• Dec 8th 2006 at 3:18PM
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EBay is one of the better places to shop for electric vehicles these days (recent up tick in scam offers notwithstanding). Aside from EV Finder's classifieds, there aren't many other places you can get an all-electric Ford Ranger, that's for sure. There is currently a Ford Ranger EV up for auction with a bid of $7,600 (but the reserve price has not yet been met).

The truck, with about 50,000 miles on it, is being sold by Blue Sky Motors in California. The refurbished lead acid batteries have been in the vehicle for the last 2,000 miles and are currently good for between 25-30 miles of daily driving. The rear axle 90 Hp AC induction motor can move the car to 50 mph in about 12 seconds and the top speed is limited to 75 mph. No charger is included, though you can buy one from Blue Sky for $300. Is there a warranty? You wish. The auction ends next week.

[Source: eBay]

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      I drove one of these things at a previous job. Company had a fleet of them for employee use. Pros: -Looks more like a regular vehicle than a Prius. Don't get dirty looks and/or "accidental" key scratches/dings from people who think you're trying to be an eco-snob. -Quiet. Can't tell it's running other than looking at gauges. -Truck was actually pretty good on torque. Cons: -Range. Vehicle trip range gauge indicates 60 miles on full charge. That's a lie. Perhaps 45 miles is possible on flat terrain. Our vehicles sometimes ran out of juice and were stranded when trying to climb hills. Climbing hills took a lot of power. -Charging stations: Vehicle required a special charging station-can't plug into a common household extension cord ran from a 120/220 V outlet. Bottom Line: Good for flat areas with easy access to charging stations. Not good for remote locations or areas with hill/mountain terrain.
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      Add a camper shell with a solar panel from windshield to bumper. thats like 32' square.
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      I see that the owner has posted a BIN of $15,000. A little on the high side, but he may well get that much. The bids are already over $12k, and the reserve has not been met yet.

      More than I would pay, but I wish the seller luck. If it goes for a really ridiculous price, that will create more of a buzz for EVs, which can't hurt the cause.
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      Well, it's *almost* the vehicle I really want. For about $600, I could mount an 8KW diesel generator in the back to get the range I need (about 60 miles/day now, but will be about 75-80 starting in January, until I can arrange to move closer to work)... But then I'd have to figure out how to get the generator to shut down when full charge is reached, along with some other engineering problems. Do-able, but time-consuming and not for free.

      LiON has a much better energy/weight than PbSO4, so if I did buy something like that, I would want to eventually convert it to run on the NanoSafe or something similar.

      I'll be watching the auction, though. I also sell stuff on ebay (not cars). I would guess that the reserve is somewhere around $8,000 or 9,000, which would probably be a pretty good price for that truck. This vehicle will probably go for more than $10,000.
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      You gotta love the estimated range - "43 miles" ... what, can't use tenths? Hmm ... probably round up from 42.6 miles.
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