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Beneath those ridiculously large tacked-on fender flares lies the next Jazz (Fit in the States). Thanks to Auto Express and an alert reader, we have a glimpse at what the future may hold for Honda's most recent hit. They believe this is a mule being used to test Honda's next supermini. Apparently the UK developed Civic did so well for Honda that Britain is again being tabbed to help with the replacement for the Jazz.
Built on basically the same chassis as the current model, the new Jazz should keep its innovative central fuel tank, fold-flat rear bench, five-seat configuration, and 1.2 and 1.4 liter gas engines. Although the spyshot seems to show the five-door will be growing a bit in every direction, the big news is the diesel that might find its way underhood. A new dash and upgraded interior materials round out the changes. This new for '08 Jazz should have its coming out party at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. Click the image or the read link for a pair of full-size shots.

[Source: Auto Express]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      All cars have souls. We each like different types of souls and some of us don't like boring souls or ones that are too common.

      • 8 Years Ago
      These comments about Japanese cars having no soul are getting ridiculous. What the hell does it take for a car to have soul? If its based on the love and care in building a car then Hondas should rank on the top of the soul list. They are all about precision- and I can tell you first hand that even for an econobox the Fit is a blast to drive. Of course slapping a Porsche badge on a VW truck and all of a sudden it magically comes to life?

      Just because Japanese makes have pretty much perfected the bread and butter econoxes and familay cars doesn't mean they don't have a passion for anything building anything else- Whether it be a passion for environmental friendliness, precision engineering, tech gadgets, or purebread sports cars (S2000 anyone? The Z? RX8). Why not compare apples to apples less you forget all those Mercedes Taxis and cargo vans running around.
      • 8 Years Ago
      edit: I meant to say "When you recall a car, it's because it WASN'T built properly the first time around" in my 2:21PM post
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      Do me a favor, go drive a Fit first then comment. Aside from the almost universally positive reviews of the car, I can tell you from firsthand experience it has a soul. A very different one than the German luxobarges, but a soul nonetheless.

      The type of chipper, eager, tossability that once was the sole (pun unintended) domain of VW, until they lost it in the 90s (having recaptured it recently with the GTI). As you point out, the engine isn't the soul. And like the original Rabitt, the Fit's quality is defined by it's performance but rather by its want to be pushed.

      Frankly, and CAR agrees with me here in large part, it's got a lot more soul to it than the overly computerized monster than is the M6. Now, the M5, that's a whole other beast.

      • 8 Years Ago
      OMG. Thank you Che for exposing the racist retard you truly are.

      You have the gall to refer to the Japanese as "japs." Therefore, your comments can't be taken seriously because they're obviously clouded by an intense hatred towards Japanese companies simply because they are Japanese.

      You want to talk about "soul"? What exactly does that largely meaningless word refer to? A vehicle's design? It's engineering? Or simply the badge? Going by the gist of what you've posted so far, I take it the (Western) badge and the design are the only factors you'd consider. Never mind the likes of Toyota having developed a sophisticated production and management system that has seen them not close a single factory or post a loss in 40 years (and counting). This takes years of planning, refinement and a very good understanding of business. In short, it's a lot of hard work and only retards like you find a way to deliberately overlook those details. I mean, if these factors are so relatively unimportant, why don't you buy a nice toy car to look at all day? It's cheaper than buying an actual car, plus the only thing that matters will be its looks.

      Toyota's rising number of recalls is well known and I won't dispute that. However, on an average, they perform better than Western (especially German) brands in quality surveys, such as JD Powers. For me, the recalls are not to be entirely ashamed of. Yes, quality issues should not be an issue for an investment so expensive. However, I'd much rather a company recognise the problems and address it immediately than try to ignore it hoping it'd go away.

      And for your information, not EVERY Acura is a "rebadged Honda." Granted, most are - however the RDX is an Acura exclusive. The fact you can't even name Acura's "most expensive sedan" (which is the RL, by the way) does nothing but show your ignorance. You aren't even familiar with Japanese companies, yet you have no problem venting your spleen at them and acting as if your words are the gospel truth. Boy, you need a lot of growing up to do.
      • 8 Years Ago
      once again, "voice of reason" (hahahahaha) you fail to argue anything (other than i have a small penis. perhaps i do, perhaps i don't, but i think it's funny you're so interested in it). i don't need to prove that toyota had more cars recalled than sold in 2006, just do a google search, that's easy to do. but trying to prove any of my points wrong, that's harder to do, isn't it? i guess that's why you keep attacking my manhood instead of sticking to the issues.

      oh well, i'm sort of used to it in this forum. the anonymity makes any sort of quality threads completely impossible. that's why i usually stick more to The Truth About Cars instead of Autoblog...
      • 8 Years Ago
      Stop arguing with culattone. He is obviously some annoying troll that hates japanese brands. People are entitled to their own opinion no matter how stupid it sounds.

      #29, politicians still do name-calling all the time.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "the Fit's quality is defined by it's performance but rather by its want to be pushed."

      A vehicle with 109hp and a 0-60 of 10.4 seconds (automatic) definately *should* WANT a little more push. That is pathetic. Hell, even the behemoth H2 pulls 9.2
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow, that was incredible logic. Since GM buys the engines and they don't sell 90,000 Vues, they must be going in other GM vehicles. OR, maybe they are sitting in vehicles on lots that aren't sold. Could be. How about actually naming another car that GM makes that uses the Honda engine instead of spouting useless conjecture. As if to imply GM can't function without a Honda engine.

      Remember when Honda used an Isuzu to crack into the SUV market? It was a deal made to help both companies and it had the worst reliability of any Honda at the time because it WASN'T a Honda. Companies make deals like this all the time. Toyota sold GM's badged as Toyotas in Europe at one point during the whole Corolla/Geo thing.

      How about mentioning that the Honda engine has been or is being replaced with GM's own new V6.

      Oh and until recently, I don't think anyone would have said Saturns have "soul".

      The "Souless" Japanese comment wasn't exactly fair either. Does the new Lexus IS-F with 400 hp sound souless? Actually sounds great if you ask me.
      • 8 Years Ago

      can i sit with you all day so you can teach me more? what else does honda own? oh my god what would I do without you?1!??!?!!?!

      you stupid retard, when did i say honda doesn't own acura? if you followed cars at all, you'd know that acura put out a coupe concept recently that's trying to push the limits, but is basically the japanese equivalent of a huge TURD.

      no please, shut up and go back to your room little boy.
      • 8 Years Ago
      10.---I meant SHUT UP and not a Volvo....AUDI
      • 8 Years Ago
      Thank you #25 Atul for bringing some unbiased reason to the debate. I find a car's soul becomes more eveident the more time you spend with it.

      Perhaps the depth of a car's soul is directly related to the depth of the soul of the driver. Ponder . . .
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