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We're not sure what's going to be produced there, but GM is investing $225 million in their Spring Hill, Tennessee Saturn plant. The Ion and Vue are currently built in Spring Hill, but production of those vehicles will be ceasing in March 2007. Once the plant is cleared of vehicles, the paint shop will go under the knife and be renovated for future vehicle production. The goal of the paint shop upgrades is to accomodate any size vehicle GM plans to build. These plans hinge on GM securing incentives from Tennessee, but it's a great vote of confidence in the UAW workforce and building cars in America. Hey, our Toyotas and Hondas are built here, so why should we buy GMs built elsewhere? Saturn is looking quite promising, with a raft of new, and very good, vehicles. It's unclear how drastic the refit of the plant will be, and whether it will be building multiple platforms at a time, or if it'll be limited to a single platform. With Saturn vehicles sharing corporate architecture, it bodes well for offering some flexibility and capacity to GM's manufacturing muscle across the brands. Let's hope they continue to focus on quality before quantity, though. You'll only be able to use that capacity if the cars are good enough to make people want them.

Press release after the jump

[Source: GM]


GM Investing $225 Million in Tennessee Plant in Preparation For Future Vehicle Production

SPRING HILL, Tenn. – General Motors today announced it plans to invest approximately $225 million in its Spring Hill manufacturing complex to renovate the plant's paint shop in preparation for future vehicle production. The investment is contingent on GM securing incentives from the state of Tennessee.

Based on the strong performance of the Spring Hill team, General Motors' pending investment affirms the company's commitment to its Tennessee operations.

"GM's planned $225 million investment in Spring Hill is proof that this facility remains an important part of GM's North American manufacturing plans," said Tim Lee, GM vice president for Manufacturing and Labor Relations. "This project is instrumental to GM's efforts to strengthen its core manufacturing capabilities in the United States and also demonstrates the value GM places on working together with our UAW partners to improve our manufacturing operations."

GM's Spring Hill manufacturing complex built its first vehicle on July 30, 1990. Since then, the complex has built and shipped more than 3.4 million vehicles. It currently builds the Saturn ION passenger car and Saturn VUE compact SUV. Production of the ION and VUE will be discontinued in late March 2007.

With the investment, the plant will be idled for several months for renovations, beginning in April 2007. The company is finalizing the timing of when the hourly workforce will be called back to work and when production will resume at Spring Hill.

The Spring Hill assembly plant employs approximately 3,500 UAW-represented team members and 230 salaried team members. UAW Local 1853 represents hourly employees throughout the complex.

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      3. #1 "Here's my beef with GM, why are they making so many cars no one wants"

      Cobalt 260,000 sold through November
      G6 185,000 same time frame

      That's 445,000 vehicles, hardly "making so many cars no one wants

      Dude, i don't know if you heard the news, but GM is losing money faster than a drunk 20 year old in the strip club.

      Yes they sell cars, you throw these numbers, but they are not selling these cars for profit, if they do than very little profit.....that is why GM is losing money.

      So why are they selling them for profit? Because as i stated, NO ONE WANTS THEM. Yes, fleets buy them, people buy them, but no one is willing to pay the price GM wants them to pay.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The Spring Hill plant- if memory serves- was the one where the intractable UAW allowed the workforce to negotiate a whole separate contract with different work rules and procedure. This also had the byproduct of making it one of the most efficient in the world. It hasn't been all that long since the Saturn Q ratings were the envy of the small car industry. Between this history of co-operation and their dealer network, I sure hope they can use the positive buzz from the new products to create momentum. But, I hate the use of taxpayer $$$ for corporate welfare. Where's the right wing when you need them?
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      "LITHOUS = Village Idiot!
      Do you thing that King is my last name.....Idiot!"

      I don't know or care if King is your last name or not that is why I stated in the previous post that it is your *username*. Last name or not, it isn't an original *username* to use. Period.

      You might as well be Rastus' brother-in-law since you haven't stated anything of substance that I have seen.

      But if you call me "village idiot" one more time (because your lack of coming up with new ideas is perfectly shown) it will probably hurt really bad (since the first two times they meant nothing), you know, three times a charm.
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      Lithous, sorry little buddy for calling you names. I didn't realize you were a 10 year old.
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      "The investment is contingent on GM securing incentives from the state of Tennessee." So was the selection of Spring Hill in the beginning. A multi-state bidding war with tax payer's money. Since no Tennesseans were hired, let the UAW go back to Detroit and we'll just mail order our Opels from Europe.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #1 "Here's my beef with GM, why are they making so many cars no one wants"

      Cobalt 260,000 sold through November
      G6 185,000 same time frame

      That's 445,000 vehicles, hardly "making so many cars no one wants"

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      #7 you are forgetting that Toyota and Honda are JAPANESE companies. Yes they build abroad a lot, but that is because the are based abroad. Also the reason many do not build in USA is because of UAW, look just because GM and Ford gave in to them it doesn't mean Toyota or Honda should.

      Also, GM and FORD sell a HUGE amount of pickup trucks, they have been in that business for years. There's a tax on all imported PickUp trucks, 25%, do the reason GM and FORD build in USA so many vehicles is #1 the are BASED in USA, they are American companies, and #2 because they sell so many PickUps...which basicaly have to be made in USA/NAFTA because no car can be sold profitably if there's a 25% tarif on it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Hey, our Toyotas and Hondas are built here, so why should we buy GMs built elsewhere?"

      First of all, that statement implies all Toyotas and Hondas are built here. Not true. Second, there are plenty of GM vehicles built in the U.S. About the only segments you can't get a GM built in the U.S. will be (currently you can) the small SUV (VUE,Equinox,Torrent) and the tiny Aveo segment. I don't think the Fit and Yaris are made here so that is a moot point. Woodstock Canada is going to start producing the RAV4. The CRV will is built in Ohio and the Escape is built in Missouri.

      There are *still* Corollas built in Canada. Accords built in Japan. Tacomas built in Mexico. Accords built in Mexico. Civics built in Canada and Japan. Oddyseys from Canada. Prius in Japan. And so on. I'm talking about for sale in the U.S. these are all built. Please, go to google and do a site search for these things.

      I will only buy U.S. assembled GM or Ford and I don't like when GM moves the VUE but lets not act like the Japanese companies are all about America and don't use Canada and Mexico for U.S. sold products. That is just criminal. How many Americans buy Chinese crap because it is cheap and we aren't millionaires? That is all GM and Ford are doing. I wish we consumers didn't buy so much Chinese products and I wish GM and Ford didn't go outside the U.S. but at least GM is trying a bit harder than the American consumer. The new platform for the Solstice/Sky for instance went to Deleware instead of Mexico.

      What sport car does Honda or Toyota build in the U.S. to compete with Corvette? What roadster do they build here to compete with the Solstice/Sky? Every Aura is built in the U.S. you can't say that about the Accord.

      It is pretty irresponsible to make a statement like that.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I visited the Spring Hill assembly plant nine years ago when I lived in Franklin, a town just north of Nashville. The Saturn plant helped update communities in Middle Tennessee, bringing in commercial activity and development. (Good & bad, I suppose.) Saturn was a part of our everyday life. I remember the big deal the town made about Saturn building a new SUV. It sounds silly now, but Saturn was looked at with fondness. My mother leased an L300 sedan for two years. That little car served us well. I even (briefly) contemplated buying an ION Red Line. I made the right decision not to buy one.

      Even with those memories, I'm happy to see Saturn move forward. The "Opelization" of Saturn is the right move. The Sky, Aura, and Astra look wonderful, and I would definitely consider them as future purchases. The Aura is a nice, spacious sedan. While it is not as refined as the Camry, the Aura is good enough to get me to drive in it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      LITHOUS = Village Idiot!
      Do you thing that King is my last name.....Idiot!
      • 8 Years Ago
      They should torch this plant because it is Roger Smith's baby and he did nothing but screw GM with his selfishness all the years he ran the company.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #7 you have no clue, if you only knew what goes on behind closed doors. There is so much you don't know and won't find on Google.

      Ignorance is bliss !
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