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Despite the spy shots we see now and then, carmakers often manage to keep a tight lid on some of the projects they're working on, only giving us the occasional glimpse. Their cover is at least partially blown at times when they file for a trademark on a name. Once they've filed, the name is published for opposition, in case a competitor is already using it, giving us a chance to guess at what they might be up to.

Mercedes-Benz, it's been revealed, has filed for a trademark for the name CLC-Class. Based on their formulaic nomenclature, speculation has ensued over what that could be. One possibility bouncing around is a two-door version of the current CLS four-door coupe. Another is a convertible version of the CL, the two-door version of the S-Class sedan. While it'd seem an unlikely name to use for this application, DaimlerChrysler may have taken the name to use should they green-light the Ocean Drive concept (pictured) we'll be seeing in a couple weeks' time in Detroit.

Of course we have to take this all with a large grain of salt, remembering that just because a large company like DCX has filed for a trademark on a name doesn't necessarily mean they'll be using it on a production automobile. Interesting, though, that along with the Class 012 trademark for automobiles, Mercedes has also filed a Class 028 trademark for toy model vehicles on the CLC-Class name.

[Source: Paul Tan]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      SLC or SEC would seem more appropriate...
      • 8 Years Ago
      Bepsf, the SEC is the securities and exchange commission in the united states, they regulate the stock market, and if I remember correctly Mercedes was investigated by them at some point, so I highly doubt they would use that name.
      • 8 Years Ago
      A CL with a V12 and a retractable hardtop(CLC?) for less than a Bently or Rolls fabric top convertible would really change the game at the ultra luxury high end of the market.
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