• Dec 12th 2006 at 3:24PM
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China has come on quickly in the automotive world. Long known as a nation of bike riders, it now represents the third largest manufacturer and second largest market for cars in the world. As People's Daily Online points out, in just five years since joining the WTO, sales of Chinese made vehicles have almost doubled, and sales of sedans have more than quadrupled.
For 2006 China expects to produce and sell more than 7 million cars. Nissan-Renault, the world's 4th largest car group by comparison, is struggling with getting capacity above 6 million. The study perhaps optimistically estimated that by 2009, production and sales will reach 10 million units. At that pace China could be the world's largest car market by 2015.

China also happens to represent the fastest growing segment of Autoblog categories. What with Chery and Nanjing, Geely and FAW, SAIC and Roewe, and all the others, we can't get enough of this explosion of products and news. While many of our stories have necessarily focused on the derivative styling and problematic trademark issues, we've also tried to point out how important this market really is. Their thirst for premium vehicles is but one example. Like the Koreans, we know it's only a matter of time before we start referring to these companies in the same breath as the Japanese makers.

[Source: People's Daily Online]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      why would autoblog even write about this? they are commies for God's sake. they don't give a hoot about human rights, they steal designs, under value their currency, charge other countries huge tarrifs, most everything they manufacture is crap only designed for the wal-mart mentality, and are significantly hurting america's economy. the list goes on and on, topping the list is their child labor laws, or lack therof. and did i mention they're commies?
      • 8 Years Ago
      pocket punch, for one, i don't play x box, i have a life outside the house (or in your case, mommy's house). second, yes i have a passport, been to china several times, even considered adopting a baby girl for reasons you probably could'nt imagine. girls don't have a long mortality rate there. three, abu gharib? so two wrongs make it ok? talk to the people in buffalo ny, detroit, cleveland, etc. and ask them about how the chinese came in and purchased their small factories then promising them long term employment only to close down within six months and taking the machinery home to china. four, if you were mature and old enouph to know the history of communist china, you'd probably choke on your passifier. five, wal-mart is big only because of minimum wage jobs, unafordable health insurance, and and fools like you that work and shop there. six, when people don't agree with the government there, they seem to dissapear, die, or find themselves locked up. they don't have to wait for a fellow student to do them in, they have the government. and lastly, i don't hate the chinese, i have great respect for them, however, the government is another story. if you like buying products made by child labor, slave labor, and people working for less than a dollar a week, then buy from them and go home and play your x- box. in the meantime, put the x-box down, and read something.
      • 8 Years Ago
      ----> 5. I don't know why anyone want to be the biggest market for car. Cars pollute.

      Mass transit is the solution. China is already doing well building subway and monorail.

      Look at the beautiful monorail in Chongqing. The line will be a total 70 miles. They are about 1/3 complete already.

      So, let the almost 2 billion people all live along path of the monorail, problem solved.

      Mass transit works great within the boundries of a Metropolitan area or as a link between two such areas. It is not logistically possible for mass transit to meet 100% of the needs of any soceity, except maybe Venice.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Lots of ramifications regarding China's interest in the automobile.Oil, mideast geopolitics,polution,etc.
      • 8 Years Ago

      Let's see: CIA torturing prisoners (many are innocent peasants sold by warlors), 100,000 Iraqi deaths, white settlers' butchering of Native Americans and stealing their land.

      Now compared that China where the ethnic Tibetans Chinese don't have to pay taxes, get completely free education & healthcare, can own fully automatic assault rifles, etc. etc. Yadda yadda yadda.

      >Not to be political: Tibet, oppressed Buddhists, supports North Korea, refuses to take action in the Sudan, pirates every damn thing it can get its hands on, and yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.
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