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Perhaps riding a contact high from all the heady presentations at the NAIAS, GM product Czar Bob Lutz let fly that the Holden Commodore SS will be coming to the US as a Pontiac. Lutz went on to say that the car will be known as the G8, and that GM is looking at an official amount of "a lot." In this case, a lot adds up to about 30,000 per year, with reserve capacity in case they nail it with price and features, and demand is high.

We hope that's the case, as the Commodore/G8 would certainly fill a hole in Pontiac's offerings and could really shake things up in the sports sedan segment if executed well. We expect that the execution will be near spot-on, judging from the performance we've seen out of the General lately. The GTO nee Monaro paved the way for sourcing the G8 from Holden. The Commodore was developed with export in mind, and Holden has the export game figured out already. They send more Statesman luxury models out of Australia then they sell locally. Lots more, in fact. Since the GTO broke the ice and let GM know what their subsidiary is capable of in the land where toilets flush backwards (not true), GM sounds excited to give the Excitement division a shot of, uh, excitement.

[Source: drive.com.au]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      i want an american mfg to come up with a sports sedan rear drive, 28-35k with 6spd manual that can compete with bmw, infiniti, etc... i guess this is a step but i am tired of half harted attemps by the big 3 its like they don't even try. And they wonder why they are loosing market share!
      • 8 Years Ago
      After reading all the comments about how bland and dated the Commodore is I decided to look at some American designed sedans to get an idea of what cutting edge, modern design is all about. Needless to say I threw up. How you can say the Holden looks bland compared to the sedans US manufacturers currently have on offer is completely beyond my comprehension. It's not design, it's disaster! Do you guys put LSD in your water supply?
      • 8 Years Ago
      If the interior is even as good as my 05 GTO, it will be a selling point not a liability.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I really can't believe some of the comments about this car. Are you people really insane? Or just completely stupid?

      Don't you remember what the Grand Prix and Bonneville looked like inside and out? It's cool for Pontiac to sell a Toyota (Vibe) and Daewoo/Opel (Le Mans) but not a Holden, a car that is more American in focus than literally every Pontiac sedan in the last 30 years?

      This car is not a GTO, and not carrying a famous name Pontiac is known for and that it wasn't engineered to wear. Don't apply that nonsense to it. It's a fresh, world-class sedan for a brand that needs a fresh start and hopefully will make us forget about the awful Bonne/Grand Prix that it is replacing.

      What looks better in it's price range? The bubbly round Impala SS? The FWD puffy-cheeked Acura TL? A new, fully loaded Camry? The creaky just-discontinued Bonneville with the worst interior design ever and molding flash everywhere you look?

      Give me a break.
      • 8 Years Ago
      15. FWIW, I am not a Vibe customer even though it is US-manufactured product. Neither did I buy the Korean-manufactured LeMans. However, I have purchased the Grand Am, 6000, and Grand Prix. Suffice it to say, I vote with my wallet.

      Has Pontiac made mistakes? Of course it has. One of those mistakes was rebadging the Holden Monaro as a Pontiac GTO. However, we are the sum total of all of our experiences. Our defeats and our triumphs make us what we are. This is also true of automobile manufacturers. Holdens may be great cars in their own right. However, there is nothing of Pontiac in them.

      If you are such a great fan of Holden, urge GM to convert the Commodore and other Holden models to left hand drive and import them to the USA as Holdens. Sell them as the rugged Outback buggies that they are.
      • 8 Years Ago
      American manufacturers about killed themselves when GM, Ford, & Chrysler all dove headfirst into front wheel drive almost across the board. You can see where that got them. It's always funny that you have to almost drown before you realize that you don't know much about swimming. Such is the analogy for front wheel drive popularity. Manufacturers thought they could save a few bucks, and now they are where they are, as Don Rumsfeld would say.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm an Australian, I've owned three Commodores of various generations, I have one friend with a new BMW 330i, one with a C-class Merc, and two with 318is.

      My VE SS - which is from what I understand what you guys will get - handles as well or better than the 318s, rides far better - although I put that down partially to the run flat tyres they come with - and in terms of balls out fun, runs a little faster to 100km/h (60mp/h), and just more chuckable than the 330. As for the C class, I just don't feel comfortable driving it.

      Interior fit and and finish is never going to match a Euro-car, but it's pretty bloody reasonable, I love my exterior, and finally, while it's not brilliant, the sound the exhaust makes out of the showroom didn't have me driving straight to an aftermarket shop for a replacement. (Although it's probably on the cards).

      Overall, if the price translates fairly, your getting pretty bloody good value, guys.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Local car magazine comparisons between the 300c SRT8 and the SS Commodore rate the commodore as a much better performance car even with the lower power output, they both performed equal quarter mile times (13.9). Hopefully it will sell better then the Monaro did though.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Chris, I didn't say it's an ugly car, and I will be sure to go see it as soon at it arrives at my local GM dealer. I want to give it a fair shot, but the GTO really turned me off when it got here so It will take awhile to get over that one.

      • 8 Years Ago
      While the GTO has good internal bits and a whole lot of go the styling is quite bland. That’s why it’s a sales failure. There is no reason it shouldn’t be selling like the Mustang except for the styling.

      Hopefully the reinvigorated GM design will put some nice new threads on the Commodore platform and Pontiac will have a sales success. Not sure how a new G8 and a new Impala won’t cannibalize each other’s sales.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Richard, Pontiac has made among the worst cars money can buy for nearly three decades. Every Pontiac since the 80s has been a cheap, shoddily made plastic mess with exterior cladding. They've all been buggies as you put it. Even the Solstice is a poorly crafted piece inside and out, as new and beautiful as it is. Judging by your vehicle ownership history I'd say you and I have VASTLY different expectations of how a car should be made and what it should drive like.

      I owned a "real" Pontiac myself (though it was a rebadged LeSabre). My '93 Bonneville was my first and last Pontiac, it was literally lined with shiny Rubbermaid materials inside and was abysmal to drive. I swore I would never own another one again, the brand to me is synonymous with extremely bad cars in every respect.

      That percpetion changed when I purchased a new 2006 GTO last year. I first drove one in 2004 and was utterly amazed such a car was wearing Pontiac badges. This car made me a GM customer and kept me from going to a foreign automaker for my transportation needs.

      It is a fantastic car in every respect and is blessed with an interior and driving dynamics that shame most everything else GM NA comes up with. It's no wonder Holden has been tasked to engineer the next Camaro Down Under. They love muscle cars as much as we do (if not more) but have a much higher standard for interior design/materials, quality and overall driving dynamics than we do.

      If the G6 is as good as GM NA is willing to do for Pontiac now, then importing the Commodore as Pontiac's newest large car is the best decision they've made in years for the brand.

      There is not a car in it's class that really looks like it. If you want to bling get a 300C or Charger. If you don't need a V8 get a G35. If you love torque steer get an Acura TL. If you love V8s and don't want a car that makes you look like a redneck jackass driving it then the G8 is the ticket.

      I will purchase one provided GM doesn't remove all the features this time or completely blow the grille design.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The interior of the GTO was great. Even it's exterior styling was not bad. A big problem is the difficulty of getting into the rear seat- no option but to wait for an electricity-dependent motor to move the front seatback forward. Call me nuts, but I had visions of plunging into the river and being trapped in the back seat.

      Oh yes- no trunk space at all (well, maybe for your PC bag).

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