wishes it WERE your father's Buick!!!

      What a downward spiral Buick has become. A steaming pile of shit, whereas it once represented beauty, grace, sophistication, etc.

      It's pathetic GM(!!) no longer even knows what a Buick represents.

      Take a good look at that photo above (of the LaCrosse)...does it make you want to vomit????
      • 8 Years Ago
      -- VERY INTERESTING to read the comments that Lacrosse is a young looking car. What a big world! I thought all the delusional people worked for GM or Ford.

      The Super is a small finger in a very leaky dike.

      I love the comments from the big-time Buick fan who bought a Rendezvous for 2/3 of sticker. Reminds me of the women who bemoaned the closing of the I Magnin luxury store chain by saying "but I used to get such fabulous things on final clearance"
      Healthy business requires profitable sales for the dealers.

      Remember me? I am the one who always posts that he liked Buicks 35-45 years ago, but feels too young for any of the current models. Oh, maybe an Enclave if I had a wife and grandchildren -- for her!!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Bravo, AZMike! You know, older people have lived long and know something about life, and they are wiser (generally). So if they go for Buicks, maybe Buick is worth looking at? Since you shouldn't speed on public roads, a massive engine isn't necessary, nor is racecar, rock-hard suspension. What is important then? A comfortable interior, a nice ride, and competent power for passing and merging. A Buick does that all wonderfully (though should have a bit tighter suspension for emergency maneuvers).

      And Rastus, those late model GN's were fast, especially the GNX, which ran as fast as Porsche's of the day. Buick has it's wild streak. And I think the GN is very attractive.

      Sure, Buick isn't what it used to be, but hasn't ever really been bad. And now, with the Lucerne, the attractive LaCrosse (yes, attractive), the "more than meets the eye" Rendezvous, and the amazing Enclave, they bring entry luxury in a classy, comfortable way.

      And I'm 24
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