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When you drop off your brand new Corvette at the dealership to fix an iffy trunk lid and a bad antenna, you expect to pick up your expensive sports car the next day in one piece, preferably washed and waxed with those paper floormats in the foot wells. Mr. Williams, a Corvetteforum.com member, was not treated to such customer service when he went to pick up his Vette from San Rafael Chevrolet in San Rafael, California. Instead, his Corvette suffered $15,000 worth of damages to the front passenger side when an employee of the dealership took it for a ride and wrecked it trying to pass someone in gravel and spinning out before being hit by a box truck.

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[Source: Corvetteforum.com]

The employee was cited by the California Highway Patrol, who noted he was driving too fast for the conditions that caused the accident. The CHP stopped short, however, of citing him for reckless driving. The plot thickened, however, when Williams found an orange prescription bottle full of codeine acetominaphane under one of the seats.

Williams wants his Corvette replaced, or at least the repairs paid for and to be compensated for the car's lost value. The dealership, however, is only apparently willing to pay for the vehicle to be repaired (the Corvetteforum.com post is unclear on exactly what the dealership has agreed to do, if anything), which will take six weeks. Aside from posting his grievance on Corvetteforum.com, Williams has also filed complaints with Chevrolet and the Better Business Bureau. He claims a lawyer will cost him $5,000, though many forum members are urging him to just sue the dealership for damages and a new car. Mr. Williams, however, has asked any Corvette lover in ear shot to email the dealership's service manager, Lucian Freire, demanding something be done.

This is the worst situation in which a car enthusiast could find himself, and our piston-pumping hearts go out Williams and his wife, not to mention the true victim in all this, one Machine Silver Metallic Chevy Corvette. If you want to help Williams in his cause, click the read link to find the service manager's email address.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      wow 28, thats a really good point . . .

      but in the spirit of internet forums provoking argument, and me being right all the time, i gotta say the following. In the UK the only magazines who have reviewed the sky / solstice have slated it (heavy, underpowered, handle like a sofa, interior quality of a power rangers toy)As for the upcoming camaro / challenger well they kinda havent come out yet so its a bit hard to tell isn't it? (no sneak preview drives over here yet)

      Anyhow we all know the brits make the best sports cars in the world right . . . right?
      • 8 Years Ago
      its just a corvette.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The Corvette would be the best supercar with the most horsepower and best handling of all, better than Veyron, Ferrari os the best Porsche available, you still would have to buy it at a Chevy dealership.

      Caviar @ Wal*mart
      • 8 Years Ago
      cant resist responding to the trolls

      "japanese sports car? hahahahahahaahha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... oh man, that was a good laugh. japanese sports car! hahahahahahaha... whew. my stomach hurts from laughing..."

      Honda S2000, NSX type r, integra typre r, mitsubishi EVO, mazda Rx-8, MX-5, nissan 200sx, 350z, skyline g32-4, to name only the obvious examples.

      The US has in the last 20 years mass manufactured precisely one (count it) sports car that is rated anywhere else in the world, and thats your current corvette. Hardly a solid base to knock the japs from really eh??
      • 8 Years Ago
      What happened to the employee who wrecked the car? There should be charges.
      • 8 Years Ago
      At 25, I gotta agree with #44 about the EVO/WRX. Maybe it is just the marketing, maybe it is the boy racer/slingshot wings they have on them (I don't recall seeing those wings on the rally cars?) or maybe it is just the idiots who drive them. They are certainly great performing cars and I can't fault that, but I wouldn't want to be seen in one. Well, at least not untill it has been debadged and had all the stuck-on plastic bits removed.
      (how come when American cars have equally gaudy plastic bits they are criticized, but people love it on this pair?)

      Lots of haters out there. Just because the majority of American drivers barely know what a corner is doesn't mean that the cars designed by the few of us who do can't hack it. At least not in receny history.

      The Vette performs so well because of that "plastic" body. Corvette is definately among the lightest of its competitors although it would be nice to see it come in under 3000#, IMO.

      Anyways, it's nice to hear that the owner was treated well after some arm twisting. This is why I do my own work.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #38, i believe you, but what i'm talking about are true sports cars that middle class people can afford. not too many people in my neck of the woods can afford a lotus or ferrari. vettes, yes. last fall my wife and i took our 1988 cadillac allante on vacation in the smokey mountains and after owning two mgb's, one tr7, and a tr8, (all of which i dearly treasured but were reliability disasters) i found the allante one hellofa sports car. granted, pinan farina had quite a hand in engineering, but most of the engineering came from detroit. my next sports car will indeed be the xlr-v. a loaded out restyled vette. i will stay clear of this subject dealer.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I suppose Martin has never driven a Viper before. The Viper can easily outhandle the Z06 by far without stability control or any other nanny system, with standard SRT-10 models being able to pull over 1.02 G of Lateral Acceleration, and stops a hell of alot faster than a Corvette too.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Another reason not to buy an American Jalopy. You can't trust the dealership with your car when you get idiots taking them for a joy ride.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Eh, Viper?

      Corvette or Viper both blow away any sportscar that Japan has imported to the US. Gotta go to Europe to find competition with those two.

      The S2000, 350Z and such are very good cars but on all but the tightest racecourse, an '02 Camaro/Firebird would be at least a fair match so let's bring that in on the US side (not to mention that the Camaro gets better mileage)

      Integra ('R' or not) and 200SX are tarted up econo-cars. If you are calling those "sports" cars, I'll mention the Cobalt SS Supercharged, a number of Shelby Turbo Dodges, Neon SRT-4 and similar cars. Heck, just for the 200SX, I'll match you a Ford Probe (yuck).

      Out of fairness, you forgot the 240SX which was a nice little roadster type car.

      What the US is sorely lacking is a proven great roadster. The Sky/Solstice look like a good start, and the upcoming 260hp turbo motor should only help things along. Add a 6 speed and an autocross suspension package and it really starts to look like a Miata killer.
      • 8 Years Ago


      There are Plenty of american sports cars, and I wouldn't call the Type R series sports cars, sporty and fun-to drive, but not sports cars in the leauge of the corvette.

      Also, a Z06 would eat a 911 or 575 anyday.

      If you want to talk about sports cars, lets go.

      America has the:

      Solstice/ Sky, GTO, Camero, Charger SRT-8, Any Vette, XLR, CTS, STS, Crossfire, Viper, GT40, Mustang, and more.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I am glad he thinks it is solved, with the dealer trying to find the equivalent car. (if there is one just as he wants available -- or then he gets to go round and round on compromises)
      However, he might better demand a loaner and wait for another new one to be built, to his exact wishes, just like the old one. (assuming his car was under 1500 miles or so)

      THE IDEA THAT HE WOULD ASK PEOPLE TO EMAIL THE SERVICE MANAGER, RATHER THAN THE OWNER, SHOWS VERY DISTURBING NAIVETY. No one here pointed that out. The service manager is the person with the most to hide.

      He did not need a lawyer right away, he needed a friend or relative with business sense and cojones to go see the owner. I would have made the man's teeth rattle.
      NOW, once he gets the car, he should forget it, for his own sake.

      BTW - if you understand the area, it is an extremely rich county on a peninsula. People to fill ordinary jobs must be very scarce, since they cant buy houses anywhere nearby. The druggie service guy was probably someone they thought they had to take.

      Anyone who wants is welcome to copy this to the Corvette forum.
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