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Any time there's any mention of how or what a car show on TV should be, we find ourselves invariably praising Top Gear. Cutting insight mixed with hilarious wit, drop-dead gorgeous imagery and a whole lot of fun and passion make it the perfect car show. When Top Gear does a Car Of The Year, we sit up and pay attention. They have yet to name the overall winner, but the category champions are in. While the only surprise we found was the Ford S-Max making the list as Best Big Car, the choices have a bunch of desirable iron not found on this side of the Atlantic. A couple of Citroens made it, as did the Land Rover LR2 - any of which we'd love to have over here, especially the Citroen C6. We're not sure we agree with every choice though - the Gallardo is the obvious choice as dream car, but we're pretty sure that means nightmares. Of course, the driving is grand, and they have Ferrari represented as well, so there's no shortage of Italian engine music, always a good thing.

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      I'd love to have an S-Max if the price were reasonable (i.e. around 30 with leather, sunroof). I have three kids, and a seven-seater with a manual transmission, turbocharged engine, and excellent handling would be a perfect fit.

      Problem is, there are probably only three other Americans with the same set of wants and needs.
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      But notice that there is, in fact, an Audi.
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      What????!!!! no Toyota...and I mean Toyota and not the Lexus division therein?!!
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      Cool! Cars that dont suck!
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      The only Toyota Top Gear likes is the Aygo (which is of course not sold in the USA). Richard Hammond explains why...

      BTW - It's a long clip, and doesn't really get to the point until the second half.

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