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On this, the first day of 2007, we look back and honor the most popular post that appeared on Autoblog in 2006. To no one's surprise, it is the post in which we introduced to you the Chevrolet Camaro Concept for the first time. Titled simply "Debut of the Chevrolet Camaro Concept", this post was published originally on January 9th, 2006 during the 2006 North American International Auto Show. Since then, it has been viewed on Autoblog 364,456 times, more than any other post.

Obviously the Camaro Concept was a big hit with the public, but at the time it debuted we didn't have the ability to offer you a high-resolution gallery of official shots. Now we do, so we've assembled all the hottest Camaro Concept shots we could find in all their 1,280 pixel-wide glory. Check out the gallery here, and feel free to download the pics for your own personal use.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      While the Japanese and Koreans are building fuel efficient and leading edge vehicles for the 21st Century, Detroit seems to want to go back to the 20th. To many these cars represented the inefficiency and waste of resources that will epitomize the American car industry. I dare say that this over self-indulgence in the past is what is leading Detroit down the paths to less market share and more rejection by the average American consumer. I guess if you are no longer the leader, you can try and live in the glories of the past. Like the starting quarterback that has to constantly relive his triumphs on the field and the adulation it brought.
      Just more proof that this turnaround is stalling and has not really changed the direction GM needs to be headed. The Mustang has/will not save Ford. Trying to copy a company with serious financial problems does not seem like a successful turnaround plan to me.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I worry about people who think 30mpg is a good level of fuel economy.
      • 8 Years Ago
      personally moparman, i like the old charger and the new charger.

      One can like the old and still embrace the new. Cars DO have to upgrade and adapt over time.

      and personally i find utility in having a four door car that pushes 350hp, but then thats just me and to each their own i guess.

      That said, I plan on getting a challenger too when it comes out.

      That way i'll have a Magnum (my fiancee's) Charger and Challenger in my garage. =)
      • 8 Years Ago
      What is it with the american car bashers. I dont drive an american car (have a BMW) but even I see that they start crap on every positive thread about american cars. Do they just want american car companys to fail or what? Its usually the lower priced import guys leading me to believe that they are just pissed about having to drive in the right lane because everyone else can blow by them. Yeah the american car industry has its problems but they offer unsurpassed value in performance and near luxery cars. They also offer arguably the best bang for the buck in SUV's. Yeah japan dominates the econo box and CUV. So what, who wants to drive some 4 cylinder camry that feals like a toaster (Acording to current feb 07 car and driver 84% of camerys are 4 bangers). If a toaster is what you like why are you responding to a thread about an american muscle car? Look the way I see it is simple. Japan makes the most reliable but in general (WRX, 350Z, and Evo excluded) least passonate driving cars, aka the best appliance. Korea has the cheapest cars. Germany has the best luxery but you have to pay a high price for admission (which is the route I took), America has the best performance for the doller and very usable SUV's. Everybody has what they are good at. So dont nock them down compleatly because you only value one aspect of the car (performance, quality, reliability, fuel economy, price). And even if GM looses number 1 so what, that will just meen they are #2. Big woop. They will be a force for decades to come. What I cant stand is the people who predetermined the decision they have based on blind faith (imports, domestice, or otherwise) then find a fault no matter what the car is good at. Example: If it performes well then by god it is too stiff for the road...even though they never have driven it. If it has a comfortable ride then well it must not perform well enough. They just make up a fault to justifiy there pre determined position.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I just wanna say. I never was a Camaro guy, I like Mustangs in general way better, never owned either, but this Camaro is the Hottest looking thing GM has made this side of the Corvette in 40 Years. It is just plain BEAUTIFUL!

      If every GM car had this level of design competence, along with the value we know GM already has, they'd be rolling in cash.

      I might buy this.

      • 8 Years Ago
      artie43 so u know what kind of fuel mileage the new camaro will get? The 4th gens got 30 mpg highway and i'm not even talking v6 here. Just because people loved the styling and performance of the old muscle cars and gm is recognizing this, doesn't mean it will get bad fuel mileage.

      Yeah gm don't build a truly desirable camaro, focus only on beige economy sedans pls.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I suspect that the biggest factor in the success of the Camaro over the entire life cycle of its new platform will be whether GM can offer a clear weight advantage over the decidedly obese Mustang and Challenger. I hope that GM recognizes that with gas prices likely to be volatile, it will need to offer a V6 variant with a decent balance of performance and fuel economy.

      All of the recent p.r. hype concerning the pony cars has obscured one inconvenient fact: Most potential buyers aren't interested in big-block street racers.

      Indeed, the market took a nosedive in the early 70s when the Big Three made their pony cars too big, heavy, powerful and expensive. For example, the 1970-74 Challenger and Barracuda may have had some legendary top-end models, but the nameplates sold so poorly that they not have turned a profit. Folks instead flocked to the Plymouth Duster, which better matched the appeal of the original Mustang's mix of compact affordability and sportiness.

      Nor do I think it was a coincidence that in the 1990s the Mustang trounced the last-generation Camaro/Firebird. The GM twins had a much more modern platform and more powerful top-end models, but the Mustang had broader appeal because it was smaller and lighter. Ironically, the new Mustang platform has bloated out, giving Camaro the opportunity to return the favor.

      • 8 Years Ago

      I have to disagree with the inefficiency and waste comments. I owned a 98 Camaro Z28, and it got great gas mileage considering what it was. On the highway, I consistently got 28 mpg - no shit. Once I got 30.8 mpg - I was totally astonished (I had the 4spd automatic too). With modern ignition systems these cars are all going to do just as good as that, if not better. Keep in mind too, a lot of the Japanese companies are touting high horsepower as well, just look at the new IS350 and G35 - both have over 300 hp - and I'm sure they don't get much better than mid 20s in the highway, just like my 98 Camaro did. Do some research and start reading about the LS1 and LS2 engines, they're actually quite good. This new Camaro is sweet, and I know it will get good mileage - especially if GM uses the new DOHC V6 as the base V6 motor.

      Incidentally, my wife has a 2002 IS300 Sportcross, and it only gets about 25 or so on the highway, and it's not even really all that fast.
      • 8 Years Ago
      In folks like Artie43, you have a variation on what is said about prudes, puritans, politicians, and those who sit at the feet of people like Ralph Nader or Jerry Falwell. Somewhere, somehow, someone, in some way, is enjoying themselves, and it must be stopped.

      First off, you dribble on about how the Japanese and the Koreans are building fuel-efficient and leading edge vehicles. Let's slay that fuel efficiency dragon first. Toyotas and Nissans are not any better than offerings from US manufacturers. Size for size and displacement for displacement, they are no different and in my own driving experience are often less so. As for Korean cars, I have no experience with Hyundais but do with Kias. Kias are, for a particular size of car, gas hogs. The Optima is a disgrace.

      I drive pickup trucks. I have looked at the EPA stickers and have talked with owners of Tundras and Titans. Their gas mileage is dismal, despite having "advanced", "modern", drive trains. In fact I find it pathetic that a Nissan Frontier with a V6 has lower fuel mileage ratings than a Chevy V8 in a full-size truck.

      As for technology: are you thinking the hybrid? So what? That's right: so what. Folks driving hybrids in real-world conditions are not finding miracle fuel economy. Folks who run the air conditioning and go down the highway keeping up with the traffic are getting good mileage, sure. But is it enough more than a standard Toyota Corolla to justify the difference in cost? I don't know how they are now, but does this gain justify the skittish handling in crosswinds and other characteristics that made the driving somewhat less than stable on the early ones?

      In find myself wondering: how much to hybrid owners inflate their mileage when talking with friends? I ask this because I recall in my college days folks bragging of getting into the 40s with VW beetles. Others quoted figures in the mid-20s to low 30s. The difference was those claiming the high figures were the same ones going on and on about German engineering being so superior blah blah blah. The ones with the lower figures were the ones who bought a VW because they were cheap. The two Prius owners I know are talking mid-30s to low 40s. They bought them to drive, and to try something different, not to have bragging rights at GreenPeace conventions and Mensa parties. They both also have said their next cars will be conventional cars.

      As for all the multiple valves per cylinder, seven speed transmissions and all the rest, there is a name for it: dog-lick engineering. They do it because they can, not because it provides any long-term benefit.

      At least for me, what counts in the end is durability, reasonable fuel mileage for a given type of vehicle, and value received for money paid. As I see no value in dog-lick engineering that adds nothing to those three things, I avoid it.

      I hope that General Motors finds the Camaro to be a raging success; that the lines run all shifts to keep up with the demand. I hope they race it like they are now doing with their Corvettes. A halo car is great; one priced in a range available to more people is even better. It gets folks into the showrooms.

      It also irritates the sniveling, finger-wagging nannies our society is today so infested with.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #4: "Yeah gm don't build a truly desirable camaro, focus only on beige economy sedans pls."

      Right, and when GM does that, you know that the very same people who bitched about GM's irresponsibility with fuel economy will also blame them for being bland and uncreative, and also doomed. Because GM is always doomed.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Well I suspect the muscle car fad will run its' course, just like the SUV. Hope GM and DCX aren't coming to the party as it comes to an end. BUt they don't seem to know what else to do but go retro. This works some of the time, but my guess is there are only so many customers wanting rehashed models from the last century.
      I guess the future will tell. Hope for GM's sake they are right. Still, their track record as of late is not the best. Let's hope someone at GM knows what they are doing finally.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Can't wait to get the "Pony Car Wars" going again. The Mustang, the new Camaro, the Challenger Hemi need to go head to head. Next bring back a new Firebird, and a new Cougar based on their sister ship platforms. American Pony Cars with V8s - I'll be in Heaven. Gotta cruise Main Street in a Pony Car.
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