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In 2006, we spent a lot of time spinning wrenches here in the Autoblog Garage in the process of taking on common maintenance tasks and a few performance upgrades. For your convenience, we've compiled links to each of the posts after the jump.

We already have some things in the works for 2007, but we'd also love to get suggestions for additional posts from our readership. Keep in mind that we need projects that have a relatively broad appeal, and we're a bit limited in our selection of "test subjects"; beyond that, we're all ears, so please share your ideas.

Big-brake install on a 1996 Chevy Impala SS: Part I, Part II, (Part III coming soon)

Rebuild of a Tremec T56 6-speed manual: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

Install of a disc-brake rear axle on a 1996 Buick Roadmaster: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

3" body lift and 35" tires on a 1996 GMC K2500

Underbody coating with polyurethane bedliner

In-tank fuel pump R&R

Spark plug replacement

Oil change

Oil analysis

Transmission fluid/filter replacement

Differential fluid replacement

Transfer case fluid replacement

Brake pad/rotor replacement: Front, Rear

Air filter maintenance

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Suggestions: CV joint or CV boot replacement, or maybe a half-shaft swap
      • 8 Years Ago
      I didn't want anyone to come away thinking that only FWD cars use CV joints, a common misconception.

      How about an auto trans rebuild? Something that's always mystified me.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Uh, Eric. RWD cars with IRS also use CV joints, as well as 4WD vehicles.
      • 8 Years Ago
      No problem - to be honest, I'd actually forgotten that my truck had CVs up front (I'm far more used to dealing with the U-joints in solid axles.

      "How about an auto trans rebuild? Something that's always mystified me."

      Heh - funny you should mention that one. Check back in a month or two.
      • 8 Years Ago
      How about accident damage repair? Turbo replacement/upgrades? Roll cage install?

      @James - CV boot is a piece of cake, just get a strechy one :) As for the joint, just get a new dshaft from a scrappy and do a straight swap. Detach the hub from the lower wishbone and it's pretty straight forward from there. Have a bucket ready for the gearbox oil tho! (obviously all depends on ur make/model of vehicle but should apply to most)
      • 8 Years Ago
      hmm...definitely how to convert a carbureted car to EFI....I have a test subject and some parts collected already (:
      • 8 Years Ago
      I don't need it, but I bet a lot of people could benefit from a how-to on replacing a clutch. It would be interesting to see if you could find both a transverse-layout and a longitudinal-layout car that needed the job, as the process is of course a bit different.

      Small stuff like how to install an aftermarket headunit could also be useful, as that is one of the main upgrades people do to their cars.
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