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Want a $45,000 new vehicle but don't want to pay for it? Easy! Have your constituents pay for it. Of course, this requires crossing over to the dark side running for and winning a congressional seat, but once clear of that hurdle, it's fat city!

US Representative Stephen Lynch has been seen wheeling around in a Chrysler Aspen. We wouldn't care so much, but it appears that while the car is registered to Congressman Lynch, his personal ATM campaign fund made the $10,000 downpayment (aided by a meager $2,000 trade-in from Lynch's 2002 Envoy), and will be making the $766 monthly payments as well as the roughly $6,500 yearly insurance premium. Sounds like a sweet deal to us. Smells kinda like... pork. Perhaps it'd be less galling if he only bought what was really necessary, like a Durango. Or a Yaris. Something small would certainly save on emissions, wear and tear on the roads and go much further on a gallon of fuel. Why is it that everyone who fancies themselves important must ride around in an overly large vehicle being overtly inefficient?

[Source: Boston.com]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      >Bob, campaign finance law is pretty strict about this sort of thing. Using >campaign contributions to pay for personal transportation of ANY kind (unless it >is plane flights while campaigning, etc.) is against the law. This is an ethical, and >a legal violation.

      >I would be just as upset if a repub. abused their power this way.

      >The difference between republicans and democrats? Behavior like this is >expected to come from dems while republicans are held to a drastically higher >standard.

      Well, it was legal, although criticized, when Republican right-wing hero Alan Keyes paid himself a $8500/mo salary from campaign funds while running for the Senate in 1992, pointing out that he had to support his family and pay for the $2000/mo mortgage on his mini-mansion and the $650/mo lease on his Mercedes.

      I find this a lot less upsetting than a lot if politico abuses, as long as the vehicle is getting substantial use taking him around his constituency when in residence. Some states provide vehicle allowances for their legislatures, and it's hardly unusual for a businessman to have a company vehicle which nonetheless receives substantial personal use.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Funny, I thought this new Congress was not supposed to be corrupt.
      • 8 Years Ago
      People care because they're getting sick of funding extravagant politicos who run on the backs of "the working man". What's really maddening is the comment by this idiot's spokesman (probably another Ivy League entitlement brat) that basically says "there's no law against it, so it must be okay". I suppose you don't care because you're a moron, but me saying that is okay because you don't care, right???
      • 8 Years Ago
      I hope they bought him an extended warranty too.
      • 8 Years Ago
      So? If he *must* be seen in something American, why not a Focus or a Cobalt or something like that?

      Are you really serious? Those cars you named are fine for a certain demographic. Grown folks don't drive those pieces of $hit. I hate you @#$%ing people that think you have the right to dictate what others should drive. Screw the entire lot of you &%^#$ing a$$holes.

      Was the 2002 Envoy wrecked? If no, he's a terrible horse trader.

      Hell I recently traded my '96 Mazda with 120K miles, a shot tranny, blown muffeler, and an assortment of other issues, for a warranty that covers my LS to 100K. Warranty value $750.00. Was expecting to have to pay them to take the Mazda off my hands.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Dan, who cares. This is supposed to be about cars, not politics. While we're on the point though, your suggestion that he should be driving a Japanese made Toyota Yaris was pretty stupid and would constitute more of an affront to most people with any common sense. Yes, the Aspen is constructed in the U.S.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Actually, we need to look at the cars that other congressman drive for their campaigns and offices...I'd venture that the average MRSPs for their cars is in the $40k's just like this guy's. Don't judge unless you have a control group from which to judge the greater field. I know for a fact that my congressman drives a GM Full-sized SUV, which he did not pay for.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Why is it that everyone who fancies themselves important must ride around in an overly large vehicle being overtly inefficient?"

      The Eagles sang it so well... "Get over it!"

      SUVs are great... that's why they've sold so well. People love them.

      I know, I know, YOU know best, and eventually you'll rule the world and we'll all drive exactly what you want -- a Yugo, or maybe something made by the Communist state you create.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "I remember when you bought a politician, he stayed bought!" "Used Cars"

      Remember the name of the dealership? New Deal Used Cars.

      Buyer go to hell, that would work for voters too.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Dan, would you like to ride around Mass with 4 other people in a Yaris?? Isn't four wheel drive kind of important in the back parts of that state?
      Doesn't somebody who is reasonable successful in life get to drive in a middling-to-better vehicle? Equivalent private sector people might typically have a $90,000 Mercedes."

      Okay, here's the thing - the article needed posting, so I wrote it :). The folks that attain a position in life that allows them to afford an extravagant car should by all means buy one, if that's their thing. This guy didn't buy his Envoy, NOR did he purchase this Aspen. If it's coming from your campaign fund, wouldn't you rather be pragmatic and buy just what you need and save the rest for smear ads next time around?

      I live in MA, and I have two 2wd Volvos. 4WD is NOT needed. 4x snows are, though you can limp around on all seasons if you fancy being a hazard. Before our front driver S60s, we had 2x rear-driver 740s, again with snow tires - they'd go anywhere. I actually prefer the RWD with open differentials in the snow.

      4WD will get you moving a little better sometimes, but it's extra mass to marshal through turns and to a stop. It's MUCH more of a hazard than just driving carefully.

      • 8 Years Ago
      I think the real crime is that he accepted $2000 for his trade in... I have a 10 year old Toyota car that's worth more than that.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Two points - both of which have been pointed out....something is NOT adding up: $6500 in insurance for a $45,000 vehicle....uhhhh, might Stephen have a DUI or two somewhere in his record? $2000 trade in on an '02 Envoy?? Either that's one high mileage Envoy or something does not add up.
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