• Dec 14th 2006 at 10:06AM
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Expect the mileage estimates published by the EPA to go down on 2008 model year vehicles, even if the vehicle itself has not changed. The percentage figures of the drops may be as high as 30 percent on some vehicles. The vehicles with the highest estimated mileage will be hit the hardest, including hybrid models such as the Toyota Prius.

The changes to mileage estimates are being made to appease buyers of vehicles who are unable to match the EPA's estimates. This has been quite a topic of conversation lately, due to the proliferation of hybrid models hitting the marketplace. Numerous web boards have discussions related to actual mileage numbers that users of the vehicles are returning.

It would be good to mention here that the mileage estimates by the EPA are not the same as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy numbers used by lawmakers to enforce mileage regulations on carmakers. Also, while it is possible for drivers to achieve drastically lower numbers than the EPA estimates, it is also possible to meet or exceed them. The numbers are being changed more to reflect drivers' habits than technology problems. The old numbers reported by the EPA were not "wrong", they were real figures which are completely achievable if the vehicle is driven under the same conditions as those the vehicle was tested under. Unfortunately, few drivers drove in a matter even remotely similar to the EPA tests. So, the new numbers are ultimately a good thing for consumers, even though they may make green cars seem a little less so.

[Source: msnbc.com]

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      • 7 Years Ago
      I just bought a 2007 Suzuki Forenza Wagon that's supposed 2 get 30mpg highway and it's only getting 26-27!!! BEWARE OF MILEAGE CLAIMS!!!
      • 7 Years Ago
      I traded in my 4 cylinder Audi TT which maxed out at 31 mpg with my driving habits and purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid which promised 38-40mpg. I was able to squeeze out 35 - 38mpg in the beginning and was satisfied, knowing the posted mfg. mpg would be only under the most favorable conditions. Although I've had numerous dealer diagnostics done at my own expense, my mileage has steadily deteriorated over my 15 month ownership and now averages 25-31mpg. I'm told by the dealership that nothing is wrong with the car. My conservative driving habits have not changed, except that I make an even greater effort to drive for the best mileage. If this keeps up, I'll need to get an SUV for better mileage. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? I wish I'd kept my Audi.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Good! We can now focus on "electric" cost per mile vs. "Petroleum" cost per mile. This will help to level the playing field between IC and BEV/PHEV and call for even more public outcry for electric. Yet another nail in the Fossil’s coffin. Don’t wake the dead!
      • 6 Years Ago
      In June we purchased a 2008 Honda Dx-G which the salesperson promised would get between 50 to 56 miles per gallon. After driving it for a while, we were horrified to find that the gas mileage approximated what we get in our much larger SUV with 4 wheel drive. We took it back and complained about the false claims, and were advised about "ideal conditions", etc.
      We took it back several times after that claiming that something was wrong with our vehicle. In fact we drove the same number of kms as the salesman who had the same car and we gassed up at the same gas station - same pump and our car had used considerably more gas than the salesman's. Not to worry though, there's nothing wrong with our car. Not only was the car a concern the salesman, manager and service people who were fed up with us at this point were very nasty to us. We traded it in and bought a Chevy Malibu which gives us very good gas mileage and a much better ride! I had once promised myself I would never buy a Honda - I should have stuck to my word.
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