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Brand-conscious DaimlerChrysler managers in Germany are very vocal about the fact that they're not interested in any platform sharing between the Mercedes brand and the others under the corporate umbrella. "A Mercedes will remain a Mercedes and will not share a platform with anyone," said Dr. Ruediger Grube, Board of Management, DaimlerChrysler Corporate Development. "We will leave that to the others," he added. The concern is that cost-savvy shoppers would eschew the flagship Mercedes brand if they felt they could spend less to get fundamentally the same vehicle with another corporate sibling's badges on it.

Dr. Grube told labor union leaders in Stuttgart that the manufacturer would have to look for opportunities to cut costs in other places, such as small parts that are under the skin and through efficiencies in purchasing and data systems.

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      "2. I can live with Chrysler platforms. How about sharing some Mercedes engine technology? I'd love to see a Bluetec engine option for some Chrysler products.
      Posted at 9:21AM on Dec 14th 2006 by Phil L."
      MB 3.0L crd V-6 is also used in the Jeep Grand Cheokee (first to use the 3.0L crd in the US for chrysler div) jeep commander, 300C touring/wagon, 300C and sprinter (next gen). Bluetec capable. But the GC at first will not be bluetec.
      PT cruiser uses the MB 2.2Lcrd. Started out to be 119hp and finally bumped up to 150hp to match rest of MB C & E class cars with same motor. Probably now that the new E class 2.2Lcrd is 170+hp.
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      "Why are they treating Chrysler like a stepchild???"

      Because in the Eurpoean mentality, it is. We hear so much about how GM and Ford are heading off the cliff, Mercedes is either right behind them or leading the way. What an absolutely snobbish European attitude. Of course they are sharing platforms, why would they spend the R&D and development costs to have different platforms for cars in the same size class? That would be a very stupid business decision. Well, I guess that is why they are heading down the road to ruin. With all the quality issues from Mercedes recently and the stupid business decisions, good bye. Nobody needs them in the market anyway.
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      But wouldn't sharing platforms be in the best interests for DaimlerChrysler to improve on Chrysler?? Why are they treating Chrysler like a stepchild???
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      Anybody who says MB is sinking must be stupid: did you check the sales figures? Are you aware that having a few reliability issues, related to the electronics, doesn't say nothing about the quality of the cars, and it's only news because we are talking about Mercedes?

      Check the JDPowers surveys, and see were Mercedes stand...

      They refuse to share, because they understand the value of a brand... That's why every single american marque in -yes- sinking... Any europena marque in trouble? FIAT is great and giving profits, just a few years after GM went away.
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      The LX is an amalgam, the front suspension is all 2000-2006 S-class
      The rear is supersized E-class.
      The e-class 96-02 had a high mounted fuel tank [behind the rear seats], so did the 00-06 S-class. The LX does not. The c-class has the standard saddle type fuel tank, and so does the LX

      It was parts bin engineered, one man's trash...
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      The 2007 Jeep® Grand Cherokee with a 3.0-liter common rail turbo diesel (CRD) engine will arrive at Jeep dealerships in the first quarter of 2007.
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      It could also mean that Chrysler really is being considered for sale to another party.......Calling Carlos Ghosn
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      Lets get a few things straight here.

      LX's are not old "E" class cars, rear suspension, transmission, and electrical are MB parts. Front suspension is not MB with a lower roll center and wider track.

      "R" class is not a Pacifica. Period.

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      The 300/Magnum/Charger use the 96-2002 E-class platform.

      The Crossfire was a 1st-generation SLK in drag.

      Maybe they should amend their statements to "current Mercedes platforms"?
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      I can live with Chrysler platforms. How about sharing some Mercedes engine technology? I'd love to see a Bluetec engine option for some Chrysler products.
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      reply to 2
      The Chrysler 300C is in europe avaible with Mercedes diesel engines..
      Called 300C 3.0 CRD powered by a 3.0l V6 diesel engine with 218hp 510Nm (376ft.lbf) 25-35mpg normal driven.
      Big plus it can drive twice as much miles till it need service/oilchange as the petrol powered 300C.

      picture of the 3.0l V6 diesel engine in the 300C 3.0 CRD
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      Totally dumb comment from a major manufacturer.

      99.9% of all American Chrysler buyers have no idea what the origins of any particualr car might be. Ergo only 0.01% or less of buyers would specicially buy say a Chrysler 300C because it had some older origins in a MB E Class sedan.

      If this is a sample of how the significant German Managers think at DC heaven help that company. In short they are fighting themselves b4 they even fight their competitors. Classic case of a company about to fall off a cliff with only themselves to blame.
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